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im having the same problem i just purchased my copy of diablo 3 today (hard copy/ not the digital one) and i created my battle.net account and all it will do is say error 3 incorrect login...
I bought digital version last week and i keep getting error 3 code when i try to add people to my friend list.
Brazilian player here with the same problem but i fixed it now!!guys,open your authenticator in your cellphone( must be connected to the internet),go to the options and select Resync...done!!..hope this works too...ggs
JJRAmbo you are genius!! your suggestion does work on me while the blue don't!
hey why can´t i not send my Friend, a friend Regst, but is say ERROR 3,,, what the !@#$?? and ERROR 3 is ALL BS! GET IT RIGHT!
Bloody hell!!! wtf ! After many days of deciding whether to buy or not to buy D3, I finally chosen to "give it a go". And now "Error 3003". Come on Blizz, what the hell your customers pay for ?!

Show some respect for gods sake. I do hope that someday a rival company will overtake you or at least challange so that you will be forced to focus on keeping your customers instead of profit.
oh guys , i found the reason why this error keeps popping up for me.
I realized that when i log in , i wasnt using the admin account on my laptop and after countless tries trying to log in , i decided to log into the admin account and give it a shot. The error stopped popping up whenever i use the admin account.
Thats where my problem. hope that helped u guys out.
It seems that the problems seems to be with the restriction or permission thigy...
I just recently got a new phone yesterday and had to download the authenticator again. Now I'm getting the error 3. Was I not supposed to download it again? Any suggestions?

Edit: Problem resolved. Customer Support removed my old authenticator and added the new one.
Same here....
I too am having problems we have 2 accounts 1 is working fine the other error3, we checked the email and have 11 emails from blizzard 1 saying my password has been changed. We cannot log on to battle.net to even raise a support ticket. I'm frustrated as computer technical stuff is not my thing, I like many just like to play :D Unfortunately in 3 months it's been more frustration than fun. Disappointed.

The account you listed in your Support Ticket is showing signs of being compromised (email address has been changed). You'll need to wait until they've had a chance to investigate and respond to the ticket.
Thank you for replying Omrakos, I shall sit and wait and be patient.
I'm receiving Error 3 when i try to log in. I tried every suggested solutions, nothing worked.
I'm able to login on different computer. Loging into battle.net also works. I currently don't have a frind to try the two account thing JJRAmbo posted.

Any ideas?
I tryed all these things and none helped me, the think is I just reinstated my laptop and downloaded new d3 and this error 3 is what I get now, what can I do more to fix this, this is annoying, I have windows 7 x64, I even tryed to log in with my brother login(he got that trial thing) but I just triggered something that he needs to change his password. I can log in browser battle.net but cant in game noting helps, maybe I should delete d3 and try to re download it again or I don't know.
it did not work for me. please help
Anyone using a mobile authenticator, try this:

Go into app. When is starts loading the code, hit the refresh button (looks like 2 arrows forming a circle).

Then try to log in to D3 (game or forums).

This worked for me. GL.
I have same problem and I don't have another computer to log in. I try to do some actions that was mentioned on the web (http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/error-3). But all of them were failed. Could somebody help to confirm it ?
Best answer and worked for me instantly without going through changing passwords or deleting the battle.net thing (by the way when i did that all it did was updated it and put it right back when i went to play):

Change the Region from whatever you are from to the next one (like mine i changed it from the Americas to Euro) and the game popped right on without any issues.

Good luck, fantastic game.
I got error 3 too when i tried go in The Americas server, which saying wrong log in information given, but i can get in Europe and Asia server with the same log in information.. after successful log in to Europe and Asia region, I tried going back to The Americas server, yet the same error pop out... Please help to fix this as my characters are all played in The Americas region..
please help me, i'm having the same error 3, i try all the way i can but its no effect. I already create account from my computer and change the pass. So now, i cant log in my account to report about my prolem. I must log in another account. I can't wait too long and so uncomfortable because not the first time i was disable account when play. My email is vd_dung_5589@yahoo.com.vn. Please help me as soon as possible!!!

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