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I lost all my diablo 3 characters when I re download diablo 3. Please restore my characters

Your characters are still there on the Americas region. It looks like you're connected to the European region now though so you won't see them. On the main login screen before logging in, select Options, then Account, and you can change the server region there.

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my barbarian 60 lvl had lost in this morning after I sign in,what can I do :( please help
Check the region you are logged on to. Make sure it is correct.
ok so I checked all the regions and still no char. only thing I did was add a mobile autthenticator would that change or reset everything??

It looks like you just bought the game and are on the Starter Edition. I see just a level 2 character on the Americas region. What exactly do you think you're missing?
level 31 monk that was there yesterday
I lost all my characters too...Only one Region (The Americas') working for me...Can't connect to blizzard servers with any other Region...Plus, when I change back to the working Region, Blizzard just Blocks my account for Suspicious Activity...Can you guys tell me whats wrong with this or are there still any twitches to be made to the patch...
My Characters are gone too.... not impressed, when do we get a fix?? I'm in New Zealand, I had to do all sorts just to get this patch installed, and now my characters are gone????! Not cool: HELP!
need help on char missing too !
also lost all my characters

didnt play for a month, jsut re-downloaded the game. characters used to be available across all regions. just created a new char to get in, and yes, its available across all regionds.

but all my old characters are gone...
Characters were never available across all regions. Chars are locked to the region they were created on and can not be moved. Now, what you could do was make a character on any region with your Global Play account, but the character could not be accessed from a different Region.

Just log in to the Region you created them on and they will be there. You can change your region on the Options Menu under Account. There is a drop down menu on the right. In your case, I see several characters on the Americas Region.
I lost my character too, Monk lvl 60... Wonder what's happening.

(created it on The americas and I am still watching on this region)
Yes I lost my level 60 Barbarian was not happy..i hope one day it will return but i doubt it..
I had problem with my computer so i had to format it. I reinstalled my diablo game, but instead of installing it with the CD like the first time, i downloaded it with my battle.net account. When i saw i lost all my heros, i looked my options and i saw i was on the european server, i changed it to american server, but after uptates, i still don't have my hero list. I hat a lvl 60 monk, a lvl 23 barbarian and a lvl 25 (i think) wizard.

Can you help me please

Thank you
Hello! I do lost my Barbarian due a re-install of the game? Isn't that stored online? Thanks

As it's stated in several of the other posts in this thread, check the realm you're connecting to.

Your Barbarian is on the European region, not the US.

On the main login screen, before logging in, select Options > Account > and then check the region selected under Server Region Selection. Once it's right, continue logging in and you should see your character.
Strange my cousin lost all of his characters too. He is for sure logged into Americas. Blizzard's support said there was no trace of him ever having these characters, so they can't help.. Yet he has 2500+ Achievement points with Inferno completed and shows the amount of hours played on the barb.. Guess he did all of that with a lvl 1. WTF is the problem Blizz.

Btw he has an authenticator on his account. So the chances of it being hacked are slim (not impossible, but slim). If this is the case then, in reality, the authenticator did more harm than good because they're saying there is no suspicious activity so they can't restore anything. (Account had to have been hacked using a VPN service using his IP to bypass the authenticator).

GG Blizz
lost mine too! playing in the correct region. my friends list was gone too. uugggh. now gotta restart a new character. lost everything.
Theia - you have at least three characters on the America's realm. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Theia-6240/ Please ensure you are logging in to the correct region. Just because YOU did not change it, does not mean the game did not do something quirky on its own. Go to Account --> Options --> and ensure you are selecting the Americas region.

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