lets play a game..

Lore and Story
lets replace the cheesy and bad stuff in the game with something else

for example, diablo screaming like a Saturday cartoon villain "you may have destroyed this rift but its not the only one!! buahahaha" or something like that

how about instead of hearing the prime evil who considers us as insects, we see the archangel of hope saying in a worried voice that she can feel that didn't help, that there must be another gate somewhere. note that if done with cood voice acting, the worried voice and give you the atmosphere feeling that is needed. something is WRONG. you know that now. you don't know for sure what is wrong, most likely the angel is right and another portal is open. you also don't know anything about diablo and what he is doing since he DOESN'T FCKING TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME giving you the mystery feeling.

diablo shouting to his minions "kill em or i will kill you"? yeah thats not needed... have the minions say "this is as far as you go mortal" or "it is time to know your PLACE" and charge with an attack. that is all you need :O
also the "look tyrael.. its your old lieutenant... nyah nyah" who the #@%^ thought it was an appropriate remark from THE PRIME EVIL who is currently trying to destroy heaven instead of making teasing remarks? who? who?! WHO?!?!?!?
maybe.. ;)

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