was there ever a blue in this forum...?

Lore and Story
Doubt it. Its easier to ignore what you can't fix. its easier to lie that you get good feedback about the story and leave it at that.

i want to openly discuss this game's lore with a blue who will voice the ones who are responsible for THIS! and where did they get their feedback from that, according to them, was positive?

blizzard. read this thread. read this forum. answer our questions!
You know, I was wondering the same thing. You might start with a green, if you want some feedback. From what I read, the blues are spending 99% of their time putting out fires.

Typically with most franchise lore, the fans in the forum will have a better recall of specific lore items if you have anything you'd like to discuss. I imagine most of the official reponses you'd get would simply be canon over and over again.
thing is, lore is VERY important to me. the fact we got what we got after 12 year.. fck it, have it 6 years of waiting for the game.. its just insulting. if it was an unknown game that no1 heard about b4 but it just feels like a dragon age 2 all over again..

and the fact they not only ignored the fans but LIED about it saying the feedback was great.. just makes me mad.
I think that's understandable...

If you look around General there are a lot of good posts on how the gaming industry is corrupt. They talk about how reviewers are afraid to poorly rate a game because they lose advertising revenue from major developers. They're afraid to blacklist a game because if it does well, then they lose credibility. And places that resell the game are afraid of cutting into their own sales numbers by posting negative reviews.

So in all fairness, they may not have lied about it. But you have to consider the source that they're getting the information from. And no, it doesn't excuse them for not market testing (or even finishing the Beta test) of their game.

Blizzard has spent a good deal of time increasing the lore out there, setting up the back story to Diablo 3. I admit freely, I don't agree with a lot of what they've done. There were much more creative and consistent ways to get plot from A to B to C without retcons and plot holes.

Did you have any specific issues with the lore that haven't already been covered in the forum?
But wait, didn't they say most of the feedback they got was positive? Surely you don't doubt them =P
no i am sure many covered what i dislike about the story, and i am sure they covered it better than i could ever do.. this forum is probably 90% people who complain about the story. by ignoring the fans in their official forum blizzard has entered the stage of denial, which is the first stage in dealing with death.. death of the game or death of the company or death of the bloody game industry as we know it...

this is why i like angry joe and zero punctuation.. they review the game as a gamer and not as some1 who is being payed by the companies who make the game they review.
Thanks for the tip... but even Angry Joe didn't give the game an actual number rating. He did make an interesting comment about how since the servers weren't up, no one could actually review the actual published game before launch.

Zero Punctuation had me in tears... Calling the witch doctor's zombie dog sacrifice ability "groin-focused carpet bombing... " That was awesome.

But again, these are small fish compared to the big boys, who rely heavily on advertising revenue from the majors.
that's why smart people don't rely on their review. and yeah i was talking about those reviewers in general not about this game specifically.

i think the last time some1 made a REAL review was that dude who reviewed kayne and lynch and got fired coz he gave it a low score.
ign even gave dragon age 2 and 8.5

tho 8.5 in ign mean "yeah it sucks, but we have to give it a good score"
Didn't I read somewhere (quite some time ago) that there's a blue specifically devoted to lore...?

sounds like a lie

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