What we MEAN when we say D3 is TOO hard...

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@zero: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5978368856 the post with his stats/inability to progress.

07/01/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Themaceguy
Yeah. Sure. Its because we all lack 'the skill'. No, we have the skill. The game is not that hard. Doesnt take a genius to figure out the combos and runes. See my above point: Its more that the game was not meant to be played like this imho.

Wasn't pointing at any one person in particular, just the general feel I've been getting from the forums.

I'm not sure what you mean by "it's not how the game was meant to be played". Some people found a unique build that works for them..and it's wrong?

Look, I've seen soooo many threads over the past week or two or three about how so and so can't do inferno with x and y stats, when in fact, they can. Personally I think that inferno was created with the intent to be incredibly hard to the point that only with the best of the best gear (you know, the stuff that takes the incredible amounts of farming that your OP was talking about) to be able to faceroll.
It seems you dont have good understanding of good gears. Good gears meaning you have good gears/godly gears like 50k dps, 11k armor, 1400 resistances and 3k Loh. Having those stats and suddenly you can spec into anything you want, and it becomes easier

once again, I didn't really look at those posts. Regardless, 10k-12k is enough to beat act 2. It might not be optimal but it's possible.

The 50k dps, 11k armor, 1.4k res, 3k LoH are pretty much some of the best gear in the game. I would hope that you can faceroll the entire game with those stats. However, I'm pretty sure inferno wasn't meant to be facerolled (at least without godly gear). You can complete it with much lower stats, but people still seem to be having trouble to beat it with more than enough.
Difficulty.. the different difficulties should have different AI. I want Inferno that have enemies that dodge and evade your attacks or hit and run or tries to flank you.

Ex: Normal. You can kite elites around a rock easily. Inferno. You have harder time kiting because 1 elite might follow you, but the minions or other elites would go the other way and meet you.

Or Elites that mortar you and then run away and mortar you and then run away. Something that makes them smarter... Not add 0's to an elites damage, walkspeed, HP, armor.
To the OP: nobody but your own sense of ego is forcing you to fight content you are not ready for. Why restrict the game from challenging those who like to farm gear that actually has a purpose?
+1 to OP
Act 3 not act 2. Yes act 3 is nasty but have u seen barbarian with 70k, 14k armor and 1400 resistances + 3k Loh? or a monk with 30k dps and 3k Loh tanking a lot of stuffs in act IV?

Yes, this game is all about gears. If you have crappy gears, no matter build you want to try, it wont work

Of course the game revolves around gear. However, the amount of gear necessary to complete the game is vasty overestimated by the majority (on these forums at least). I've not seen a barb/monk with those stats but I sure would hope they'd be able to finish the game. People have finished it with much less than that.
"Much lower stats" is interesting thing to say, because what are the minimum stats to beat Inferno, you say?

Is this possible with 10k health in Inferno? or is it possible to kill a single monster when you are naked (all armors are destroyed)? Or is it possible to beat Inferno act IV with no LoH and 11k DPS as low armor and resistances barbarian ? maybe, I dunno.

once again, the game clearly revolves around having gear. I'm not sure about the general stats since I don't pay that close of attention, you can go make a thread in whatever forum and ask the people there who have finished it the stats they had their first go through.
Your choice of words was odd. But the message is spot on.

Edit: You're from Europe, that explains it.

Thank you sir, No I am not from Europe I am from Illinois actually. Just some bad typos, I am sure. :-]

Bump for justice..and because I'm from Illinois, too. Well said. Very well said. Pretty much exactly how I felt about the difference between the joy of playing D2 vs. some of the pains of D3.
07/01/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Kathars1s
My retort to that is that defeats the purpose of all that "top tier gear". Then there's nothing left to strive for. If you can already clear the hardest difficulty with mediocre amounts of difficulty, then there's no need to even bother continuing to farm and gear the character. May as well delete it and start another one. They've already made it easier. Any more and they may as well just remove it and say hell is the last difficulty.

This is wrong and D2 proved its wrong. People still farmed even when they could faceroll the game. I remember quite fondly doing it with my barb even though my weap and my dual leech were pretty much carrying me (along with resists) pre LOD. A lot of what kept people going was the many different builds you could kill with. For example, I farmed an IceBlink because I wanted to pop mobs like candy. I didnt NEED to. I could beat the game fine with my other armor. I did it because it was fun (and even harder sometimes cuz iceblink had worthless armor rating. I am not saying make the 'top-tier' gear easy to find. In fact, gear should be wide and varied and weird and hard to find.

I am saying make the game more hack and slashy. Even if it means reducing drop rates for all inf to act I levels at the expense of making all inf more hack and slashy. This is my point. You are right, gear should be hard to find and you should have 1001 reasons to pursue it. The game, however, should not be so hard to beat that you are playing it as if you were fighting the lich king in pre-cata. I dont want to have to wait to 4 bossy buffs and then cast my global cooldown while running in a circle with my toes crossed to beat a boss. It should be a hack and slash not a run and pray.
"he is right

This game doesnt care about build. Basically, gear = win."

this is my 1st post. I was talking about build because everything is about gear.

My monk can spec into offensive build now after I obtain better gears and 1.03 patch. With my old gears, I cant stand a chance in act 2 inferno

ah I see what you're saying. yes, gear = build variety but it means nothing without the moderate amount of skill required to play the game (on inferno).

my bad there :P
This game is not hard...it WAS hard and then blizzard nerfed it beyond comprehension. Is this post time-stamped incorrectly?
I don’t know if I would call Diablo 3 “chess” hard. Chess is all about options, forethought, and anticipating your opponent’s next move. Any options or forethought has been taken out of Diablo and the entire game boils down to gear. You don’t need skills, calculations, or strategy, you just need the gear.
Getting the gear is simply a time or money suck. The hard part is pushing through the tedious farming to get the gear, and with every patch they seem to make the farming more and more tedious. Now Diablo isn’t a game, it’s a chore. Right up there with standing in line at the DMV or filling out tax forms.
07/01/2012 10:53 PMPosted by ZergByNight
This game is not hard...it WAS hard and then blizzard nerfed it beyond comprehension. Is this post time-stamped incorrectly?

Sigh. I wish people would at least read the OP before they blurt some Attention deficit disorder inspired reply. The point is not that the game is too hard. The point is that the game is hard in the wrong way.

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