Reason behind my RMAH account lock explained

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I honestly think they need to get rid of the RMAH .. it affects any good loot from dropping in game, people are afraid to use it just because of these kinds of things.. and because of that.. no one will buy gear from the RMAH, thus you will never get decent gear. This is a lose/lose situation for both the player and the company. RMAH will in time end up driving players away from this game, but thats ok. I understand now why Diablo 3 was created.. to get that big fat bonus, then you drive players away from the game making it worse and worse so they go back to WoW and start paying monthly again. As soon as the RMAH started failing that IS what actually happened. Nerfing any kind of fun the players have.. reducing gold drops, certain farming areas.. nerfing magic find gear. List goes on. I know my opinion won't get anywhere, but if it means anything.. if I had the chance to kick Jay Wilson in the gems I would. Teach him a lesson.
06/29/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Xres
Is this practice even legal?

yes it is, because the information is all available before the transaction, whether or not you look is irrelevant.

the reason they let you put bnet balance in without the proper region is because you aren't removing money from the system, therefore there is no risk of anybody (including you) being robbed/scammed by a third party, however when you purchase items you are removing money from the system, and if it was from another region you may well have been compromised and they don;t want to let it through without you verifying your ownership.

while I'll admit that their handling of the situation is poor, and the fact that you can't change your region without losing your money is !@#$, you have to realise that a lot of what happened was for your protection (because if nothing else blizzard is paranoid as all hell, even to the point of shoddy systems like this)
Bump for justice, Blizzard fix this dudes !@#$, you're robbing him.
Why hasn't a "Scumbag Blizzard" meme been started?
Bump for the OP. Even if legal, its just piss poor customer service. Fix this issue and other issues involving people's real life monies.
That's just straight up theft.
I honestly think they need to get rid of the RMAH .. it affects any good loot from dropping in game, people are afraid to use it just because of these kinds of things
People keep blaming the AH for good loot not dropping. With or without the auction houses, good items will not drop as frequently as you want it to. That's just the way Diablo is.
Blizzard just keeps getting lower and closer to mud. They're robbing from the players!
Don't deal with this issue by attempting to talk to Blizzard.

Go to your bank, explain your situation and try to resolve it there.
You'll have a much better chance.

Blizzard's policies dealing with its customers has become so transparently greedy that it's sickening to think about how much of a better gaming company Blizzard COULD have been.

But no. Their scheme of 'maximizing profits' have yielded not in a finer, more desirable product but rather a heartless milking machine that wears the mask of its former glory to lure in unwitting victims.
I think that's REALLY low. But on their end I suspect that there's some issue with laws, region to region that dictate how funds are applied to a third party account who is holding a balance in lieu for you.

Think about it this way, in the US, the Us doesn't care if you buy Blizzard bucks. It's a straight up purchase of something online.

But perhaps there's a law in Australia that if you want to buy something online, the government wants to be informed about it - well, region shifting after loading up bucks requests in thatnotice never being sent. Blzzard could then turn around and find out that NO ONE can buy Blizzard bucks (or anything for that matter) in a whole country because they've allowed someone to keep that check.

At least that's what I figure.

But why doesn't the OP find out if he can get his matter excalated, and something fixed for him. There is usually recourse, if you work with people. Plus there's no guarentee that he'll lose his money. Just a chance.
You really should call bank and request chargeback - however they name it in this situation - since you didn't receive goods you paid for. Plain and simple.

Also, reddit is already starting the drama, so don't worry. Soon the bad press hammer will hit hard.
Get a chargeback on your cc.

Just saw that shodan posted the same thing :P.

Get a chargeback - what blizzard is doing here would not uphold in court (I'm not a lawyer).

I think it's kind of sad - from a customer's perspective - that Blizzard is scaring away (potential) clients with such incomprehensible reactions.
Thats horrible...sounds like blizzard is playing some dirty tricks with D3 even though they claim they are trying to make it "fair gameplay"...i call BS
Just stop playing Blizzard games.
I stopped 2 days after RMAH was introduced, when I realized it made the whole game a pure scam.
Torchlight 2 will be awesome. They have at least some guys from the old D2 dev-team.
Pretty sure THEY know what made their game a success.
New devs are horribly bad.
Suck it Activision, your game failed.
06/29/2012 04:05 PMPosted by Freddy
That's straight-up robbery. FFS Blizz.

Sue them literally. Go to court and say that they are forcing a region change which you have no issue with but in the process they are taking away your funds which is literal robbery.

go to small claims court for it. Blizzard will most likely settle out of court since the cost of them going through all the hassle will most likely be less than going to court.

This is literal robbery and there is no other way to swing it. Yes you should have done blah bla hblah but there is no excuse for them stealing your money.
Would be great if Blizz responded to it.
Google -Bobby Kotick quotes- and behold the source of all your pain.

Regular justice doesn't cut it for people this evil. We need special justice.

I would sentence Mr. Kotick to "From now on, when you use the restroom, you are only allowed to clean yourself with a combination of at least three standard pre-school craft supplies."

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