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From what i did as trial&error, i also think that "max fps x" is something that could help with a lot of problems.
But i seems a bit silly - i don't remember EVER having to "play" with such settings as "max foreground fps" on other games. And the graphics in D3 don't seem, in my humble opinion at least, to be that amazing to require never-before-needed tweaks and settings.
So the problems don't seem to be on the client-side..
This hasn't worked for me.
This actually helped with the "stutter" I was experiencing no mater how high or high low I set video settings.

Here is some info on my machine, funny thing is my hard drive is the slowest part of computer.
MB = asus crosshair III
cpu = amd black phenom x4 3.4ghz
ram= 8 gig ocz black edition
video evga sc 460 1 gig ddr5
c drive 320 gig sata

Windows experience rating

Determined by lowest subscore 5.9
Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor 7.4
Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB 7.5
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 7.2
Gaming graphics 4096 MB Total available graphics memory 7.2
Primary hard disk 178GB Free due to disk data transfer rate 5.9
This did nothing for me,game still unplayable.
This helped, but it did not stop the rubber banding. It is worse during peak player times when there are more players on. I play solo so I'm not with a group. I would say it cut it in half as to frequency of event. Plus I don't seem to be going as far back as I was prior to this. I only go a few tiles/feet instead of way back. lol

My temp on the computer is good, I have a liquid cooling system and I can monitor the temp. on the desktop (Alienware R3.) On the laptop I do notice it becomes worse when the comp. gets very hot. Still I have it on the desktop with a warm temp but not hot. It's in the green acceptable range for temperature, just a bit on the warm side of normal.

Nothing else running on the computer, everything is shut down when I go to play Diablo.
Still stutter like before...
Shouldn't update my video driver like the launcher suggested i guess...

Blizz, please fix this please !
Don't work useless just like all of blizzard staff. Get paid to do absolutely nothing.

I play on a Mac, and I have stuttering and rubberbanding. So.....

I don't think it has anything to do with hd indexing. I am convinced it has to do with latency. It doesn't matter how good your system is, if there is a latency spice in the servers, then you skip, because the game thinks your back a few feet. When the info catches up to your computer, it resets you to where you should be. Rubberbanding while walking around is just a long lag spike. This is different from rubberbanding while in a fight. Certain abilities tax the communication system in conjuction with your characters hit box and how the game determines a hit. You are hit, often times, before the enemy animation shows you being hit, so you will sometimes reset back to the enemy.

Oh, and the latency meter in game is useless.
Here's a better work around. How about you take down what ever patch it was that recently makes it UN-enjoyable for us to play ... and take the time to fix it instead of slapping a band aid that doesn't even work for half the population.

Classic "Slap a band aid" Blizzard.
didnt work ... and wasn't expecting it to
I can confirm that this workaround did solve all of my stuttering issues with my SSD hard drive. Thanks for posting this!
This thread does not work as a workaround.. It's only placebo if you think it does.

Since day one I've had a similar problem with Diablo 3 and I've tried everything. My screen will randomly stutter with absolutely no action going on just walking about. Even when there is a tons of enemys on the screen, my FPS is STILL at 60 FPS, but will have this slight stutter randomly. It's disgusting that Blizzard keeps blaming the end user for this. All my other games work fine.

My system:
Asus Rampage IV
3960X cpu
32gig Gskill 2133mhz ram
Corsair 2x 120GB Force GT SSD in RAID 0
Corsair 1200 PSU
Fresh Windows 7 64bit with all latest drivers installed. All old ones tested, too.

I have the entire game shoved in a ramdrive and this problem still persists. This game engine is flawed and needs to be fixed.

Quit blaming this on your customers and FIX this god damn game, Blizzard. I paid 100 bucks for the CE version and it's been a stuttering piece of crap since day one.
Tried lots of fix (edited D3Prefs.txt, changed hardware class, modified nvidia 3d settings), none of them worked.

Noticed the issue started after updating my Nvidia drivers, did not perform a clean install.

Finally re-installed Nvidia 301.42 drivers for my GTX 460. Used Custom Installation and checked Perform a clean installation. This finally fixed the lag/stuttering.
I already had this unchecked and still get terrible stuttering and lockups on asset loads. My machine powerful as well, and does not overheat. This is disappointing to have rubberbanding AND stuttering.
Just thought I would add my notes to this topic since it helps so much! I turned off ALL indexing, but recently re-installed windows with the exact same hardware. After i installed Diablo3 i noticed the horrible stuttering again, even after playing for hours. Finally i remembered i used this fix before i reinstalled windows.

Now that i have turned off indexing, my game runs stutter free! Thank you for the fix (even though it shouldn't be needed in the first place)

windows 7?
It worked on my PC. I applied this to every folder in C:\ just to be sure.
Here's a better work around. How about you take down what ever patch it was that recently makes it UN-enjoyable for us to play ... and take the time to fix it instead of slapping a band aid that doesn't even work for half the population.

Classic "Slap a band aid" Blizzard.


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