Barb build, double tornado?

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I have a very OP barb, a lot of the very best gear and can roll acts 3-4 inferno very easily. But lately if I wonder into a pub game theres a barb using WW to do double tornado, dies 10 times then says how awesome they are. Whats up with this new fad? I mention being a good barb because its odd when another barb with no stats at all, except crit chance, calls me noob then dies 10 times while I carry the team. Once in awhile they manage to get on a roll spinning, but again after dying and being useless for half the time. Whats the deal with crit chance on a melee class toon? I've seen youtube vids with barbs being OP against bosses doing insane DPS, but they can't survive to actually farm or do anything real within the game. I don't mean to rant, but it makes it that much harder to play co-op when theres somebody spinning all around looking ridiculous thinking they are OP.
tornado barb can farm act 3 as fast as a DH, and not die nearly as much, if a tornado barb die 10 times and do nothing it's pretty obvious that he either have no skill or he is not even gear enough for a tornado barb, a tornado barb usually don't die unless they run into shielding or invulnerable minions packs
and yes, they can easily survive by crazy LoH and constantly moving
the more enemies there are, the stronger they can be.
but it does take some skills unlike a pure tank who can just stand still and kill everything
the reason why ppl like to play a tornado barb is mainly because:
1. its way more fun then a tank
2. you can have really crappy gear and still farm act 3 (if you got the skill)

I'm saying this because my friend have a tornado barb who is finishing act3 with act 1 gear while my barb is struggling through act3 with way better stats

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