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Bump, At least make it work with like, google voice or something, I mean, really blizzard? I have an authenticator already, why do i have to have this garbage too?

At least give customer support the power to override it if we call in and request it.
more awareness to this topic please
Am I to understand that this doesnt even work with thekeyhchain thing as in REAL MONEY what they call it right not oh you get credits for our company?
becuse this is bull!@#$
Is there anybody out there?
fix this so we dont have to use cell phone
It would be great to be able to use RMAH. I hate having to play with a handicap. No way anyone can compete with somone with SMS. It is highly unfair and should not be like this. it is the same as well these players can use cheats but you guys cant have fun and hope it drops in game :) .BS

I want = chance to get the same. I have hit every thread on this a IDK how many support tickets. Give us the chance to use it or give us an alternative. Unfair advatages are unfair no matter how you color them. this thread and others more like it will be here and they will stay until you FIX IT. Fairplay blizz thats what we want. to be FAIR. give us AH or give us an alternative. be FAIR.
Bump. I do disagree with the prepaid phones not allowed/sms protect denying u RMAH
hi can someone help me ? i have Big big problem with SMS protect . I have change number !!!! and its so damn stupid when i want to enter my new number they ask me to send me a text to my hold phone number ?? what the hell ? why they dont ask me authentificator key ? sooo i cant sell no more item to the hôtel please help me !!!!

Prepaid or not, I will not have a cell phone.

PayPal? Cell Phone? pffff
Two things I will most probably never use in my life.
Shyt, I dont even have/want a land phone at home.

The best thing I'd like is the option to deposit and cash out directly in bank account.
Verified real life info vs name of bank account would be "a lot" safer and easier for everybody.

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