how to deal with reflect damage (inferno)

Demon Hunter
Life on Hit also works well.
Let say 1k loh, with 10k reflect damg, i dont see how it works well. Use shadow power+ Gloom Runes like the other guy said, done

I have never been reflected with 10k damage, most I've seen was 4k. Maybe because my DPS is low. I can't kill elites with 4-5 hits like some of you can so it's going to take me a while to kill them so 3 seconds of SP is going to cut it when they're fast extra health Reflect jailer arcane. So yes LoH does help when you need to kite back to entrance and don't want to waste disc to gloom every single shot you kite.

You must be able to kill them within the 1 or 2 SP's but some of us don't have that DPS to be able to mow them down that fast.

Just look at the other replies and you'll know you have your head in your !@#.
The "new" windforce" fixes this issue.
06/26/2012 06:09 AMPosted by Fluffypanda
No amount of life on hit or gloom has saved me from one shotting myself with opening salvos on elite packs with affixes I haven't checked.

Uh--I've never killed myself while SP/Gloom are active. Even with big crits my health goes up. Are you sure you're not, say, firing a cluster bomb and "waiting" for it to almost hit before you activate? That's probably the problem.
nice necro
I hate swapping gear so I use Shadow Power / Gloom and it works great.

With my mediocre Resist All + SP/G, I can easily survive unloading 600k dmg on a pack of Reflect dmg. I'll only end up losing about 10k hp.
i have around 37k hp and 140k dps. (230k buffed) and i oneshot myself with culster arrow
12/18/2012 05:15 AMPosted by CrematedGK
i have around 37k hp and 140k dps. (230k buffed) and i oneshot myself with culster arrow

necro. .... did you read to learn how to deal with that?

your ability to survive is damage V survival,
if you have crap 'survival' (low mitigation + bad recuperation) but good damage.... 1hit KO is common

gloom will fix everything, but costs disc
or you can work on a wealth of leech + loh + resistance + armor + regen... some of that can be from skills like Entangle or sentry
My god how do some people still not get this. You either use SP > Gloom and be done with it or you have to jump through hoops by changing out weaps, castrating your DPS, having to stack LoH/LS, etc, etc. Its a no brainer. With Gloom up you can go all out 100% DPS and kill the pack in no time at all and not spend an inordinate amount of time like with the other method. Gloom is also helpful for heavy damage affix packs, not just reflect, and other random times. Finally, there is no skill that is so important that it cannot be replaced with Gloom. Lose your vanity Vault or the no longer essential Prep.

I know I'm taking a risk by running around in full MF gear and only 13k health but I'm still surprised that this is how Blizz expected the game to play.


I like having white/blue-only gear too, but I keep dying


edit: nice, i just made fun of a 6 month old post
my current setup is fine on MP5 or lower 90% of the time (the other 9% of the 10% its me not paying attention)

With my 60% crit (passive for 10% of that) and night stalker i get disc back fast enough to keep shadow power/gloom up. This was the key for me not be able to stand and tank, if it wasnt for night stalker and enough crit chance to gain it back it wouldnt be nearly as easy. The boa works great for proc'ing on night stalker and a higher ATS (1h calamity) the faster shooting and the 10% crit bonus on archery passive all works well together.

I use sentry/15% reduction if needed. I have 1600 LPS so that helps as well. The stun effect on boa/thunder along with the traps works good as well and slowing down hits on me.

120k dps 2.53 ats, 46k life, 4k armor, and 412 RA. LOH helps but I dont have any gear with it currently.
You just need to pop Shadow Power w/ Gloom. I have very little (zero, maybe?) life gain abilities, 36k health, and somewhere around 300-350 resists all and can do MP7 until reflects start killing me really easily. My DPS isn't insanely high (125k unbuffed), so that probably helps as well.
I have NO leeching or LoH items, just over 500 resist 4k+ armor,

Pop Shadow Power Gloom, stand my ground and Elemental arrow Lightning Ball the RD Critters away, drop a few traps while you are at it .

Just make sure Gloom is activated before you fire off.
12/19/2012 12:28 AMPosted by Nightmare
I have NO leeching or LoH items, just over 500 resist 4k+ armor,


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