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Which class do YOU find the most fun? For me leveling it was a Wizard. Endgame I like Demon Hunter.
I've played WD to act 3 inferno, it is amazing, and a ton of fun.

I tried monk, im lvl 35, i think. Its kinda boring I feel. Never really got into it. Also, tried a dh, got to lvl 17, then got bored.

Now im back to playing my WD. I love being able to tank when I need to, and being able to DPS by just changing a few skills.

Not to mention, the % stun and freeze and so on with WDs AOE spells is just amazing and tons of fun to stack.
monk by far.

this class needs a crapload of pretty expensive gear, but once your equipment is decent enough to roflstomp act 2 inferno and farm act 3 without major problems i found this hero to be the most fun to me.
I like playing the witch doctor, summoning minions is fun...its always like playing with your own group by yourself they attack, you slow them, and then blow them down with the blow gun.
I like Wizard
Why ? I don't know, simply like it
Witch Doctor has some of the most special skills like Spirit Walk, and etc.

Monk is another unique class that can sustain himself with heals and buffs.

The other ones are good, and may actually be better class to beat Diablo in Inferno.
I dont find any class fun.

I just play in the hopes they fix the game via patches.

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