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I am having the same issues as many of you. This new 1.07 upgrade is NOT WiFi friendly at all at the moment. Once you take out your WiFi connection and go back to your computer's ethernet card you will be fine but you will still experience the lag and low FPS though. Hopefully Blizzard will fix this, I can say that this is the last time I am buying/playing a game that needs an online connection. Starcraft 2 has no problems like this at all.
Just wanted to put that this is happening to me a lot as well. I play a Tempest Rush Monk(same mechanics like a WW Barbarian). I am thinking because it is throwing a connection error(even though there is nothing wrong with the connection) that it may have to do with how many inputs/keypressesour client is sending to your server. It could be thinking we are trying to flood it with too many inputs/keypresses and kicking us from the game.
Can anyone at Blizzard help? I had been playing my monk for the past few days without problems and now I was booted out any public or solo game at every 10 minutes interval. It is frustrating and annoying.
Hi blizzard, i've been getting d/c (Error 3007 + Network Error + Connection to Battle.Net timed out + Error Loading Authentication Module) Every 5-10mins when I'm playing D3. It's getting pretty onto my nerves already. Please fix it thank u~~
Last hour i disconnected twice and the biggest problem is that i lose my NV stack all the time.
What happend since maintance Blizz ?
I am getting the same situation as well dc every 5 mins error 3007 whats going on blizz seriously....

im getting Error 3007 every 5mins or so.

What's more irritating is that i was Prepping for MP10 Elites and it DC!!

Blizzard pls fixed this
crappy...why my games are disconnected despite green bar??

pay me my repair cost!!
I'm having the same issue..... can't even play the game anymore with my friends. Haven't even seen where a diablo mod has even acknowledged the disconnects we are experiencing.... frustrating
same issue, dropped connection 6 times the past hour. I guess it is time to put this game to rest

Hope Blizzard read this and fix it ASAP!!!...or they are going to lose their cash cow
I'm having the same issue. I connected to a hard line but I just got disconnected briefly. I was playing Hardcore, but luckily it did not kill my character. Unfortunately that wasn't the case last week. I was on Wifi and disconected, so I thought a hard line to my router would fix that. IT DIDN'T!!!! The problem is with Blizzard!!!!
I've been trying to play my WW Barb the past few days & every time i get my 5 stacks nv i DC & loose them.
Its D3 & not my hardwired connection.
Its seriously pissing me off to the point of playing a different game.

[Edit] Added another debug
Yep this is getting ridiculous. Haven't been able to play for 3 days now. Log in and 5 mins later get booted out. Come on Blizzard!!! People have been posting about this since January and not one word from you guys. What a joke.

Another reason why this constant online connection is a load of BS
3 days; count yourself lucky. Going on 2 months here.
Hi, I'm getting the same problem for about a week now. First couple of days it turned out to be a problem with my ISP, but then on my net connection is working fine.
I was able to play yesterday morning for about 15 mins before getting disconnected. I have raised a support ticket but no response on that yet.
P.s. : I bought the game from the US but play on the Asia servers. Dunno if that is an issue (hasnt been since last 4-5 months). I am located in India.
I'm having the same problem.
I keep getting disconnected like every 10 minutes. Error 3007
Haven't played Diablo in quite a few months. What a nice welcome...
Seriously Blizz, 4 times inthe last hour. This is simply not acceptable.

Note it is not my ISP and I am only running Diablo III.
PS: What also annoys me is the loss of NV....
Been having this problem since 1 month. Earlier it was DC once in a fews days. But now i think yesterday i had DC 10 times in 10 min. What is this problem. I play an barbarian and i thinj i found a patterjn sometimes. When i press warcry and battlerage at the same time the games DC not always but 4-5 times. Dont know if the game have videoissues.

Please Blizzard answer this WHY does it disconnect? I had NEVER had this problem with NO other game in since online-gaming was new.

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