Flay Demons

Lore and Story
The Large demons while you're on your way to to kill Cydaea.

The Scoundrel briefly mentions them during some dialogue occasionally.

I tried to find more lore on them but couldn't, is there any detailed background to them? Where they come from, why aren't they in the armies of hell?
06/29/2012 01:28 AMPosted by Seraph
why aren't they in the armies of hell?

Because Azmodan is a tactical genius.
the enchantress also mentions that azmodan keeps them enslaved and incarcerated against their will. they get their name from the fact he makes weapons and armor from their flesh
you may also notice, that the hearts you are destroying, is from theirs body ... but i would realy like to know more about them ... or played with them, release them etc .. they remind me Wrath of Titans ... would be an epic battle :)
I was pissed off when I found out we couldn't fight them, as they're ON THE !@#$%^- BOX. Open it up and there one is, looming over the wizard, barbarian, and demon hunter, looking as if it's rising up out of Hell itself to smite the heroes with terrible, TERRIBLE fury.


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