A Whole Bunch of Suggestions for Diablo III

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Hey everyone,

Ever since I started playing, I've been keeping a list of suggestions and adding to it whenever something came to mind. Most of them are minor suggestions, and shouldn't be too controversial.

I apologize if any of these suggestions have already been made in the past, but if that's the case, at least it's worth mentioning again, right?

If you just want to get the basic idea of each suggestion, you only have to read the bold parts with bullet points and can skip through the explanations, which are in italics.

Anyways, it's a long read, so brace yourselves!


White and grey gear items need to be dealt with. They are useless and annoying to sift through, and even more annoying when you accidentally pick them up during combat, or during looting. I am constantly opening my inventory and filtering them out. I have a few suggestions on how to deal with them:

  • Option A: An option to disable white/grey gear items from even dropping in the first place.

  • Option B: Multiply their sale values by five, across the board.

    Currently, the highest sale value I have ever seen on a white gear item was 15 gold, and the lowest was 2 gold. If you increase these values by five times, the sale values will range from 10 gold to 75 gold. It's not a huge amount of gold that would make everyone feel like they have to pick them up, but it's also not a slap in the face if you did happen to pick them up and haul them to town. With the new values, I still wouldn't pick them up, but if I accidentally did, I wouldn't feel like I had to open my inventory and filter them out. I would probably just leave them in my inventory and carry on.

  • Option C: Give all white gear items a 10% (5% for greys) chance to salvage into level-appropriate crafting materials.

    For example, if you have a white gear item with an item level of 61, you have 10% chance for it to be considered a magic (blue) item when salvaging it, therefore receiving an Exquisite Essence with the usual small chance of also obtaining an Iridescent Tear. 90% of the time this will fail, and you will lose the white item and get nothing. Once again, with only a 10% chance of getting something, I still wouldn't go out of my way to pick up white gear items, but if I did accidentally pick it up, I wouldn't feel like I had to filter it out to save inventory space, since it can at least serve some purpose when I head back to town.

  • Option D: A combination of the above options.


  • An option to enable center-screen alerts for proc-based skills.

    For example, the Barbarian's skill Revenge has a 15% chance to proc when you take a hit, the only way to know the skill is ready is if you are looking at your skill bar and see the skill light up. For whatever reason, some players may not see these as easily, so an on-screen alert somewhere close to the center of the screen would be helpful.

  • Have a "Lock Item" feature that prevents you from dropping, selling, salvaging, or trading any item which you have locked.

    The default hotkey could be 'K' since it's not used for anything at the moment. When you hover your cursor over an item and press 'K' it would lock/unlock the item. It can also show a little picture of a lock somewhere on the item's art box, so you know which items are locked when you look at your character sheet, inventory, or stash. This is something the game needs, especially when gear can actually have real monetary value. A feature like this would act as an added layer of security so we can protect our investments from any accidents that may occur.

  • Have a "Lock Equipment" feature that prevents you from accidentally removing or replacing any of the gear you currently have equipped.

    This way, you can't accidentally swap, sell, or salvage your gear when you lock your equipment. Your equipped gear is completely locked down until you unlock it. There can be a button accessible from the character sheet, in the form of a big lock. When you click it, your equipment is locked down, and the lock picture on the character sheet will be shown as closed. When you click it again, your gear becomes unlocked, and it will be shown as an open lock.

  • Have a "Primary Set" and "Secondary Set" feature, with a toggle switch on the character sheet.

    There should be a hotkey for switching between the two as well. That way you don't have to keep your secondary set in your inventory, and you don't have to go through the annoying process of manually switching every individual piece of gear from your inventory page. People could have their normal DPS gear in their Primary Set, and have a specialized set of gear in their Secondary Set. You will basically double the amount of gear slots people will want to find upgrades for, and since the game is mostly all about the loot, this would be a very good move.

  • Have an option to lock our action bar so we don't accidentally drag skills off of it.

    This happens sometimes, and gets pretty annoying. Losing our Nephalem Valor stacks when that happens is insult to injury.

  • Give us a statistics page attached to the achievement interface.

    It can show us stuff like our fastest kill times for all the various bosses in the game (stick to Inferno only), fastest Act completion times, highest critical hit, highest Massacre combo, highest Destruction combo, highest damage recorded on the character sheet, most gold ever owned, highest Magic Find/Gold Find achieved, number of players resurrected, number of players saved, number of objects destroyed, number of chests looted, etc. I could go on forever. I know you guys track a lot of these statistics internally, I'm basically just saying you might as well show them to us and make this statistics page a reality.

  • More transparency in the tool tips for skills.

    Tool tips like the one on the Overpower skill: "Landing a critical hit has a chance to..." are frustrating to see. As a player, I want to see exact numbers in the tool tips so I can make a more informed decision on my skill/rune selections, without having to do a bunch of unnecessary theory crafting to figure out what the "chance" is.

  • An option to enable advanced gear comparison tooltips.

    I'd like to see every stat that is affected if I were to equip the item I'm comparing, especially all of the stats that are rolled up into the current "Protection" stat in the existing item comparison tool tip.

  • Confirmation for dropping items in multiplayer games.

    When you drop a rare item, set item, or legendary item on the ground in a multiplayer enabled game, a confirmation box should pop up and remind you that other players can pick up the items you drop, and if you are sure you want to do this. This confirmation popup should be enabled by default, but you should also provide an option to disable it for those who don't want to see it.

  • Remove the tool tip lockout when identifying an item.

    When you are in the process of identifying an item, you are not able to see the tool tip for any item until the process is complete. It's only a few seconds of lock-down, but when you have a full page of rares to identify, it can become tedious very quickly. I would love it if I was able to identify an item, and then queue up another identification while taking those three seconds to assess the most recently identified item. I could then get through that inventory full of rares a whole lot quicker, and get back into the action faster.

  • An alternative suggestion would be to just make identification instant for rares.

    Rare items are not actually that rare, we get tons of them to drop, and most of them are garbage, so having to cast identification for every single piece becomes very tedious. You could keep the cast time for legendary and set items, but make it instant for rares.


  • Make the spell animation for identifying an item appear differently compared to the spell animation for using Town Portal.

    Identifying an item can have a green glow effect on your hands, while casting Town Portal can keep the same blue glow effect.

  • Have a dye indicator on an item's art box.

    It could be a small colored orb on the bottom right corner of every item's art box. The color of this orb will reflect the color of dye that is currently on the item.


  • Provide an option to automatically bypass cutscenes and cinematics and stop them from even loading up.

  • Provide an option to automatically skip quest dialogue.

    It's very tedious having to constantly press escape and/or mash the space bar. I want to be able to continuously skip these without having to press anything.


  • An option to disable specific categories of sound:
          Disable Character Audio
          Disable Follower Audio
          Disable Lore Audio
          Disable Quest Audio
          Disable Vendor Audio

    I currently have all sound in the game disabled, mainly because I hate listening to vendors, followers, and quest audio since I mash the space bar or hit escape through them anyways. There was collateral damage there though, because I do like listening to the lore books I come across, so an option to disable specific sound categories would be a GLORIOUS thing.

  • Stop lore audio from cutting each other off. Queue them up instead.

    I remember when I first started playing, I would find lore/books, and listen to the audio dialogue. The problem was, sometimes you find them too fast, and they cut each other off. Instead of cutting each other off, they should just get queued up and play one after the other so you don't have to open your journal and listen to them again.


  • Reporting someone for spam should also purge all of the spam that the spammer just spammed.

    Mmm, spam. Currently, every time a gold spammer drops three walls of text, I have to scroll up several pages and find what I missed from a conversation with somebody.

  • Provide an option to disable salvaging spam in the chat screen.

    Spam from the game itself is extra delicious.

  • Let us create private chat channels.

    It would be nice being able to chat with a group of friends, without actually having to be in the same party.

  • You should be able to link your achievements in chat.

    For those times when we feel like a unique snowflake, let us link our achievements so we can show the world just how special and awesome we are.

  • Provide an interface for selling crafting services to other players.

    There is currently an issue of trust regarding the crafting of items done by another player. It's hard to trust the person selling the crafting combines, because this person could very well be keeping any good combines and giving you the bad ones from a previous crafting session. The only way to trust someone right now is either by having the seller stream their gameplay on a site like Twitch or something, or by having the seller send screenshots of his inventory while standing still. It's all a big headache, so if there was some sort of crafting interface where it streamlines the process, it will be well received by the players.

  • An option to send mail to other accounts.

    I often find upgrades for my friends, but I don't get to see them online too often, so I have to keep it all in my stash until I see them online. If there was a mailing option, you can mail items to other accounts for a gold fee, and it would go straight to their "Completed" tab in their Auction House interface.

  • Have a summary of every player-to-player trade pop up on the chat screen.

    It should say what you traded, and what you received. This summary should also include gold amounts that were traded. It would be something like: "You gave A, B, C. You received X, Y, Z."

  • Loot links should be more flexible.

    You should be able to shift click on absolutely any item, and it should produce a loot link. If you can see it, you should be able to link it. Currently, if someone links an item to you, you can't cross link that item to someone else. It's very finicky.

    I'll elaborate with an example of how it works right now. If Bob sends John a loot link of an item he found in a different game, and John wants to show his party what Bob found, he can't do it, because cross linking does not work in this game. Instead, he is forced to describe the stats on the item if he wants to tell his party about what Bob linked him.

  • The "Inspect" feature should be more lenient.

    Once you get close enough to a player and open up the "Inspect" window inside a game, it shouldn't automatically close when that player goes out of range. You should be able to close it whenever you want, and not have to chase people around or have to view profiles in order to see their character.


  • In addition to merchant repairs, let us repair our gear with the Blacksmith, too.

    One of the very first things that struck me as odd when I started playing the game was the fact that the Blacksmith can't even repair our equipment. Instead, the merchants do all of the repairing -- even Squirt the Peddler, the little merchant girl in Act II, can repair your gear -- but the actual Blacksmith cannot. It is something everyone expects him to be able to do.

  • Need more incentives for leveling up the artisans.

    Players who have no interest in using the Blacksmith for crafting, or no interest in using the Jeweler for gem combining, need more of an incentive to level them up. Give players a discount on repair costs depending on the Blacksmith's level, and a discount on gem removal depending on the Jeweler's level. Once you have access to the Blacksmith and Jeweler -- at Artisan Level 1 -- you get a 2% discount on repair/gem removal services, all the way up to a 20% discount at Artisan Level 10. The discount to repair costs can apply to all repairs, whether you use the blacksmith, or a merchant.

  • Need safeguards for accidental salvaging. Introduce a "Reclaim" feature.

    There is currently no safety net for the accidental salvaging of gear. Have a "Reclaim" feature provided by the Blacksmith, similar how vendor buyback works -- with a few changes. To "Reclaim" gear that you accidentally salvaged, it will cost you the materials you gained when salvaging the item, and also a considerably high gold fee, depending on the item level and quality of the gear you want to reclaim. The steep gold cost should be there to deter any kind of exploitation of the feature, and reserve it only for situations of an accidental nature. The interface for this feature could be similar to the vendor buyback window.


  • Arcane Enchanted enemies should never be able to spawn an Arcane Sentry directly on top of your character.

  • There needs to be diminishing returns on the Fear cast by Nightmarish enemies.

    Every time I see certain types of Nightmarish enemies -- especially elites with Horde minions that have Nightmarish on them -- I prepare myself for a long and painful journey across the entire zone, because they often take turns chain casting Fear on you.

  • The ice bombs from the Frozen affix should have a duration determined by how close your character was to the center of the blast radius.

    For example, if you were frozen by an ice bomb and you were right on top of it, it would be full duration, but if you were caught at the outer edge of its blast radius, then you would only be frozen for half duration. This will alleviate some frustration a player goes through when they are certain they have cleared the blast radius, but still end up getting frozen for the full duration.

  • Let us swing at and break through the walls created by elites with the Waller affix.

    I'm not suggesting that they have a hitbox (that would be annoying), I'm suggesting that if we hold shift and manually hit them, they should break, similar to how random breakable objects function in the game (you can't click on a hitbox, but you can still break them manually).

  • Abilities given to enemies by the various affixes they spawn with should have a reasonable cooldown on them.

    Since I am a melee player, the issues I described above mostly affect melee players, but the basic principle I am suggesting is that all enemies should have a cooldown on how often they spam the abilities that have been granted to them by the affixes they spawned with.

    Just the other day, I was in Act IV of Inferno, and went up against an elite Armored Destroyer with the Shielding affix on him and his minions. I am not exaggerating one bit when I tell you they all had an 80% uptime on their Shielding skill. For every ten seconds of combat, I had a two second window where I could deal damage. They obviously enraged and I ended up skipping them. There needs to be a cooldown on how often they spam their affix abilities, so it stays within a reasonable range of difficulty.


  • When you kill a boss -- or even a mini-boss -- the expiration timer on your Nephalem Valor should be refreshed.

    For example, let's say you're fighting Zoltun Kulle with 3 Nephalem Valor stacks, and 9 minutes left until it expires. After you kill Zoltun Kulle, you still have 3 Nephalem Valor stacks, but the expiration timer refreshes, and you now have 30 minutes left.

    This would be especially helpful for some parts of the game, like the story progression parts of Act II, where you can go quite a long time without encountering a champion pack or elite.

  • When you go back to town, the expiration timer on your Nephalem Valor should freeze until you leave town.

    This way, you don't feel rushed when you are selling, salvaging, or assessing your stash or inventory.

  • When you change a skill/rune, or change the configuration of your passives, you should only lose one stack of Nephalem Valor, and not all of them.


  • Keep our search parameters when we switch between the Gold and Real Money Auction House.

    When you have a bunch of search parameters set in the Gold Auction House, and you switch over to the Real Money Auction House (or vice versa), it should carry over all of your search parameters, and only wipe the max buyout price you set. This way, you don't have to constantly set up the search values for a double search when you want to check both auction houses.

  • Automatically insert spaces or commas for values we input.

    Specifically, for max buyout, bidding, and for setting a starting bid/buyout when listing an item for sale. It's too easy to make mistakes right now, when dealing with very high values.

  • Show us the starting bid we set for the sale of our items.

    Currently, you cannot see what the starting bid was unless your item has received a bid on it. Maybe instead of seeing "No Bids" on an item in your "Auctions" tab, you could show us the starting bid we set, but have the numbers greyed out indicating a lack of bids.

  • Let us move items around in the "Sell" tab.

    Make it so you can drag and drop items to and from your stash/inventory. In order to sell something, you can just drag and drop it into the sell box.

  • In the "Search" tab, let us press tab on our keyboards to get to every input field.

    Right now you can't fully tab through to every input box, you have to manually click most of the input fields and then insert a value.

  • We need more search filters for finding preferred stats.

    There should be five "Preferred Stats" filters in order to better customize our search, up from three.

  • Give us more "Order By" options when looking at search results.

    Currently, you can only order the results by Armor, DPS, or Buyout.

  • Give us 15 seconds before commodities get listed for sale.

    I remember accidentally missing a digit on a commodity I put up for sale, and before I could even move the mouse cursor to my "Auctions" tab, it instantly sold (for way less than it should have). The auto-insertion of commas for numerical values could have also been helpful in preventing this mistake on my part.

  • There should be a check box indicating you only want to see auctions with a buyout.

    This way, you don't have to set a really high buyout price as a workaround.

  • An option to skip the 5 minute window of cancellation when you list an item for sale.

  • Let us see the items we have purchased or sold, in our Auction Log.

    If this would be too much of a burden on the servers, then you could just limit it to the first page of the log, which includes your last 50 transactions.

  • Give us the option to customize what we see in our Auction Log.

    I would like the option to sort my log in order to only see items sold, items purchased, items unsold, items cancelled, or transaction errors.


  • Give Massacre/Destruction combos a small gold reward after you reach level 60.

    They are currently useless once you hit level 60 and stop getting experience. A small gold reward would give them a purpose, and bring back that desire to achieve higher combos. It would only be a very small amount so players don't find ways to exploit it, like doing the first quest of Act IV over and over again or some similar situation.

  • The town healer should be a one-click heal.

    There's no reason for him to have a dialogue selection box, and a dialogue subtitle box. You should just be able to click him, get the heal, and hear the audio of his blessing in the background. No dialogue selection windows, no dialogue subtitle boxes.

  • Taking a Town Portal should not wipe your resurrection checkpoint and set it to town.

    Currently, if you take a Town Portal back to town before you hit a checkpoint, it wipes your resurrection checkpoint, and makes the waypoint in town your new resurrection checkpoint. So if you die on the field before you hit another checkpoint, you will constantly resurrect in town. Often times this is incredibly annoying if you didn't find a nearby waypoint, or if the closest waypoint is very far away. I remember doing a quest in Act III of Inferno and having to run for approximately 4-5 minutes every time I died, and it was all because I took a portal back to town to sell my inventory before encountering a very difficult champion pack.

  • Any rare, legendary, or set items on the ground when you leave the game, crash, or disconnect should be returned to your inventory.

    This would work for things you dropped yourself, as well as loot that dropped off of enemies. If your inventory is full, the items will be returned to your stash. If your stash is full, then perhaps it can go to your "Completed" tab in the Auction House interface. It would still count toward the 50 item limit, so it doesn't get abused by people looking for a way to have extra storage. If you already have 50 items in your "Completed" tab, and have a full inventory, and a full stash... well then you ran out of lifelines and lost the items, although I'm pretty sure that would be an extremely rare occurrence.


    If I had to pick one option from the five that was provided, I would have to go with Option 4, but modify it a little bit. Let's say you equip one piece of gear with Magic Find on it. Why should this cause your entire Magic Find total to be zeroed out for three minutes? That doesn't make sense. It should only disable the Magic Find on that individual piece of gear that was equipped, and only on the additional Magic Find that you gained by replacing the previous item. After three minutes, the additional Magic Find would kick in.


    The Jeweler and Blacksmith are basically manifestations of the Horadric Cube from Diablo II. You should take advantage of this and add way more plans and designs into the game. Items you can craft by gathering a combination of all sorts of things, and not just the way it is now with only requiring salvaged materials and gold -- which is a boring and simplistic way to handle crafting.

    There is a distinct lack of gem variety in the game, so you could add a more gems to the game -- not as loot -- but as a crafting option for the Jeweler. To give one example of this, you could make Prismatic Gems. By combining one of each color of gem of the same quality, you can craft a Prismatic Gem of the same quality. What this could do is provide an increase to "All Resistances" when you add them to empty sockets in your gear. So if you gather a Chipped Ruby, Chipped Topaz, Chipped Amethyst, and Chipped Emerald; and you combine them using the Jeweler, you will craft a Chipped Prismatic Gem. Same deal for all of the other gem ranks.

    You could come up with a whole bunch of these additions to the game, without having to add anything to enemy loot tables since the new items are all crafted via items which already exist in the game.


    The end game is a concern for many players, including myself. To put it very simply, we need something to grind after we reach level 60. Something more than just farming gear. Something that permanently increases the level or power of our characters. Gear does not accomplish this because it is not a permanent addition to our character's power.

    In Diablo II, when you went on a few gear farming runs, and you didn't find anything, you could at least say you gained a bunch of experience toward your next level. But in Diablo III, if you go on some gear farming runs and you don't find anything, then it just feels like you wasted your time because you made no permanent progress for your character.

    Thanks for reading.
    Great list, Scalibane! Very readable and comprehensive.
    07/06/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Connor
    Great list, Scalibane! Very readable and comprehensive.

    Thank you, kind sir!
    These forums move faster than the protons inside the LHC.
    Well, at least someone read it.
    Great list. Blizz make these suggestions happen please!
    Excellent ideas and very well put.

    I would also like to add 2 more:

    To give us the ability to dissable having new skills/runes and other info pop up right in the middle of our screen.

    To give us the ability to dissable having the quest completion box that you have to click or space-bar out of.

    Both of these have near killed me several times and frankly they are a real pain in the !@#$.
    Great post. Thanks for bringing some light in on the issues.
    Great list! Agree with 90% of it. Only one I really frown on is your TP one about reseting your checkpoint. That's vital for HC play. Many of the checkpoints in the game are "hot", meaning you can log in and have even two elite packs come at you before the game even loads. In playing HC we need a mechanism to reset to checkpoint to town.

    P.S. Everyone should give this list a thumbs up.
    Very good ideas.

    One thing I'd like to see is the ability to see the stats of gems in the AH. Also, you should be able to see the stats of crafting recipes.
    Thanks guys!

    Excellent ideas and very well put.

    I would also like to add 2 more:

    To give us the ability to dissable having new skills/runes and other info pop up right in the middle of our screen.

    To give us the ability to dissable having the quest completion box that you have to click or space-bar out of.

    Both of these have near killed me several times and frankly they are a real pain in the !@#$.

    Thanks. That's true, they can definitely get in the way, especially if you have a lot of skills unlocked for that level. And all the popups tend to get annoying and take up screen space as well. Good ideas!

    Great list! Agree with 90% of it. Only one I really frown on is your TP one about reseting your checkpoint. That's vital for HC play. Many of the checkpoints in the game are "hot", meaning you can log in and have even two elite packs come at you before the game even loads. In playing HC we need a mechanism to reset to checkpoint to town.

    P.S. Everyone should give this list a thumbs up.

    Thanks. I definitely agree with you there. My hardcore character isn't quite at that high a level yet, but I would always want that escape mechanism to be there in case I needed to reset the game.

    For the suggestion I made though, I was only referring to the resurrection checkpoints, and not the login checkpoints. In softcore, if you ever decide to port back to town, it overwrites your resurrection checkpoint and sets it to town. So every time you die before hitting a new checkpoint, you will resurrect all the way back in town. This often results in a very long run back to where you were. It's almost like it punishes the player for porting back to town.

    I actually just thought of a better way to deal with that though. In softcore, when you die, it should give you the option of whether you want to resurrect back in town, or at the last checkpoint you came across out in the game world.
    Very good ideas.

    One thing I'd like to see is the ability to see the stats of gems in the AH. Also, you should be able to see the stats of crafting recipes.

    Thanks. Those are good ideas as well! That always does annoy me, too, because if you want to see the stats of gems, or the details of plans/designs, you have to press "Buyout" and hover over the item in order to see the details. It's a clunky workaround, and could be risky too if you accidentally bought the item out.
    Good stuff!
    Free bump
    Another bump; not my thread but too much effort and too many ideas here to let it die.
    we think very similarly. these are a lot of the same things i had been thinking about :o

    i disagree about an entire 2nd set of gear, but i think 2 weapon sets with swapping would be really good to have back, so i could switch between dual-wield/sword and board.

    and i think losing one stack of NV per skill you change would be fine too instead of being able to just change everything, if you have to change that many things you probably should've planned ahead a bit better..

    but pretty much the entire rest is perfect i think.
    I was hoping someone will post something like that.

    We need more posts like that, we need to encourage blizzard to improve the game so we all have good time.

    These are some great suggestions, please more ppl post posts like that!
    This was by far the best list of suggestions I've read on the forums.

    Bump for blue attention!

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