A DW Monk Solo - Ghom Kill Video


It's nothing special. But it might be special if it's the first time.
I made a video to show you how most people do this.. If you haven't completed, yet...
Basically kite him slowly in circle so that once you made a full circle, the gas is already cleared away.
At the same time, you have to kill him as quickly as you can before the enrage timer hits.
Took me a while and cost me a bit but I manage to kill him using the skills and stats below:


Solo Stats:
Str 599
Dex 2235
Int 592
Vit 871
23.3K DPS (Unbuffed)
Armor 6484 (w Enchantress)
758 Res
Dodge 42.3%
733 LoH (2.03/1.93 AS)

Blinding Flash with dmg increase rune worked great more than any other skills against him.
It helped slowing down his gas attack.

Also I made a video for Belial kill without moving a step, the lazy monk tank style.
If you are interested...
Bump buff... too many trade threads....

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