Reason behind my RMAH account lock part 2

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Sorry OP but it's your own fault. If you head read up RMAH rules before using it you would have known.
What i don't get is if your primary place of living is the united states. Eg your billing address and what not why were you locked out to begin with... Even if you did play from EU... Just because your pc atm is in EU doesn't mean you live there.... I assumed the regon locks were locking you to your Home country eg if you bought it in the us your locked to the US so on so forth.. Not if you happen to travel to a diffrent country and want to play.
As you travel to the US "quite often" could you not wait until ure next visit spend your $200 whilst in the country that your Battlenet account is registered to, therfore not requireing a change of region?

and then after reducing your balance to zero change your adress to which ever country is where you spend the majority of your time, at which point the only inconvience would be that during any time that you did spend in the US you would not be able to access the RMAH?

Dont know if that would work but potentially worth a try?
Sent a link with short re-cap of the story to the Editors of Forbes. Anyone who wants to make an impact, get this story out how ever you can.

Retweet it, Facebook it, reddit it, 4chan. Social Media Bomb Blizzards Epic fail with Customer Service.
There's nothing we can do but keep bumping this post so everyone can see it, and some Blizzard employee replies that it's being looked into. OP has stated he's as fault for not reading, Blizzard is also at fault for allowing such a trap to occur in the first place. They are doubly at fault for not returning the money.

I never like the RMAH, I feel this game was the vehicle to drive this "new and exciting idea" to the public. It's such a shame, really. This fiasco should be taken to some sort of press, but, I don't know how you'd go about it. Anything to get Blizzard to fix this trap they've created is what needs to be done.

Also... who the hell is reporting the OP?. Anyone and everyone with a shred of decency, I implore you to request a sticky and "like" OP's post. This is disgusting, trolls actually trying to ruin lives in a GAME forum, go to some message board to do that.

OP, you're now in a position of responsibility. It was thrust upon you. I ask you don't stop with this until it's finished. As you've said, as long as you save 1 person with this post, it'll be worth it. Stick it through and get Blizzard to fix this shameful trap.
Justice bump x2
Your easiest and quickest way to get this resolved is through media attention.

Other avenues are going to be: (1) ineffective (e.g., posting on the BBB, where a single complaint does not accomplish anything, and even many complaints have limited effectiveness, or contacting legal authorities, who have limited resources and won't pursue an incident over $200), (2) cost you even more than the $200 you are already out (e.g., hiring a lawyer), or (3) will just drag on for who knows how long (e.g., small claims court).

But media interest will get you out of the normal support environment and the scripted run-around that support staff follow much more quickly. The resulting media attention will ensure that someone with the power to fix this will see it and then do something about, if only to minimize the bad PR. But getting them to do the right thing, even if for the wrong reason, is probably the best you can hope for.

On the Forbes website, one of their bloggers wrote about a situation where the seller of an item got neither the money for it nor the item back, despite many frustrating and failed attempts to use the various customer service channels. Shortly after that article was posted, the seller received the money for the sold item, less the applicable fees. The reason given for the mix up when he got the money was something that a previous support response flatly said was not the problem. That made it seem as though they wanted a quick resolution to deflect the resulting bad PR.

Try contacting that blog writer at Forbes, because while this is not the same type of situation, it still involves the RMAH, which is of media and public interest, at least on the internet. Also try contacting other Internet news outlets to see if any will pick it up and post about it.

Otherwise, wait until you are back in the US and contact support to get your RMAH unlocked and then spend the money before you go overseas again.

Anyway, thanks for posting the updated thread with the latest developments and answering those questions. It seems to have worked in keeping the discussion here a bit more on track and focused with fewer trolls. If nothing else, it will serve as a warning to others to be careful about spending more real money than their original $60 to buy the game (e.g., do a trial $20 deposit for the RMAH at the start to minimize the loss if things go bad) or to just avoid it altogether.
07/01/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Gordon
Your easiest and quickest way to get this resolved is through media attention.

I agree. With the additional information it appears the OP has not moved permanently, so he saw no reason to update his address. How many students go away for school while maintaining their parents' address? How many business travellers would want to play some D3 from a hotel in a different country? Blizzard, an international company, didn't think of this? If they have a US account and log into a US-based server, there should be no problem. Any transactions are deemed to occur in the USA.

Every player should read the RMAH service agreement. IMO it really promises nothing. Essentially you are buying a kind of "Battle Net gift card" and Blizzard explicitly states that if something goes wrong, they don't have to fix it. Bad business if they don't, and it is hard to believe that this is the path they have chosen, but here is the evidence. So what can players do? Avoid the RMAH, of course. And take 1 minute to contact media organizations about this story.

ETA: I enjoy playing D3 and I think it has a lot of potential. But the RMAH was widely seen as a bad idea when it was first revealed, and I believe that Blizzard will come to regret including the feature. The problems it has caused D3 and is starting to cause Blizzard will be very difficult to fix.
Can you have the Credit Card charges reversed from your banking institution? Blizzard should have never accepted the 'deposit' knowing full well that you would never have a chance to use your money.

Personally I would exhaust all avenues of reporting the issue, then talk to a lawyer. Sure a TOS does mean something, but not when they accept a deposit with no ability for you to use those funds. Im no lawyer, but smells like fraud

You are entitled to your money and if this happened to me I would rather spend $5000 on a lawyer than 'give' away $200. Its all about the principle.

Ohh and for the record Blizzard, you have lost a considerable amount of face since the release of D3, its time you started to act like the Blizzard of old; admit your mistakes, refund money where its due, and fix the issues. It may not have ever occurred to you but your fan base does have the capacity to turn against you.
Great story Tolstoy!

Maybe in your next book you can tell all the readers where you live.
If the region is the problem, are you able to unlock RMAH when you move back to the other region physically?
I had a similar issues. I put cash into my account, and it went to my region. My region has a tiny RMAH, and I do most of my buying and selling in the American RMAH due to better selection and price. So I had cash in, I could not use in the RMAH of my choice. I ended up having my wife sell a junk item for the amount in my account so I could get my cash out... less 15%. I figured it was a 15% penalty for assuming that the balance was spendable anywhere, when it was locked to a region. I only used my credit card after that since it is not locked to one RMAH and lets be honest, most of the non-USA RMAH have 1/10 or less of the number of items for sale, and the prices are silly compared the USA ones once you do the currency conversion.

It is a horrible system, because they wanted to avoid dealing with currency conversion complexity. They basically too the easy way out for themselves, at the price of convenience and service to their customers. I think that Diablo 3 will hurt the good will Blizzard had enjoyed from its customers.

I recommend no-one ever use the balance for any transactions due to the draconian limitations imposed.

I've quit and don't plan on ever buying anymore of blizzards games ever as I've already sold all my items made 320 bucks which I'm happy about bought torchlight 2, will see how that goes.

That's so awesome! I might do the same
sticky requested.
justice bump
07/01/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Constipated
Waiting on blizzard response.
I cant believe there hasnt been a blue response to this
If a blue doesn't give a good explanation within a few days, I'm selling all my stuff and quit.
07/01/2012 06:31 PMPosted by danielwerner
If a blue doesn't give a good explanation within a few days, I'm selling all my stuff and quit.

u better do it asap before ur account is locked or banned

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