Error 316921

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Hello Blizzard Support.

So whenever I attempt to look at any of my friends' profiles I get this error saying I do not have a valid Diablo III profile. However, this is only the case when they are offline. I can see their profile just fine when they are online, but the game will not let me when they are offline. Thanks for the help!
Same... I wanted to see what level to reach to match my friend, but since hes offline I don't get to see anything
j ai aussi se probleme d erreur la le 316921 et en suis il a eu le 3003 ses quoi qui se pas et il peu meme pas se connecter sur d3 acause de lerreur 3003 ses quoi tout ses erreur la merci
I just got a whisper from someone I don't know, when I try to look at his profile it give this error message along the lines of: this player does not have a valid d3 account.

bug? hack-attempt?

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