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I played Diablo 2 for a VERY long time, and Dungeon Defenders is as close to having fun in a game as I could think of. All the stuff I loved about D2 are in Dungeon Defenders, and more. And yes I played the snot out of D2 I had Fireflaws Bear/Hammerdin/MF Sorc/Smiter/Zealadin/Bowazon/Summon Necro and my favorite WW Barb with Arreats Face (the coolest looking helm in D2! even if it wasnt Crown of Ages) Had my own guild with our forums website where we helped "noobs" and gave away items to help new players out. (was really into D2 like many of you were)

Only reason I am writing about this game is because I wanted to share a game with other former D2 players that are looking for something fun to play, and may be turned off by Diablo 3.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Like Dungeon Defenders (Steam/PC version)

1. Stat points! Ability to be full tower/DPS/ or hybrid is awesome

2. Respec your stat points! Costs 100,000 mana (the game currency) which is very small amount once you hit higher levels.

3. Fast to level up! Took me 5 days (casual playing) to hit level 70. With one level 70 character I can make a new 70 in a couple of hours. Similiar to doing the old Baal runs. Plus you can name your player room again! i.e. "Level up room"

4. Split screen cooperative play! With support of PC controller or Xbox 360 controller.

5. Nightmare mode (highest difficulty) is challenging even in a group. (P.S. Group play is very rewarding and fun with players feeling useful even with low level items/gear. (someone has to repair/upgrade the towers. Which is a tough job by itself)

6. Ability to sync your Trendynet (their version fo Battlenet) character for offline play so that if servers are down, or you are without internet, you can still play with your character that you worked hard on.

7. Challenge missions are fun and unique. Challenges are special missions in which after you beat a specific stage, a special challenge appears to see if you can master it in another way. For example typically enemies spawn from preset locations. In "Raining Goblins" they randomly fall from the sky EVERYWHERE.

8. Graphics are top notch (Uses Unreal engine). with first person/top down (Diablo style)/3rd person views avaiable to switch between.

9. Remember trying to make a perfect "Breath of the Dying" or "Grief" ? Or even trying to buy one. There are still items that have perfect stats that you can farm. Even though you can still get by with the "imperfect" one. That loot driven mentality is high in this game.

10. Its fun! The community is awesome, Steam achievements are fun, and they are displayed in your players tavern as trophies for everyone to see (Your tavern acts as a player lobby in multiplayer). You can have your own player store where you can sell items that you find.

If you're intersting in playing Dungeon Defenders download Steam game client (free) and download the free demo and try it out yourself. Although the game is only $14.00 to purchase which is a STEAL. If you have any questions ask me.

Now to open up the gates to flame haha.
For a long time I put off getting it. Then I bought it and put off installing it for a long time. About a year ago finally played it and let me tell you I was hooked.

Put more hours into that than I have on this game in less time. Didnt get bored of it just got some new games but I concur that it is actually a pretty fun game.
Well if you havent been on in a while, Trendy released new DLC (downloadable content) such as new characters/levels/costumes. With the DLC you also get nightmare mode which is SUPER tough, but fun to play with others.
Got up to eternia shards part 2. SO yeah got nightmare and it is super hard haha. Didnt really have any ingame friends or no anyone that played so never got involved in decent groups just random ones.

Might have a hoon tonight on it. Was and is still fun just got sidetracked with heaps of other cheap indie steam games.
I had fun with dungeon defenders for a while. Bought it when it first came out, but i quit after the halloween event. Didn't feel like purchasing all the DLC
Fair enough got them all on some mega sale for like 9.99 for everything out at that point. Have not played it in 4-5 months though.
You're right! Steam sales are awesome. I got Oblivion for 10 dollars when Skyrim came out. I dont mind paying for DLC, considering I paid $14 dollars for the game, then $12 dollars for the DLC after I found that I liked it. Both prices are still well under what I usually pay for $50-$60 dollar titles. Maybe Steam will do another sale soon on the Assassins Creed titles when the new one comes out. I missed out on all of the Assassins Creed games. Growing up sucks sometimes haha.

Sorry you didnt make any friends on Dungeon Defenders LucidDreams, I made a few from day one, and added them using Steam which made it easy. Although not easier than Diablo 3's friend system which is great. I'll be on today trying to farm better gear/mana for the Eternia campaigns. So maybe I'll see you around.
Ok cool yeah will try get back into is soon and I too like steam sales got so many cheap games on sale and heaps io dont even need or have never played jsut got them cause they were cheap haha
I was going to post a thread asking if anyone played this game, cuz it is an awesome little game.

So I'll just bump this 5 month old thread :)
3 year olds awesomeness!!!!

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