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Well I am glad to see a post that answers some of the previous questions players have had with the number of people playing. My friends going back to WoW or just not logging on as much cause they are running out of steam to play says something else to me. I know you can only pass information along as fast as you are given it by those who are your bosses. I see and hear too many problems with how things are in the game. For some thing made for the casual gamer. My friends and I no longer feel we have the time to farm the Millions and Millions of blizzards gold to get the gear we need. As the drops do not give us a damn viable item. So while most of them have quit or drastically reduced play time. I too will be following suit as playing solo for a small portion of gold that can not buy a grain of rice in some 3rd world country is not my idea of "fun". Hope things change soon cause right now playing is as about as exciting as standing in Org scanning the AH while waiting for a BG/LFR to pop.
So instead of addressing real problems, they work on protecting their image by ensuring that people know that others are still playing Diablo 3.

Lame, self serving, and pointless (for the player). It's even more lame, self serving, and pointless than addressing magic find swapping.

This childish argument I never understand. "Go fix the game instead of saying [insert some thread]" as if the poster of this thread or any blue text person here has anything to do with how the game is developed and maintained. It is like calling Verizon mad your phone isn't working and when the customer service rep tries to troubleshoot in the system you go "Stop trying to explain systems stuff to me and just fix the issue" like the person in the Philippines you are talking too can rush down to your local tower and fix your cell service.
07/10/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Remedy
Really? THAT is what you have seen 'a lot' of concern about?

We understand that labeling this number as "In Games" in the Public Games window can be confusing, so we're currently looking into ways to make the number and what it represents more clear. In the meantime, we continue to closely monitor both the state of the game service and your questions and comments about Diablo III.

Atm i see "In Game 1554", when i mouseover it says "1554 players in public games", there's nothing confusing in it, it's just the number of ppl that actually is in public games not the number of games, it's crystal clear. I understand you are just trying to convince ppl that this game isn't dead yet, but, I mean, c'mon who is trolling who?
jesus christ, if the development team isn't addressing your personal issues with the game just quit or take a break

personally, as someone who thinks D3 is the greatest game ever made, i was very concerned with the public game numbers. although i personally never have joined public games as a fan boy it pains me greatly to know that people are quitting diablo 3, it was one of my biggest concerns and i am glad blizzard addressed it.

next can we have an ETA on when the auction house is up? i got $2.5k to spend. please ignore all those well-thought out posts on fixing diablo 3 and continue the great work guys!
Sure, thats the reason...

Borderline best post ever from a CM, only topped by "aren't you thankful?" You guys dodge the real issues like the plague, or in this case the minion arcane.
Show me the threads where this is a concern?

I'm more concerned how my buddy list when from 20/20, down to 2/20, in under 2 months from release. Maybe it's because it's summertime, people have no school, most industries are slowed down... o wait
LOL giggity
This has been a pressing issue for me, and I'm glad someone took the time to clarify this issue for us. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and excellent response to the community!

But seriously, why do you spit in our faces like this?

A slap in the face!!! OMG!!!!!

My lord, people get hysterical about the most minor of things.
I dont really see the point of worrying about this. I dont care honestly if i were the only person in the world who plays this game, i would still play it because its a challenge to me and that is my #1 factor on games. If it isn't it'll go in the trash or on ebay in a day or 2 just like countless others.
Propaganda 101

Damage control - fanboys will eat it
I don't think this would bother me as much, if it wasn't for the fact that it clearly seems like they are reading these forums, but instead of addressing the real problems, you go make a stickied post that looks like it basically boils down to protecting your image, which lets face it has become muddied no matter how you try to spin it.

All we want to know is if you are planning on fixing this or that, not that we expect you to fix them now. What do you have coming down the tubes, thoughts or ideas, etc etc

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