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Can't they make it that if you get disconnected you have 2 minutes to log back in or lose your nef buffs?If you change quests or join public then you lose it instantly.Really annoying when you have full stack then get disconnected
yea ever since the maintenance this week im being kicked off every two minutes and cant finish anything in the game. its pissing me off for one... for two, now I cant even log in. keep getting network connection errors or error with game creation. wtf
Its just been happening to me after latest patch/maintenance.

You better fix it already.
Same thing happening here... I have time to kill one elite, get one neph valor, then I DC from game.... contemplating dropping D3 and going battlefield or something... its getting pretty bad.
Your fail patch broke my game Blizz. I can't play my hardcore characters anymore due to the random disconnects since last patch. Flawless high speed wired connection and never had a problem at all until that patch so PLEASE figure out what got messed up. I would love to go back to playing the game and rushing toward the "lack of endgame wall" my friends who already quit keep warning me about. LOL

If you don't fix these disconnects next patch and I'm still unable to play hardcore I will also have to quit. Pretty sad after waiting over a decade for Diablo 3 to be released that it has come to this...
Same here. My PC is in good shape and is more than qualified to run Play Diablo3. I have a netgear wndr3700v2, I have opened the ports for diablo, and configured my firewall.
Sometimes I can play fine for probably a couple hours tops. Mostly it is 10 minutes tops.
If I direct connect pc to modem it plays fine. Now blizz will more than likely tell me to do what works, but I feel that is bulls*!$@
I can play any other online game just fine through what I feel is a pretty decent $90 router.
I should not have to re wire and piss around to play diablo.

By the way this is my first post here, I figured they would have straightened this all out by now.
But it is just getting worse. And that is a total bummer!!
If Torchlight 2 were to come out today I would cut my $60 loss and forget this game was ever released!
I will never buy another always online game! I will never buy another day 1 Blizz release.
If every new release game was to go the always online route. I would never play another new game again! Total Bummer!!!

I'm not alone going through this ugliness that started after the last patch.

Please, fix this issue. It's effecting a lot of players. For future reference, test out your patches before you implement them throughout the game.

=[ Now i have to have a funeral for my Barb :(
Same issue.. Blizzard please reply, this problem makes playing impossible!
Guys any news about this problem??. Got it for the first time today. Already got disconnected 15 times in less than 20 min. Dont know what to do...
having the same issue after playing the game without being DCd for 2 weeks or so. I am getting terrible 1600+ lag spikes and disconnects every half hour or so. pretty awesome after just finding a sweet comp on public servers or DCing right after getting 5NV stacks...also how is it that i can walk away form my laptop for 45 minutes to an hour and come back with my toon still sitting in town. It only happens when I am out farming or leveling.
Weird that none of Blizz employees replayed yet or took any action same like on the other few threads bellow I got the feeling no one read those forums and they care only about Wow which is monthly payed and very less about D3 ... I hope Im wrong ....
Same problem here. I lag, get killed, and disconnected, all at the same time.
Ditto. Same problem. Get disconnected to loading screen. And then to add insult to injury when I try to enter a new game I get the input limit and get kicked to the log in screen. I can sit in town all day without being disconnected though.
Same problem... makes me wonder why I just spent 60$ to be disconnected and frustrated. I don't know if I will buy another blizzard game if they can't support what they release.
Same :/

Bad enough i had to start playing by myself (I like playing with friends) because my drops get robbed because I'm 3 screens away luring other elites and picking them off...then the last one gets killed while I'm rushing back hoping to get my drops (shouldn't have to do that).

Now i don't even get to make it to halls of agony after i run through the main areas of act 1 Inferno for fun/farming/valor without getting DC'd.

I'm not even mad about it anymore, just "tired out" I guess. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to really burn out on D3, I'm just getting fed up with it.

No patch will make getting DC'd any better.
I have same problem and probably they won't solve anything anyway . I'm just getting sick and tired with this !@#$ game it's worse than a beta version the ticket answer takes over 2 days game full of bugs and 0 suport for customers . Basically blizzard doesnt give a %^-* about it at all since we already payed for the game and they don't earn anything monthly.
I have same problem, my internet connection is running fine... but when i play this game every 10 minutes or less im getting disconnected... makes playing this game absoluetly painful, please fix... although i'm not holding my breath
Same issue, I'm still connected on the internet when it happens, I just get kicked out of the game. Why does this happen?

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