What we MEAN when we say D3 is TOO hard...

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As a monk I enjoyed the challenge of inferno, except for a few annoying champion/elite affix combos. Playing solo, I never felt I needed much gear until act 3. I was playing with 200-300 resistances and no shield until mid-way through act 2. I simply adjusted my skills to be more defensive as needed and later on added a shield to finish up act 2. Sure it was hard, but it gave me plenty of opportunity to reconsider my skills and gear.

I couldn't be as offensive in act 3, but grouping with a demon hunter it worked out and was quite rewarding... until patch 1.03 came out. Now, that rewarding group play just doesn't exist anymore.

I do agree with the OP about the necessity of certain defensive skills. But I believe that with some skill and item tuning on blizzard's part, they will become less necessary.

I wouldn't say diablo 3 is too hard. Rather, it's just not rewarding enough. The game needs good legendaries and set items so that when killing an elite, champion or boss you know you have a chance of getting not just a good rare, but also a legendary or set item. And players don't want to wait for an expansion for this.

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