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07/10/2012 10:04 AMPosted by Funkyhamster
It's good to hear that you're making sure people get populated public games. Since you're promoting the 4-player co-op experience, do you have plans to give players incentives to play co-op, perhaps through increased drop rates or some other mechanism?

honestly the only incentive you should need is that its fun.
Nice try. Perhaps focus on something that is actually important?
Does anybody have a pic of lylirra? I want to see what she looks like heh..
don't waste the blue ink on such miniscule chores lyr your better than that. You guys can crawl back into the cave you have been in for the last week or so after releasing the MF changes coming. As community manager is there a quota of posts you need to make that would almost explain it....Bash stealing all the hotfix note threads from ya?
You choose this issue to respond to with all the other issues with this game?


Nobody cares about how many people are in public games -- Try responding to threads about rubber banding, the endgame, pvp.... Get with it Blizzard.
This is where your priorities are? How about looking at stickies on the forum page. The ones where people are expressing helpful and game improving critisim. What is this crap?! If you care at all about your customers blizz would pull their collective head out of their unwiped bunghole. Your customers care about the future of the game, don't you think you should go above and beyond?
07/10/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Sublime
Nice try. Perhaps focus on something that is actually important?

Yeah, like fanart or book advertisements!

If you guys are looking for constructive feedback, here it is: Blizz-style PR only seems to work when the product is actually being enjoyed by the majority of its players. You may need to change your approach for Diablo 3!
this is what blizzard has invested time into ?
so sad :(
Best part is how completely untrustworthy these posts are. I remember Bashiok saying that the ping displayed in D3 is supposed to be 200 (it is a different ping than every other game was his explanation). Today however my ping is around 30 all the time. I guess 200 is supposedly high now.

Just an explanation which circumvents the drop in the playerbase which is also around the same as in the first 2-3 weeks after release. Yeah.. right.
Who r these people with these concerns? names, ect.
sounds to me like a certain CM trying to cover up the huge drop in playerbase.

Nice try tho.
I'm glad this was on your guys todo list for today. Whats next give us more useless information we don't care about?

Why not just disappear like you all did for a week and just start fixing things? Thanks!

I know if I neglected my customers for over a week my !@# would be fired.
I try not to bash them to much but really really out of all the out cry of the other problems. You see addressing this is a more important issue. only one other company I remember ignoring/not updating there plays with info that is important. What happened they got the game pulled form them and moved to a diff. company to bad that is not the case with diablo 3 since they made the game.
They most likely haven't made ANY decision on mf swapping yet, therefore they can't just give you information. And they don't want to keep telling information for every step, then have to change it at the last minute and everyone complain

tl:dr: D3 owners will complain about anything...

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