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same here. It only started this morning, although I thought that it was because I live in England. In a way im glad that at least im not alone in experiencing this problem.
im having the same issue here for already 3 month. Posted about this issue in this forum 3 months ago but not even a blue replied to my issue. What do u think guys? 3 months of no reply? I've been D3 free for almost 4 months now.. sigh..
having same issue.. I believe this post might help for those playing from outside US
I logged on today for the first time in...I don't remember how long hoping that by some miracle this problem would self correct(I've corrected everything else). I can't believe that I can't play a game I literally built a top end computer to play. It sucks!!
I have to agree. I love Diablo 3. It's a great game. But the constant disconnects are the most annoying thing. I like to 100% clear areas, and getting 90%+ through it and then having it drop you and having to restart, repeatedly, is frustrating. Or fighting a tough monster who drops a bunch of magic items and then it disconnects you before you can pick them up. It's all the limitations of a single player game, with all the problems of an MMO. (They should put that as a quote on the box.) None of my other programs or games has this problem. I have other telnet connections up that don't get dropped, even at the same time as playing Diablo 3. So it is something with the Battlenet servers or network. And it's clearly something that's been going on for a long time as you can see from the posts here.

And even if they can't fix their own servers/network, they could at least fix the game so getting dropped doesn't make you lose what you've done so far (though I am thankful you keep your XP and stuff you've picked up so far). Probably 98% of the time after a drop I can get right back immediately. If they'd just make it save the dungeon state for a while (an hour shouldn't be a big deal) and you can resume exactly where you left off, then it'd just be a minor nuisance.

Better yet, it should play like a single player game. Fetch all the level's stuff at the beginning and then run it all locally. Maybe do updates to the server periodically while playing. But if the network is down, no biggy, try again later. Only when you move to a new area would the connection have to be up, and then give you the option to 'try again' as needed. No lag, no disconnects, no lost data or gameplay, and still no cheating.

Just something that could take out the one big annoyance out of an otherwise great game.

Oh, and an option to save my password locally, not just user name. :-)
Started with last patch - occasionally get disconnected out of diablo 3 but all other internet connections are fine; streaming; downloading, WOW etc no issues. Just diablo 3.

(yes I have a 50Mbp connection)
This guy proves its 100% blizzards end...

just sayin~ must really suck to die on Hardcore when it's the billion dollar companies fault, haha
1 thing i have found in certain 7 os versions is the type size--usualy in display setting in cp--thing is it drove me crazy for about 2 weeks--the setting must be in normal range or middle--the game and large type are incompatable--go figure--adjusted and had no more problems.
Since launch i have had very few disconnects!

However last week my HD went crazy so i had to replace it. I installed win 7 (64) just like i had on the other HD. but now i keep getting disconnected every 10-30 mins when playing d3

I don't know if it's a coincidence.. but it could be related to my new setup... don't know :(
Being disconnected in the middle of a game sucks. It's happening to me way too much lately.
Blizzard why do u suck so much !@#. i hate to say it but i miss D2. i miss rune words, jewels, rushes, and stacking auras. i cant even find any worthy legendarys in D3 because i keep getting disconnected before i get 5 stacks.
my game keeps on lagging really bad and finally disconnects me from server. please help
Started playing again yesterday. Every game I'm lucky to get 30 min before client disconnected from server. It seemed selecting general chat in game fixed it as I had few games that didn't disconnect. Too soon to call it fixed. Doing it again. Says game client disconnects...I'm suggesting server drops client. Bliz please look into. Also playing wiz only so it's not the barb whirlwind people are suggesting as the issue alone.
I can't even play for 5 minutes before getting dc'd
So I may have found the culprit for my issue. Doubt it will apply for all. My network uses a domain controller local DNS service with Charter DNS servers as forwarders. I am using standard residential DNS which auto assigns DNS servers IP. I compared the DNS servers IP addresses that charter originally assigned when I moved here to what they are assigning now and they are different. I changed the forwarding to the new DNS IPs on my DNS server and I have played several games without drop.

Seems odd as I the old DNS servers seem to be working fine for all the other services I use. Why the game doesn't resolve DNS 1 time for a game server IP and then not require DNS from then on I'm not sure. Perhaps DNS needed as they juggle and move servers in the cluster.

I'm sure many here do not have local DNS server but you could try testing with an alternative DNS server along with a command prompt "ipconfig /flushdns" & "ipconfig /registerdns"

If I spoke to soon on it resolved with this DNS fix I'll re-post.

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