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it was ok this morning, but after I came back from outside, this Error came out, and it has been 3 hrs...still can't login! whts going on???anyone can help n solve this problem? currently using mac book
I'm also getting this error. I tried the suggestions in this support page but: 1. I don't have a cable to bypass my router. 2. No such thing as "secondary logon" in the Mac version and 3. I can't join the general chat since I can't login in the first place.
I have had this since day 1 of the game. I have done everything they have recommended with no success. Every single other online game has no problems. It it incredibly frustrating. I have had to change the way I play because of MF swapping once on Elites, since I can't stay connected for longer than 20 mins at a time. Now that they are going to stop MF swapping, I will have no legitimate way to play this game. Pretty ridiculous.
I cant logon fullstop.. says cannot connect to battlenet server. Wat can i do?

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