Commodities Coming Soon to RMAH (Update 7/12)

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Stupid, Easy to get Commodities... I'll go ahead and buy it with my money rather easily get in game... okay. I understand rare BS Pages and what not... even tho legendary items still useless. Still bad idea... Just no.
RMAH is a totally suck function which can be another way to clean the dirty money.
So. When is 'soon' again?
Tomorrow at the scheduled maintenance?
Ha ha I hope that my Inferno Essences start selling for cash that would be an awesome way to make money.
About time.

Lazy pricks.
This seems like a bad idea for inflation. However, there are many effects that could occur. These results are if people start buying mass quantities of gold.
-Blizz price> Botters = inflation
-Blizz price= Botters = inflation
-Blizz price< Botters (if they are still running) = inflation
-Blizz price< Botters (if they are not running) = Possible inflation, but the removal of bots would significantly help with inflation.
If blizzard manages to sell for less than the bots it could cause inflation because it would be, so cheap. However, not all of the player base is willing to pay for stuff in the RMAH. However, if Blizzard put a cap on the amount gold that could be bought per day it could negate inflationary effects. It is not likely that blizzard would be able to compete with botters and it is not likely that they understand how to properly implement this without causing inflation. An example of this poor "economic fixes" was seen in the repair cost changes.

How about Blizzard flat out bans every account that has accumulated over 50million gold, as it is 99% certain that these accounts belong to botters.

i have 100million gold, therefore i am a botter? you are an idiot
07/08/2012 11:44 PMPosted by Katterise
RMAH is a totally suck function which can be another way to clean the dirty money.

This.. Now stop working on AH and work on real game instead please
Still not up almost a week later?
soon young padawan soon ^^
just wait a year or two :D

Now that we're seeing some blue activity I'm guessing you guys are back from the holiday (hope it was great).

I, and I'm sure many others are wondering if you could be a little more specific than "soon". I saw this post a week ago and got SUPER excited and have kept an open rmah slot ever since in hopes I could post a commodity as soon as it went up.

I do appreciate knowing it's on your radar, but would LOVE to know some more specifics.

(everybody feel free to like this to get blue's attention...I think that's how it works anyways?)
this thread is full of future updates as promised
This is not a "surprise" maintenance. Say it with me "Every single Tuesday morning from around 5am - 11am PST"

this is monday, it went down at about 1pm pacific???
07/09/2012 01:09 PMPosted by TimeSlip
this thread is full of future updates as promised

Kaivax surely takes his role as a "Community Manager" seriously. No doubt, he is waiting on his boss to approve posting any such updates. Why else would he allow 22 pages of inquiry to accumulate without blinking an eye?
07/03/2012 09:16 AMPosted by Optiox
15% of what he said makes sense.

Dear Blizzard administrators,

This is a rhetorical question, but...

Do you bother to read the replies to your stickies? Such as this one?

You have 22 pages of mostly negative responses to your "great news."

Can you not see that your player base has caught on to the -fact- that Diablo 3 is nothing more than a mad grab for money on your end.

The community knows it. Critics know it. And you're losing players on an hourly basis.

Your offices in Korea were searched. The Korean government has started to come down on your product with a hammer. Do you expect the Chinese government to look any more kindly upon you? The only reason the American government doesn't is because it doesn't operate like the Korean government. Otherwise, you'd be shut down.

Your product is broken. Spotty. And clearly designed with one thing in mind ---> $

You need to fire the design team for Diablo 3 and apologize for your complete lack of dedication to your own software and your fans. Don't expect consumers to bow before your product anymore. You've lost your edge and your true intentions are showing. World of Warcraft is your only cash cow now. Enjoy it while it lasts.
07/09/2012 03:28 AMPosted by jiigglypuff
Ha ha I hope that my Inferno Essences start selling for cash that would be an awesome way to make money.

and you would sell your fiery brimstones for $0.30 each?? don't forget to tip Blizzard 15% of the sales cost!! wow.. the rarest, fiery brimstones and you'll clear about a quarter for each one -___-

Yet if you are a gold farming company, you are free to still sell your stolen or cheated gold at full market price without ANY competition from the millions of people that have gold in game..

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