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Completely unplayable for me right now. I am connecting from Australia. Americas server is just not playable - I am gonna try Asia now see how it goes.
US server is crap.. tried asia a while ago and it runs smoothly.. abt 80-100 ms..
Same here although i think my troubles started 2 days after the patch (well patch 1.04 when the servers where having trouble and emergency maintenance occurred. 3 1/2 days on my ticket and no reply yet either :( anyone had any look with workarounds or am i stuck headbutting the wall for a while longer
same problem here, gave up playing the game because i get disconnected all the time.
07/06/2012 04:16 AMPosted by beastmeat
yea ever since the maintenance this week im being kicked off every two minutes and cant finish anything in the game. its pissing me off for one... for two, now I cant even log in. keep getting network connection errors or error with game creation. wtf

Yes. I am a barb. I too get the network disconnects.

The hotfix that was supposed to fix the whirlwind DCs didnt seem to work too well.
well from england here guess what play the game 10 minutes, get some stacks and then disconnect, please sort it blizzard
please fix this!!!!

I am sick to death of my client being disconnected from the server every 10 to 20 minutes. I cant get any experience or loot this way when I keep losing my nephalem valor!
Same issue, start game, play for about 10-15 mins, then i get a couple lagg spikes, 4-5 mins later, im dc'd "network disconnected". I dont even enjoy playing this game anymore, I believe i am going to sell my whole blizzard account to someone else for the mad cheap.

WOW - Cataclysm - 2 characters 85 - 250 days played
Diablo 3 - 2 characters 60

I dont know why I continue to invest my money into your games when all yall do is continue to reduce our amount of freedoms in games. like choose our own stats.
made ticket.. awaiting run-around.
yup, same BS started agian for me. Can't play keep getting disconnected. Some days its fine and some days its a waste. I also have a wow account I played for over 3 years. I think its time to give up on playing Blizzard games. The bad part is they they just ignore everyone thats having issues. Keep up the bad costomer support pretty soon y'all willl all be out of a job cuss no one will buy your games anymore
if you turn off all chat channels and dont say anything during your games mine seems to last longer...
this keeps happening to me... if blizzard doesn't help with this i am never playing a blizzard game again, i dont even get past the loading screen for the game session
Same issue here. Game keep crashing. Game crashes too when im looking for gears on AH. I am beyond pissed as i can across a GREAT item for super cheap but as i go to click buyout the game crashes and when i got back some1 else already bought it. WTF blizzard? Why the fuk do u even made Diablo3 for? U guys should of left it to the real Pros from Blizzard North, NEWB
I am quiting soon too. As soon as Guild Wars 2 come out. !@#$ blizzard. BLizzard North FTW. That the real Blizzard people there. D2 FTW. D3 suuuc#!#s. Sooo many issues. CAnt even play.
Any word from Blizzard?

Game is unplayable!
justice!!! their restarting the servers..
I power cycled the router and that seemed to help for a couple days, but I leave my computer on 24/7 and always connected to the internet.
Blizzard can you answer on this? It happens to me too quite often now. And never happened before and I play since release.

I am from Europe and playing on EU.

Its really annoying when you play like one hour with max stacks and it just randomly disconects you.

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