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hi, i got an email from blizzard 2 times 1st saying

Thank you for participating in the Diablo III Auction House! An auction associated with your account recently completed and is now in review.

Items in review Knight's Defiance
Time of transaction 12 Jul 2012 09:36 AM PDT
Total value in review $29.99
This review is a routine step to ensure that every transaction is handled safely and securely for auction participants. If the transaction is approved, the auctioned item will be delivered to the buyer within 48 hours. Proceeds from this auction will be delivered to the seller's account within 5 days and in most cases within 72 hours.


Congratulations on winning an auction in the Diablo III Auction House!

Item name Knight's Defiance
Time of transaction 12 Jul 2012 09:36 AM PDT
Sale price $29.99
Sales Tax $0.00
Total price $29.99
You can claim your item in the "Completed" tab of the Diablo III Auction House. To send an item to your shared stash, click "Send to Stash" under the item's entry.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your adventures in Sanctuary!

heres a screenshot of my auction house screen saying the item is still processing even though i can "claim my item in the "Completed" tab"


please advise. and for those wondering/asking it has been more than 24 hours which is why im really worried
sometimes they just get stuck, i had purchased a bunch of things today and everything just stopped processing for some reason and then only somethings would work instantly without obvious reason, i've had things show up 3 days later...but i have yet to have anything go missing for longer then 3 days...its a pain for sure but 99.99% of the time no reason to panic if your payment method is solid

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