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When elites mix and match all their affixes from the FUN AFFIXES category, it’s FUN because it’s beatable with skill. When they mix and match affixes from the NOT FUN AFFIXES category, it’s NOT FUN because it’s not beatable and forces a re-roll of the dungeon or map.

FUN AFFIXES = (You can see it and use evasive skills and strategies to overcome it.)
Arcane Enchanted
Extra Health
Fire Chains
Health Link
Missile Dampening

NEUTRAL AFFIXES = (can use some work to tweak but not a deal breaker)

Knockback – It’s a crowd control affix that doesn’t let you avoid and would be more fun if there was warning of knockback prior to getting hit with it. This one is neutral because getting knocked back usually sends you into a safe area.

Nightmarish – Another crowd control affix that doesn’t let you avoid it. It would be more fun if getting hit while in Nightmarish immediately snapped you out of it and let’s you regain control of your hero.

NOT FUN AFFIXES = (No chance to avoid, no warnings before cast, no way to get away, etc)

Vortex – The Butcher’s grappling hook is FUN because you can see Butcher wind up and shoot his hook at you. You have a fair chance to avoid getting pulled in. For the same reason Butcher’s grappling hook is fun, Vortex is NOT FUN because you have no warning when vortex is cast. The only way to avoid it is to exploit a line of sight glitch to avoid getting sucked in. Fix vortex and make it fun by providing us with a visual warning of when it is about to cast or a visual object that can be avoided altogether.

Invulnerable Minions – Shielding is fun because it lets you to spot temporary openings in the monster’s defense and enables you to manage your attacks accordingly. In comparison, there’s no chance to kill an invulnerable minion. No chance to kill something is no fun. Remove Invulnerable Minions. They are especially nasty when affixed with molten, plagued, arcane enchant, mortar, or any kind of offensive affix.

Jailer – Frozen, in comparison, is VERY fun because you can see the ice bombs, maneuver your way to safety, and then re-attack when safe. Imagine if Frozen didn’t warn you with ice bombs and was cast instantly. Well, that’s pretty much what you get with jailer. Jailer needs to be fixed to show some kind of two-second blinking/warping mechanism on the spot where it will appear in order to provide the hero with a chance to exercise their evasive skills to avoid it. That will make jailer fun.

Waller – Basically a giant jail. Again, needs some sort of warning. It can’t just cast out of the blue to lock you in/out without a chance for you to avoid it. Maybe make the ground shake 2 seconds prior to the walls appearing. This gives us the opportunity to decide on which side of the wall we want to stand on after the wall is summoned. This also gives us an opportunity to use the wall to our advantage by maneuvering the monsters into position so when the wall is summoned, the pack of monsters will be divided into a more manageable portion or even cause one monster to be isolated away from the rest of the pack.

Reflects Damage – An affix that deals damage to the hero without opportunities for the hero to counter-attack or avoid. The hero simply loses health as damage is dealt. This is a lazy and poorly thought out affix intended to hurt the hero without much design thought. It’s no fun. Remove this affix completely or change it to Absorbs/Converts Damage Into Health or Redirect Projectiles Back At Hero.


Virtually every combination of affixes that is unbeatable includes one or more of Vortex, Invulnerable Minions, Jailer, Waller, and Reflects Damage. There are no opportunities to dodge or avoid getting hit. It does nothing but force a re-roll of the dungeon or map.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to post about this stuff but please, fix this before anything else! If this gets fixed, then we won’t die so much and complain about repair costs. If this gets fixed and we still die, then it’s our fault for dying because you gave us a chance to use skills to win. Right now, there’s no chance for us to use skills to win AND repair costs are high. It doesn’t make sense.
Blizzard, please fix this!

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