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jesus christ, if the development team isn't addressing your personal issues with the game just quit or take a break

personally, as someone who thinks D3 is the greatest game ever made, i was very concerned with the public game numbers. although i personally never have joined public games as a fan boy it pains me greatly to know that people are quitting diablo 3, it was one of my biggest concerns and i am glad blizzard addressed it.

next can we have an ETA on when the auction house is up? i got $2.5k to spend. please ignore all those well-thought out posts on fixing diablo 3 and continue the great work guys!

You need to expand your video game playing to a great many more games if you think this is the greatest game ever.
I now have 1 friend left out of a small group of 12 people who played the game together, and he hasnt been on in 5 days due to the frustration of never farming any good 62-62 items in Inferno act 2-3, not due to the fact he was concerned of the public game numbers.... Why would you even make this thread and cause a uproar about this problem.
While you may not have that opinion, that is the opinion conveyed by many here. Also, the fallacy of the second point is that discussing an issue like this has nothing to do with whether other issues will be discussed or if they are thinking about them, etc...
That certainly explains:

1) Why I have a MUCH easier time joining games and getting 4 people into them (thanks, this was an excellent change!)
2) Why the numbers changed so drastically upon release of the patch. Sure people might complain about the content of the patch, but I doubted people suddenly quite without even _trying_ the patch!
07/10/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Remedy
Really? THAT is what you have seen 'a lot' of concern about?

This issue was clearly at the forefront of the tidal wave of complaints.

Awful itemization and the dead end that is Inferno will be in next month's blog. Stay tuned and happy farming!
The internet hate bandwagon ... it just doesn't get any better than the Diablo game forums!

Reminds me of a song...

Dead dreams
Dead dreams flying flags
Flapping into the breeze
Wave your coloured rags

Hard times
Were they never any better
Maybe never ever

The slogan will take you like lemmings to the cliff
You'll feel better than ever
And into the abyss
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Please CMs.

Tell them to work on anything else besides this. There is nothing about this game they can work on less important than this "issue"
19500 players online in 16.2k games of DII: LOD.


900 players in public games (but that just means available games! it's totally doesn't mean how many players are in public games)

Why is this, among so many systems, a step backwards from D2?
07/10/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Ryan
In this thread, Blizzard attempts to convince us that people are enjoying the game, still.

if you look att he total amount of the same person starting new threads in the forums compared to the amount of people playing the game, 99% of the players dont even come to ,or post threads ,or comment on posted threads, so there is a small amount of people in comparisom to the total amount of players.

Dont get me wrong, I agree whole heartedly with 99.9% of the threads about client/server lag.
Not being informed of whats happening with the game.( But they are getting better about that.)
complaints about getting low level gear for drops at lvl 60.
Also have to point out that blizz did make a statment, that rares are not and legendarys do not reflect that they are better per say than blues and rares. this is not wow where a epic is expected to be better than a blue.

With that said, I felt the same way as many in the forums and still do.
But i also have to say, they are showing signs of improvment.
Smachdown all the kids who concluded that 95% of players quit the day of patch 1.03..
Now the game don't work, a digital purchase works, but the physical copy doesnt log-in anymore

Is this happening to anybody else?

Why this problems always happen with every patch you release blizzard?
^ Just as many people have quit and not bothered going on the forums. I am the only one of probably 8 people that even bothers. I think a lot of people just flat out quit.
LOL I just read somewhere that Annymous is planning to cyber attack Blizzard...Then again this was off another forum so its validity is speculative but wow that would be hilariously funny.
That makes sense. It would be cool if the total number of players in a game (public and private) is displayed somewhere like in StarCraft. And might as well display the total number of players logged in too. :)

Thanks for the info.
19500 players online in 16.2k games of DII: LOD.


900 players in public games (but that just means available games! it's totally doesn't mean how many players are in public games)

Why is this, among so many systems, a step backwards from D2?

19500 players and 12000 bots and gold spammers :)

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