My ideas for bosses in the Expansion

Lore and Story
I've read a few posts about what should be in the expansion, So here are my opinions.

I think he's corrupted in someway. Diablo had never been to the high heavens before now. Someone had to show him around. I think it was Imperious. In act 4 he blamed Tyreal and the Nephelem for everything. He also doesn't help the hero with saving the high heavens. Ithereal and aureal do. In my opinion he and Diablo were secretly working together to destroy sanctuary.
: We all know Lilith isn't dead, but is/was in the Abyss. In the sin wars Uldyssian was brought back from the abyss by his brother. Which means Lilith can be brought back. also think she is in the guise of Adria. It's possible Leah posessed such strong powers because her parents are Diablo (which we know) and Lilith. Adria disappaered after Act 3.


The council gave him to Mephisto, who took him to the burning hells. desacrated his body and left him in front of mirror. With the Evils now gone. It might be possible for him to break free of his bondage and return for revenge. Also The Enchantress is always talking about the prophet returning.To this day, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity. His misguided followers now serve as Hell’s taskmasters, taking the anguish of their lost glory out upon the bodies of others.

I don't think we've seen the last of him. There's more to him then he let on. Could he have found the black soul stone when it fell with Diablo? If so what would it do to him. Look how it affected Kulle.


Servant of Diablo. He disappeared when After a short showdown with Lilith, which was only a way to gauge her powers, Astrogha fled the Temple, once again opting for scheming in the shadows. but, It was only through the efforts of the Necromancer Zayl and the Noble Salene Nesardo, who is revealed to be a descendant of Astrogha himself, that Astrogha was banished back into the Moon. It's possible he could return and become the new Prime Evil.


This one is tricky we all know that Malthael disapeared after the destruction of the Worldstone. His departure broke the unity of the Angiris Council. Some speculated that he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and death. Regardless, after Diablo's defeat in his siege of the High Heavens, a now mortal Tyrael took Malthael's place as the Aspect of Wisdom. He could return in some way. Who knows what lurks in Pandemonium. He could have become corrupted or maybe not

Diablo, Baal. and Maphisto:

The heroes battle against the Prime Evil and defeated it, saving Sanctuary and the High Heavens. However, they were unsure if the Great Evils had been truly defeated. it's possible that some of their essence remains in the black soulstone.If this is true is it enough to resurect them? Notice how Diablo has been in all 3 games?
Deckard cain - They will change the lore so that he merely got corrupted, and you have to save him by the "axe to the face" method.
BAAL must be back ! and that final !
Or Black Soulstone landed somewhere safe, few years later, stone release Leah with all Demon Lords' power in her. her appearance look normal and became puppet master by infilitrating one of most infuencial human city. Have humans fight each other for power, glory, blood, land, and all good stuffs. Then, when humans of any side are weak enough, leah summon bunch of demon armies to attack and take over all human settlements. Only few brave heroes were left. Tyreal got too busy giving his wisdom, because Imperious kept asking dumb questions since Leah has bribed him with promise of free cookies and new shiny plastic spear. There, now that's a story. Ta da.

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