Reason behind my RMAH account lock part 2

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07/02/2012 06:22 AMPosted by Korash
I love you blizzard, you have created some of the best games ever released, this however is not one of them...

This is the biggest thing that people don't realize. The Blizz you love and the current one aren't one and the same. Two minutes googling and you will realize why I say this...

blizz activision
I understand why Blizzard has these policies in place about region change and zeroing the account. They probably have to have these rules due to some laws.

However they cannot just screw over a decent customer with the rules that only protect themselves. Like what the others were saying earlier, why even let him deposit the money if he is not allowed to spend it?
it's really simple on Blizzard's side.

If there are audits in place to not allow you to spend deposited funds in an account that is "out of region" then you put the same safeguards in place about fund depositing.

end of story ... and this doesn't happen again.

Now... onto the problem at hand.

Open account and RMAH for 2-4 days for customer... Yes we are customers... to make purchases to depleat account. That way customer has access to funds for a finite period of time in order to make purchases to depleat the account.

then at least the customer can purchase item(s) let the account be zeroed.... redo his regional stuff ... and then resell to have funds go back into their account so it can be used without issue.

Maybe I'm over-simplifying it.... but that is how I see it.

What is it we hear from all of the successful companies .... The Customer Is Always Right ... Good Luck!
Justice bump x5
Bump for justice.
Bnet balance wipe for an address change is unjustifiable. Give this guy his money back.
I am sure some of this was to stop china users with an american account gold farming. It does seem a little "less than justified", but you did agree to it. I think blizz bucks is fair. You broke the TOS/EULA, they are on the wiggly line of a definition.
Wow. im utterly disappointed in blizzard because of how they handle this. Region change 200 dollars? This is not wow. If wow server change = understandable but this? They take away ur >>REAL<< $200 to transfer to another server. Doesnt make sense.
Asian government so smart. You know what i mean ;)
Bump. Blizz is horrible. I love how they NEVER respond to issues such as these.

They're going to end up in a lot of trouble over issues like these.
This is one of those threads that badly needs a blue to show up and do the right thing for you. I imagine there are a decent amount of people watching this thread wondering what will happen. If all of us saw Blizzard refund your money rightfully, I would think that would at least restore a little of the lost faith in them. This still feels like a case of them adamantly not wanting to help you and that's just sad. Best of luck still in getting YOUR money back!
I once had a Blizzard support person tell me that all email only goes through big companies like yahoo and google....

Best of luck in dealing with them.
+1 OP, this situation seems ridiculous on Blizzard's part
Use this opportunity to request a refund for this fail game. Refunds are easy if you bought through PayPal.
this strikes me as an attempt to make sure poor forign countries cannot profit from american players buy playing on american servers sucking up money and liveing like kings in third world countries i do support this and all i could sugest is if u move back and forth have two separate accounts for each. this shouldnt be a problem realy have your american money left in america and whatever other place you are playing in u can play with pasos or w/e. if u are legit you can do trasfers threw legitimate financial instatutions. and if u recreationaly or buisness trip around the world regularly i find it hard to believe a couple hundred bucks makes any real difference to complain about to a large extent. do not transfer to a new region and you can keep your money.
07/01/2012 12:03 AMPosted by Xres
It's important to have an up-to-date address registered to your account, particularly if you plan to use the Balance feature. Because Balance uses your account's registered country to determine how to handle your transactions, having an out-of-date or incorrect country of residence can cause a number of inconvenient issues.

I would think that to mean your home address, not your current domicile. Lots of people keep more than one house and call home (aka place of residence) whichever address they choose. I think pres. Bush lived in Washington and voted in Texas, just as an example. I see nothing nothing even hinting that you have to register your current IP location as your address. They are stretching this beyond the TOS that you agreed to.
This game has some of the most disgusting policies I've ever seen when it comes to real money transactions. Remember all those people who bought the game, played for a couple of days, then were told their credit cards were rejected?

Blizzard has to be the only company in the last decade that can't do an instant credit card transaction. That, I'm sure, is the reason they let you deposit the money, but can't check if it's legit beforehand. It's because they are unable to do instant credit card transactions. It's ludicrous.
The ToS are not legal in this respect. It is illegal for a company to absorb funds without giving the customer the ability to withdrawal them in such case that it appeals to a company's interest through any subsequent terms or clauses.

With that being said, I have multiple homes and I do not need to disclose which one I am currently residing at to anyone in this world. I suggest Blizzard entertain the thought oh hiring more competent legal advice.
Just call up your bank and/or credit card company. Explain to them what happened and that blizzard is refusing to let you use the funds. They will/should get the money back for you, it might take a while (2-3 weeks), but you did purchase "blizzard currency" and they are not allowing you to use it. They (blizzard) should have done the check before accepting your money.
Definitely dispute the charges.

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