bring cain back

Lore and Story
That was a awful part why did Cain die, you shouldn't kill what I think is the face of Diablo and I'm not talking about the Lord of terror just when I hear Diablo 3 I think Deckard Cain saying stay awhile and listin so the expansion should let you go find his soul and leahs and bring them back
Cain didn't die.

It turns out that Cain was Belial all along.

The real Cain is somewhere else.
Deckard Cain was ancient. If he wasn't murdered, he probably would have died of natural causes within a few years.
He can still come back with magic if kul can so should Cain he could simply be a ghost like kul was at the start or he could have become a nephilum and then he would live for a long

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