Improved D3 experience (Compilation edited Mar 12th)

General Discussion
Dear Diablo team, can you consider the sections below for future improvements and expansions? (ideas, feedback)
- Magic Find
- Items
- Nephalem Valor & Build permanence
- Hidden Mechanics / Documentation
- Jeweler
- Blacksmith
- Mercenaries
- Social
- Auction Houses
- In Game
- Upgrades / Patch

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Magic find

About magic find while in groups. Whether we keep our own magic find (post 1.0.4) or average it (pre 1.0.4), nevertheless our mercenary and it's MF are leaving when grouping currently. I propose either allow mercenaries OR boost MF as more players join, something like monsters' life scales up when more players join. It could be based on 1- "the group average MF" and 2- multiplied by a factor that scales with group size. (AVG * 3/4 when 3 out of the 4 maximum players are grouped) As you might understand, this promotes group play, promotes that everyone builds MF gear (or Paragon), not just one player, as well as being a compromise for taking care of "adventure stats" stacking to the detriment of the group.

About Blizzard Magic Find Switching feedback requested thread. I would discourage item switching in fight while bringing back MF to full amount fast after combat. While in combat, I suggest MF could only decrease to the lowest +MF per item you wore during this fight. Out of combat, it can restore, behave like today. So if I start combat with +10 MF gloves, than switch gloves to a +5 MF and then to +20 MF gloves, my gloves slot could only count for +5 MF. The +20 could apply after combat.

Why not buff/flag activating on regular monster kills that allows items to drop from all lootable non-monster objects? You could also use this buff to control the rewards generation; so as this buff gets stacked, more chests, more treasure goblins (any rewards) for those who deserve them. In other words, this buff is towards item quantity, not quality. (MF already deals with quality)

Consider rename "... better chance of finding magical items" to "... magical chance of finding better items" or something even better or more appropriate.


I would welcome less items drop, say by:
A - Removing all guaranteed items drop
- the Rare with max nephalem valor or
- any Bonus on 1st time boss kill
B - Removing the drop/creation of items with 'wrong' affixes roll.
Recommended design of item B:
- Let the item background-generation like today (so that anything has a potential to occur)
- If the potential item is a mighty weapon where Dex or Int is greater than Str, than skip it. Some Barb want some Dex/Int, but not at the cost of Str.
- If the potential item is a bow where Str/Int is greater than Dex, skip it)
Like you are saying in March 2013, Less is More!

Legendaries and Sets (L&S) should have their lvl removed. They should drop by like any monster lvl in game and the stat according to that monster lvl. (OK, keeping ring from lvl6 and up only is OK, amulet from lvl7 and up only is OK too...) Today, only a few L&S are usefull at lvl60.

Can we somehow get a "crafting pouch"? A bag reserved for all crafting materials, salvaged materials, pages, tomes and gems. Big enough for all gem tiers and all materials tiers to fit inside. Crafting a weapon/armor would end up in your normal inventory like today. Crafting a gem could end up in the crafting pouch. Salvaged results could end up in pouch if present in inventory. Looting a gem/page/tome could go in the pouch too if present. Easy item management.

How about some items providing multiplayer skills, promoting group play and promoting items less used like 2h. In the like of FireEnchant from D2 Sorceress. Or like ChainXChestPiece that player1 and player2 wear which can activate the chain multiplayer skill like chain elites do. Think about a multiplayer Barbarian WW skill, instead of swinging a weapon, the Barbarian swings a Monk! But only if the monk equips that special 2h allowing him to be picked up! WD cound SwarmEnchant the DH weapons if DH wears say 2x 1hxbow. How about a Angel2hStaff allowing a multiplayer skill similar to chained elites, but with like holy dmg. It can chain to other players who also are weilding this staff. Lasts 10 seconds with a 40 sec cooldown per player so when the groups can finally go up to 5 players, we could perma holy chain!

Nephalem Valor & Build Permanence

About this feedback requested by Blizzard. Consider all these ideas here as a whole, intended to address 4 things: build permanence, build diversity, Nephalem valor loss and levelling fun.

Introduction of 'skill' shrine that would give a single buff that increase the potency of 4 'random' skill-runes and 2 'random' passive skills for like 2 hours. Anywhere between 50% to 100% potency increase, and/or 50% to 100% increased MF/GF/XP when a monster is killed with this skill, and/or 25% to 50% reduced cooldown, and/or 25% to 50% reduced ressource cost, and/or anything to promote these skills. Two third of the available skills in toolbar are the numbers suggested. Two hours, or 120 minutes is based on twice the player's level, so 120 minutes for a level 60, 10 minutes for a level 5 who constantly gets new skills available. Paragon levels can be ignored here. Players would definately consider those skill in their build if it last for the next 2 hours. It would also help Build diversification as players would change their current build to a new one. Would be best if players could dismiss that one buff and try to get a new one. If another skill shrine is used (with that one skill buff existing) then refresh the duration of the current buff. There could be some 'Skills Goblins' acting as skills shrine upon defeat. This 'random' should not be 100% random; less used skills (by the other online players of similar level) could be more frequent/potent. Promotes diversity (each gaming sessions are different) and permanence (for the whole gaming session). No more need for NV stack loss on skill change and NV could start at level 1 for levelling fun. (Note that another idea, the multiplayer skill idea, near the end of this post also talks about NV)

Hidden Mechanics / Documentation

Reveal the hidden mechanics somewhere, for instance the July 2012 info about MF saying the game check for Legendaries, then 6 attributes rare, then 5 rare, then 4 rare, etc. Having more MF does it improve the chance for a better roll for an individual affix? Is crafting affected by MF? What are the rest of the hidden footprints? Mercenaries could let us know all the hidden mechanics with new speaches.

Where can I find info about the range value for items attributes per level. Say a lvl30 2h sword, what is the possible range of base damage, what is the possible range of poison damage, what is the possible range of strength, etc. for all possible attributes a 2h sword could have at this or that level. This information would be great to know. Maybe an option in the UI, maybe a new page in game guide or printable from the game guide online that also displays the latest game client version that changed the value, wherever. If it gets in the UI, maybe display where this 2h sword +strength fits is the possible range in terms of % (quantitative) or color coded stat value from green for good roll to red for bad roll (another quantitative) or qualitative terms. Any way to know if the individual stats I see are good or not compared to the possible ranges. About the amount of possible attributes on blue (1 to 3 I believe), on yellow (4 to 6 I believe), on orange (no clue yet!), on green (yet to loot one) Again color code info would be awesome. March 2013 Less is More will probably make this paragraph obsolete, YAY.


(Note that the first 3 ideas in this sections should be considered together, along with a blacksmith idea below. One goal is to put back value in the gems themselves, all gems tiers, not in the combine process. Another goal is LOGICAL gem sharing prevention across characters. I humbly believe the ideas here are better then the February 2013 - Ask the Dev - Answer to Gems. You should see that my proposal is the transformation of current jewel combine gold sink towards remove gem item&gold sink.)

I would introduce a possibility that the gem breaks into sub components when removing, with decreasing possibility as Shen levels up. Of course, the reduced cost mentionned below for combining and removing gems has to get implemented too. Shen level 1 could have like 50% chance to remove like today and 50% to remove a perfect square into 1 square and 2 chipped or something. Shen level 5 could have like 80% chance to remove like today and 20% chance to remove a perfect square into 2 square. One the worse rolls, gems are not just broken down, but some components end up missing! As Shen level up, he exponentially 'misses' less and when he 'miss', the result is exponentially not as bad. It would fit greatly with his 'character'. This also creates a better gems-pages-tomes (& gold) sink IMHO.

The cost for combining gems (even after some cost reduction early in the game patches) seem too high compared to what is found in AH. Today AH prices are related to combine prices, not to the gems. Shouldn't players find that it is generally cheaper to pickup and combine gems than to buy them from AH? I propose a cost equal to JewelerRecipeNumber^2 (1 gold for tier1 to tier2, 4 gold for tier2 to tier3, 9g for tier3 to tier4, 16g for tier4 to tier5, etc.) Shouldn't Shen working for super cheap since we freed him from the barrel? (Gold sink should be elsewhere IMHO) Today, when leveling I don't botter picking up gems or vendor all except emeralds. (For reference, the first 20 numbers in the serie mentioned above is: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 256, 289, 324, 361 and 400. There are not 20 gems tiers yet!)

The cost for emptying sockets also seems too high. Shouldn't players feel like it is more cost efficient to empty socket before selling items. Shouldn't players feel that it is alot cheaper to get the gems from emptying the socket than from the AH? With PVP, we would like to switch gems cheap. Maybe gold cost (like above) equal to the Tier number being removed power 2 (1 gold for removing a tier 1, 9g for removing a tier3, 25g for removing a tier 5, etc.) again super cheap. (Gold sink should be elsewhere IMHO)

If the above 3 ideas get rejected, an ability to compare gear that simulates if the item is not socketed would be great. When I loot a new item that I (or follower) consider wearing, having sockets, they are obviouly empty. Now my equiped item sometimes has its sockets full. It is a waste of time and gold to go to Jewelcrafter, empty the socket, compare, fill the socket again and go. When checking AH, the idea is similar with sockets-full gear.
Similarly, a "Try before you buy" option from jewelcrafter in order to "try" what would my character stat would be if I insert this or that gem in the socket. Maybe a free temporary (like 45 second) socketing that pops the rock out (never broken) after time expires so I have time to compare my stats.

A CraftAll command while I watch a documentary to combine all gems automatically.

Jeweler (or Blacksmith) should have a possibility to "add socket" if it allowed at that item level. For instance level 6 ring wouldn't have this possibility, but level 20 pants should get up to 2. An item going from 0 to 1 socket would require a 'available' affix, so if item already has 6 affixes, Shen should say NO!. The next socket(s) should cost more gold than the previous and can also require some salvaged materials or other items. (That other item could be determined daily from whatever is too abundant in the D3 world)


Today salvaging any item from the same difficulty mode provides the same amount of salvaged material. It would seem better to have more salvaged material as item ilvl raises since item is worth more / is better. Please consider this change to the salvaging process: salvaging a blue item of ilvl maybe from 1 to 7, provides like totay, 1 blue + maybe 1 yellow material; then for ilvl 8 to 14, would provides like salvaging 2 items, twice the materials, 2 blue + up to 2 yellow materials (Salvaging a blue ilvl 10 would give 2 blue mat and each 2 possible yellow mat still have 15% chances to pop; salvaging a ilvl 10 yellow there would always be 2 blue and 2 yellow); ilvl 15 to 21, 3 times the material; ilvl 22 to 29, 4 blue + up to 4 yellow. Then nightmare (I am not sure what ilvl each difficulty level start and stop but the idea is the same), ilvl 30 to 34, like today 1blue + up to 1yellow; ilvl 35 to 39, 2b + up to 2y; ilvl 40 to 44, 3b + up to 3y and ilvl 45 to 49, 4b + up to 4y. Hell ilvl 50 to 52 1b + up to 1y; ilvl 53 and 54, 2b + up to 2y; ilvl 55 and 56, 3b + up to 3y; ilvl 57 to 59, 4b + up to 4y. Inferno, ilvl 60, 1b + up to 1y + up to 1 orange; ilvl 61, 2b + up to 2y + up to 2o; ilvl 62, 3b + up to 3y + up to 3o; ilvl 63, 4b + up to 4y + up to 4o. (The examples here are based on up to 4 times the salvaged materials since I assumed there is 4 ilvl for Inferno) Of course, this would bring more materials into the game, it would make crafting more appealing. If you also make more possible uses of the materials, like with the other Blacksmith ideas here combined with the 10:1 convert from 1.0.5, then the extra materials are actually welcomed.

Blacksmith could have the possibility to upgrade items with added affixed, like from 4 affix rare to 5 affix rare, even to 6. And why not the possibility to upgrade a magic to more affix and even magic to rare to legendary/set! OK the total cost in material should be high enough and scaling; gold, materials and maybe some quest for the required Blacksmith "Add Affix" Hammer. It should be cheaper for upgrading a magic to magic, more expansive for rare to rare, etc. Also the reverse process could be available some time later, costing gold only, no material needed (except maybe finding the rare material for the blacksmith who could build himself the required "Remove Affix" hammer) but some salvaged by-product would make sense. At the end, we could replace an affix by another or re-roll affixes. If more gold sink is needed, make these hammers 1-time use. (This paragraph might become obsolete with "Gold sink should be exciting" post in March 2013, YAY)

Blacksmith could craft other items like 1-time use stuff. Maybe a blank map for our mercenaries to indicate where an event in the current zone is, or a compass to nearest goblin in zone, maybe a jewel removing tool for guaranteed non break (see jeweler section above), maybe a stim-pack for our mercenaries, maybe a goblin slowing device, maybe a waller/jailer break, maybe a portal closing device preventing goblin from escaping, etc.


Increase the possible basic speaches of Mercenaries (Like "How are criminals treated in your lands") so they are less repetitive. I like the current "content", I would like more content! They could have some speach that matters like "Oh, my 'Goblin Compass' is blinking towards NORTH!" or instructive like "Did you know my MF counts only for 20%?" and maybe they can teach us about the rest of the "hidden footprints". Their own class speach plus all the generic hidden footprints speaches, so no need to try all 3 mercenaries to get all relevant info.

There can be one-time use item (crafted with the blacksmith) to use with them. Say I am about to leave a zone, Kormac says "My friend, are we leaving this goblin/UniqueMonster alive?" So you know you are missing one. You know to use your one-time use map/compass to locate it.

Would be great to have possibility to hire more merc and also have them for multiplayer game. My recommendation is once you complete a normal difficulty quest in softcore (since the game is quest based today) with one char, all your softcore char should be able to hire a 2nd merc for that normal difficulty quest and get the extra (20% of) MF from it too. As you beat a normal diff quest on softcore with a 2nd char, all your softcore char on normal should be able to hire all 3 merc again for that quest. As you beat a quest on normal with 3rd char, all your char on normal can use 1 merc on multiplayer for that quest keeping the 3 in solo game. Clearing a quest on normal with 4 char, you keep 3 merc solo and you can choose 2 to follow you in multiplayer. Finally, obviously, quest beaten on normal with all 5 classes, 3 merc solo, 3 merc multi. Same idea for other difficulty levels. Hardcore: seperate. One of the great side-effect is group-play promotion as our mercenaries MF would not leave. We would like their combined power and MF! (If this is not per quest, it could be per act or per difficulty level)


Please keep the inflation under control, actually some huge deflation would be welcomed. I know it will hurt and be difficult, real players should be unaffected. Serious botters obviously transfers their gold to other cleaner accounts, or something. They probably buy super overpriced items in order to transfer gold and are probably involved in some bid war for their own items too. All botters need to suffer hard.

Would be great to add a Suggestions/Improvements/Feedback section in the forum so that constructive post do not get lost in general discussions.

How about web team develop "Postmach" / "Threadmach" / "Ideamach". (Similar idea to Facemach, from Facebook CEO) From forum and eventually from game, it would ask us to (optionaly) select the BEST of 2 posts/threads/ideas in order for designer team to know what is most popular, not always the best, but yeah most popular. The Q&A session in January 2013 is a great start!

Auction Houses

5 minutes extension after a bid would be nice.

To prevent shill biding, all bid increments should always show with the same increment percentage. (All overbid would then always be of 5%.)

The current second-bid method is unfair: Say an item just appeared on the AH with minimum as 500, player1 max bid 1000 and go to sleep. The item is still listing at 500. Player2 now max bids 2000. Item now lists at 1000 with player2 winning. The current price of 1000 is player1's bid, he should have priority on the 1000 bid as he was first on it. If item was now listing at 1001, fine. It would obviously be better to bump it 5% like everything else and be listed at 1050.

Would be great to have some access to the AH completely outside the game, like from a web site. This way I could continue my AH business while I do not have access to the game every 36h. It could behave like the actual AH where I can sell items from stash and from characters. Probably need to have botters well under control before this, sadly.

Today, it is possible to list 10 items on each AH for a total of 20. Why not have this 20 combined between the 2 AHs. Or at least like 5 slots reserved for GAH, 5 slots reserved for RMAH and 10 for either AH. Those who do not want (or cannot) link real life money to the game are very penalized.

Also, the current AH "logged-on" access is OK, can it be also added while "in-game"? I know I would be buying more stuff.

A warning or impossibility to bid on an auction I am currently winning, so I don't outbid myself. Checking items every day, there are items I see again (because they list for 36h) and I want them! Possibility to buyout an item I am currently winning if fine, a outbid warning would be great. By the way, auctions lasting 36h is great.

In the AH, today, the list in upper left displays character like:
Would be great to have character level too, like maybe:

Would be great to be able to select the mercenaries from the AH list for characters I am looking items for, not just the 5 playable classes, to be able to easily filter what they can actually use/wear. And, of course, some way to display mercenaries equipment.

Display local time while in AH, just like "in-game".

Why not an extra AH slot as a reward for say clearing Inferno. Another AH slot for clearing the game on normal with all 5 classes, etc.

Similar idea to one in Jeweler section here, a 'try before you buy' option in order to compare character stat before buying.

A 'look at stat without the socket boost' when selling would be welcomed if the low remove gem cost from Jeweler (see Jeweler section) is not introduced.

While in the AH. First, the ability to visualise all objects, not only the stash, character inventory and character equipped, but mercenaries equipment too. Second, the possibility to reorganize stash and inventories. Finally, ability change the character and mercenaries equipped items.

A possiility for the attributes list in the roll-down list to show different order than alphabelically, like in the order they would show on items.

Some stat that are available on items are not searchable in AH, like movement speed on bracers, movement speed on amulet, Magic Find on Weapons, etc. (Mainly for Legendary items)

Better intelligence in the AH UI, like if I select max level of level 5, I should not be able to select rings since they only start at level 6. Also, some stat only become available at a certain level for a particular item type, the UI could reflect this so the search become more efficient.

Possibility to search for like "magic and up" then white or gray items would not show, "rare and up" then gray, white and blue items would not show.

An ability to fully reset the AH UI to fully remove the order clicked so we do not need to logout and log back in.

Possibility to sort results with "Sell Value" of items and with "Current Bid".

In Game

I remember when I first saw the D3 map from a teasing video long time back... I was like: "Check this out, awesome". Today, I am like: "Map... ehhh??? what?" Some open-world would be great, the current quest are OK, but going from act to act like D2 would be great too.

There are 5 classes today and groups are limited to 4... OK, if 8 is too much in a screen, please consider 5. Please also consider skinning down the animations/details in game to get screen leaner and allow as many players as there are (will be) classes.

Those threads on positive monster affixes are very good ideas. To me, the list of possible positive monster affixes should be more impressive than the list of possible monster combat affixes (defensive, offensive, crowd control). Those 2 lists could keep evolving over time. Now, monsters should always have equal or more combat affixes than positive affixes and none of our reward be like knockback ability so we do not get into extra trouble.

The threads about improving the current treasure goblins (TG) are good ideas. On top of those improvement, I suggest also new types of rarer TG. I am thinking, rarer than standard TG, say Goblin of Lesser Ice with 25% chance to cast a random ice defensive skill when struck (any ice def skill from the Diablo serie). They could give 25% better loot than regular TG, provide a 5 minutes ice offensive buff and a 5 minutes ice defensive buff too. Say 1% chance to cast a random melee/range ice offensive skill on hit buff and a 10% chance to cast a random ice defensive skill when struck buff. Next rarer to the lesser goblin, say Goblin of Poison with now 50% chances to cast random poison def skill when struck; give 50% better loot than regular TG, 2% chance to cast random poison melee/range off skill on hit 5 minutes buff and 20% chance to cast random poison def skill when struck 5 minutes buff. Next, even rarer, say Goblin of Pure Fire with 75% chances to cast random fire def skill when struck; give 75% better loot than regular TG, 3% chance to cast random fire melee/range off skill on hit 5 minutes buff and 30% chance to cast random fire def skill when struck 5 minutes buff. Other damage types of the whole Diablo serie can also be used. None of our buff reward should give like knockback ability so we do not get into extra trouble. Finally, impress me with the table of rarest TG (maybe "Female goblin", "Skill goblin" (see the 'Skill' buff described above), "Evil goblin" or other goblin), but please give them only def skill, no offensive nor fighting power.

More on goblins, why don't they spawn in packs sometimes? Say up to twice the number of players in the game. This way sometimes we would need to decide which ones to chase! If there are different types available and I encounter a pack, how gready can I/we be?

The events are truely awesome! I wish I encounter more. The nephalem buff provided upon completing those, brillant; except that it leaves aside the level 1-59 players. I also wish the design team spend extra time on new ones! Can we get a notification (somehow) that there actualy is a event when entering a zone or before leaving it to make sure we do not miss it? Maybe our mercenary can tell us or let us know by giving a waypoint using a map we craft in town or just let us know we are leaving one behind. Or maybe a map loot with a big X on the event location in the current zone before leaving a zone.

Possiblitity to not be able to see/click grey/white items. By the way, for constructive reasons, even improved whites or balanced of other adjective seems like a waste of time for designers/developpers/testers/players. This is obviously unless the blacksmith idea above of increasing the number of item affix gets implemented!

In Act 1, the town portal is too close to the stash.

Are the walls from waller special monster destructible somehow? would be great!

I remember the first bloody chest, and resplendi (how to say in english again...) chest, awesome! More of those chest prefix with actual meaning and reward would be great. The nephalem valor buff from 1.0.5 is great; except for player 1-59!

Locked chess with a key to be found on the same level would be great, sometimes from an event. One time use key so we don't need a designated key slot in inventory like in D2.

Would be great to have more SURPRISES from chest, maybe some funky monster from somewhere else. Say you are in a field, a chest could have a possibility to spawn a cow from D2; When in a creepy area, it could spawn one of the zerg family monster; Act 4 Heaven, some Protoss. Having Bart Simpson poping would be awesome but there are probably copywrights. Having to face Thrall who would be screaming "FOR THE HORDE" would be awesome. Maybe sometimes a 5 minutes pet butterfly follower which could be dismissed. You can go wild here, Blizzard is a diverse franchise. How about just a recording playing the soundtrack for one of StarCraft cheats like "POWER OVERWHELMING". Maybe the ghost of Duriel. Maybe an elvish goblin or their master. Maybe the chest has a hole to hidden underground multilevels unlicenced whisky producing event. Maybe... surprise me!!!

D2 had secret rooms, remember those walls that looked weird in act1 jail? D3 could have a few of these too.

Would be great to have the possibility to virtually reduce the damage or power of my character when I join a friend's game. Say I login and I see my friend is playing a level 11. I might not have a character around level 11 but it would be great that I can use my level 45 and when joining his game I have the POSSIBILITY to turn on/off "damage reduction" to a level where we have fun. Maybe I should just equip a level 11 weapon...

I would prefer to have a confirmation window when clicking "Exit Diablo 3" in-game, just like we get it when logged-in. Quick logout to escape hardcore death, but confirmation (or an option to add confirmation) to quit.

It would be great to have bigger potions and even faster potion available somewhere/somehow in game. Fast like it takes half the time to get full effect of the potion. Fast intake.

It would be great to have the ability to combine smaller potions into bigger ones like in D2. Maybe from the potion vendors. The price could scale and also at some point request some other item. (That other item could be determined daily from whatever is too abundant in the D3 world) Those potion sellers could have new speaches/story to support this mechanic along with a quest to get the "Potion Combining Tool" item. If more gold sink is needed, this combining item can be 1-time use.

Even variation to potions like combining 5 tier2 potions into 1 fast tier2 potion.

Why not multiplayer skills, I would like to chain monsters for like 20 seconds every 2 minutes and laugh at this FAST affix hehe. Say I cast it on my friend, we act as the end of the chain. Now a molten enemy, no problem - "Gandalf, cast your ice thingy on my chain". Some multiplayer skills become available as more player are nearby! Slots reserved for multiplayer skills. (great incentive to group play) (And another reason to not have skill switch removing NV)

Would be great if paragon level benefits and XP were shared across all character in the account. Softcore with softcore, Hardcore with Hardcore, of course. With benefits also affecting non lvl60 characters.

Upgrades / Patch

All those feedback from Kripp, the forum megathread, muffin's thread, etc. Would be great to see what was considered, either accepted or rejected, at least we would know what the 'direction' is and adapt our feedback to be more optimal. With 1.0.4, some of it was considered but it is still hard to figure out what is more relevant or not to focus the feedback.

Can we get all notes? I mean when server is out 10 hours, we would like to know what was done. Is the Jan 2013 AH performance issue related to fighting dupes?

Please, OH PLEASE, do not use the "dumbing down" "lowering the bar" approach anymore. Of course, I think I understand the reason why you wanted to prevent players from just run-die-rez-repeat the way to some destination (zerging), but super high repair cost affects a larger group of players. For sure now death is meaningful, OK. Also, I think I understand nerfing the non-monster objects loot to prevent huge income from botters. But removing those reward punish a larger group of players. Combined with repair cost... well you know... (real players do not play 24/7 on multiple servers) So please, when addressing a problem, the easy way or the most popular way might not be a good solution. I obviously respect that sometimes it is needed to protect the economy as the real solution would take too much time.
(Gathering replies of my related threads here to keep only this 1 thread)
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Those are some good ideas.
Posted by JDoc
if you try to raise the bid on an item you are already winning, AH asks for a confirmation (doing this will raise the bid, continue? or something like that)

if you are not the highest bidder, your next bid will just raise the price

edit: so if it didn't ask you for a confirmation, then someone else outbid you since the last time you checked the status in the auction tab
Posted by Danov
Would be great to add a Suggestions/Improvements/Feedback section in the forum so that constructive post do not get lost in general discussions.

Would be great to have the possibility to virtually reduce the damage or power of my character when I join a friend's game. Say I login the game after dinner and I see my friend is playing a level 11. I might not have a character around level 11 but it would be great that I can use my level 45 and when joining his game I have the POSSIBILITY to turn on/off "damage reduction" to a level where we have fun.

These two are good suggestions. A propper Feedback & Suggestions forum would be AMAZING so that the productive conversations are not lost in the massive sea of idiotic, misplaced teenager angst.

As for level scaling... and I use this as a measuring stick quite often... City of Heroes had it. Basically, lower level characters could enter "side kick" status, and their damage/stats would be scaled UP to their partner's level... they would not have access to any new powers... same build options... just higher base output.

The same could be done in reverse if a higher level player wanted to scale down to play with a lower-level partner. They'd have the same high-level build options, but the base output would be scaled down. I think this could definitely make Co-op a bit more robust... but the math for figuring it out may be a bit tricky.
I'd like to see a separate character specific stash for each toon. I'm only on my second level 60 and already I'm running into problems. I'm a bit of a hoarder, I probably have 5 or 6 different amulets for my barb.

My first toon was a barb so I had a tanky set with various pieces that I'd swap out for different situations - e.g I had a high all resist belt and a string of ears if I ran into a heavy melee pack I was having problems with.

I've switched from tanky to WW barb so now I'm gathering crit gear and crit dmg gear but I'm hanging onto my tanky set (there's alot of overlap between the sets). I also have an MF set. When I do Act I, I can run full mf, Act II I'll swap some pieces out and run some MF, Act III I'll go full dps gear with as much survivability as possible. I like to collect pieces of gear and hang onto it and experiment when I get another piece - this way I can balance my damage, survivability and magic find for different situations and acts.

Same thing with my wizard; gathering resist gear, crit dmg gear and mf gear which I mix and match.

Ultimately I should end up with 1 set per toon, with high damage, high survivability and magic find. It's a work in progress though so for now my stash is a mess.

TL; DR - a character specific stash would be a welcome addition!
Idea about MF in group improved (in 1st post)
One addition in OP
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I agree in that I too wish for less of a dumbing-down approach to almost everything in life, including this game.

However, the REASON it's like this is sales. Dumbing-down the game appeals to more people than not dumbing-it-down. And everybody's dollar is equal thus, the most money wins.

And I'm not hating because blizzard is a company and it's their job to make money, but I do share the sentiment that I wish people would stop dumbing down games/everything.
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All of the fixes of the patch are just attempts at a solution. They will not always work or be the correct one. Raging over it is not an answer, as seen by most other posts, but suggestions that are constructive are as this one is...and will get more results to coincide with the data they get. Meaning changes to the fixes. It happens all the time in games, and especially Blizzard games so it shouldn't be so shocking as some of the more apt Drama Queens will elaborate on.

Repair costs was to fix the GY zergs. It definitely would as players would either have to adopt a new play style for farming, or just continue losing big gold. But the effect is too general. It plagues all players, not just GY zergers. Putting forth the 'Death Penalty Repair Cost' is the better solution...with the higher repair costs placed on actual deaths, and regular repairs on living through it.

MF drops should be scaled down. Doesn't mean it won't happen...just means you can't just go into a zone like Act I Skeleton King area...and blast a bunch of pots, of which there are many, and get uber items....then just quit, without having risked engaging any monsters. The MF drops should in the non-combat instances be limited to things like Armory stands and such of which there are a good number of them throughout...but have to at least engage in combat to get to them- which increases chances for a MF drop in the first place from standard monster droppings (ew).

Destructible items should have a chance to drop gold....but not every time, but should perhaps have a chanced increase improvement to have them drop more frequently than implemented. If nothing else, it can even increase the rate of drop...but decrease even greater the amount...which would at least curb the enthusiasm.
1 item added in first post and items organized in categories
Why are you stealing other people's posts/words and posting them into your own thread?
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Why are you stealing other people's posts/words and posting them into your own thread?

The other people's posts/words were actual replies to the ideas in first post.
As explained, I have grouped some of my threads together to keep only this 1 thread.

Actually, don't you have anything constructive to add?
New idea added in OP
Below is a link to my own constructive criticism and suggestion megathread. Please check it out, add your own ideas, and give it a bump. We will positively influence this game through persistence.

Since CM's are looking into constructive feedback :)
+1 Good thread, here's a link to another :)
Updated first post with new ideas and clarified some.
Might keep doing so until game designers get the feedback!
great ideas bud
Let's see what would I do if I could change the game....hmmmmm

This is long. Really sorry about that.

I'd get replace enrage timers. Instead of enraging, and instantly murdering your face bosses will grow more crafty ,and gain a new skill after fighting the players for so long. This skill would be something simple, but would simply add a new dynamic to the fight.

Example Leoric would summon skeletal mages, and if the fight continued even longer gain a leap type attack.

I'd increase loot drops from inferno to 58+ only.

I'd make it so bosses only drop 60+ rares as long as the player has 5 NV stacks.

I'd make it so each boss has a piece of boss specific loot on a low drop chance with 5 NV stacks to encourage players to farm entire acts.

For example:

"Wardens Riot Control Device"
1h mace (Dps base is 600 can be modified based on what it rolls with)
Spawns with
50% chance on hit to cause the target to bleed for 1000-1500 damage over 3 seconds
100-300 of either int/dex/vit
50-150 of a different main stat that wasn't rolled up there (ie dex,vit,str)
Small chance(3-5%) to spawn each one of the following up to 5 at most, but guaranteed 3
(+attack speed)
(chance to crit)
(crit hit damage)
(chance on hit to stun)
(chance on hit to cast jailed on target)
(+10-40% elemental damage)
(+5-40% damage)
"Leoric's warden used this very mace to control the rather large populace that resided in his dungeons. Rumor has it that entire portions of the dungeon would fall silent upon seeing the warden with his weapon drawn"
Drops only from Warden with 5 stacks of NV.

This means players can get a chance at a nice unique item that only drops from a certain boss, and by requiring that they have 5 stacks of NV they aren't just boss rushing. They're taking their time, and farming, and killing elites, which is what you want us to do right? Add a few of these to each boss (like the spider queen, leoric, butcher, magda, etc), and bam incentive to clear an entire act start to finish. Make it so they only drop from inferno, and call it a day.

I'd retool item stat allocations so we don't see str on wiz only items etc.

I would make an Ilvl 64 that drops from Act 4 inferno only as well as making the best possible loot in the game from Diablo. Although excellent loot would still drop elsewhere

In addition to the above I would allow rings, amulets, class items (monk spirit stones), set, and legendarys to also hit level 64 instead of being limited to ilvl 62.

Maps would be more randomized, rather than 4-5 maps at most.

An endless dungeon ladder would be implemented with 6 month wipes. There would be no AH for this.

I would allocate serious resources into finding ways to buff most of the now useless skills to allow players to build more builds that work

I would make it so NV stacks are not lost upon changing skills. If a player leaves a game they now have 5 minutes to reconnect before losing their stacks. If a player changes the quest option then they lose them as per normal.

If a player goes straight through an act from start to finish NV stacks would carry over

I would add a feature for single player to pause the game, and be able to browse the ah

I would add an offline mode

I would rewrite the entire story to be much more entertaining. As I am a huge nerd, and I actually love writing I've sadly already done this. Terrible I know.

If we have to take things from wow I would take the stat reforging tool allowing players to reduce a stat they don't want to add a stat they do want

I would add diamonds/skulls back into the game as well as runes. Diamonds would add all resist when socketed in armor, and allow true damage when socketed in a weapon. (true damage would be some amount of bonus damage that ignores monster defenses)

Weapon dps would not be the be all, and end all for whether an item would be for your character. It would help, but it would be viable to use a 500 dps 1h WD knife since it would also have loads of +int/vit +wd skill on it

I would bring back lots of fun flavor abilities like "reanimate monster, cast meteor on attack, or +class skills" and so on.

Followers could equip an entire set of gear, and would be able to tank (at least Kormac) much like mercs in D2.

I would hire voice actors to do several hundred if not thousands of lines of dialogue so my players would not get bored with the companions before even reaching max level. I would also do this for random townspeople.

I would again set max level to 99.

Legendary would once again be legendary. Item rolls on a legendary would still be random, but rather than a +5% modifier all modifiers would now be toward the upper end of the scale

Crafting would allow players to give the blacksmith gems to influence rolls on a crafted item
Player A wants to craft a pair of boots. He gives the BS a topaz. One of the stats on the boots is now 100% guaranteed to be intellect. The better the gem the higher the max value of int that can be rolled

Player B wants boots, and gives the smith a diamond. The boots will now roll with +AR on them. Again the better the gem quality the higher the max amount can be (therefore the highest possible can be over 80 in this way with a good enough gem)

Player C wants boots, and gives the smith a skull. The players rolls are still random, but depending on the quality of the skull each value is increased by a certain percent after the rolls are done. (If say the player rolled 100 vit, str, ARand gave the smith a chipped skull, which would give a 1% bonus, the total vit,str,AR would be 101. Again the better the skull the higher the number)

Vendors in inferno would occasionally sell useful 60+ loot AFTER a player has killed the boss for the act. This discourages farming since it can't be reset (you wouldn't be able to pick a quest after a boss is alive and still get them to sell this). Ilvl would be based on act 60-61 in act 1, and so on

The H.Cube. It's back, and better than ever.

Monster, and gem shrines are now back in.

Monster gold drop rates have been increased, and players now receives double the amount of GF from NV stacks. (so 150%)

Whites will now vendor for a enough to cover a fair repair bill. If you still chain die it's probably not going to foot the entire thing, but we'll give the whites a flat x100 to their vendor value. Greys will still be worthless as vendors are crafty enough to spot broken gear when they see it.

Blues will have their vendor value increased by about 1.4-1.5 times what it currently is. Rares should see around a 1.5-2x increase. Please do not vendor the legendarys.

New sets have been added back into the game for all levels from 1-99.

Legendarys should drop more frequently, although still be uncommon, but drop enough so that with some farming you could finish a low level set for your alt, and use it for a little while. They should also drop and be within a few levels of your character. No more finding level 8 legendarys when you're in your low 20's.

Mobs have been given a maximum range they may run from the player before being required to engage the player for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the amount is reset.

Many affixes have had their chance to apply be reduced.

Affixes now spawn in categories of Defense, Attack, Other, supportive. A mob will spawn 1 affix from each category to prevent, or limit any unfair affix combos.

Before spawning mobs the game will check to make sure mob types do not conflict. You shouldn't expect to see any more scavengers with shielding, who then burrow, and nor should you see Phase Beast with teleport. Fast mobs will no longer be able to be granted the fast affix. No Soul Ripper fast packs anymore, although a Soul Ripper plushy is now available from the blizzard store, and he has epic loot inside! (It's an authenticator when yo unzip the bottom pouch)

Followers should no longer attack any mobs if you are not in combat. They should also prioritize combatant mobs over non combats (ie goblins). They should also prioritize living over saying lines of dialogue, and will attempt to move out of damage floor aoe.

The graphics will be a blast to the past, and more in line with Act 1's dark, and gothic feeling.

I would redo most of the music numbers to bring them more in line with the gloomy, depressing, and utterly epic music from the past games.

Players expect to be powerful. This is fine, and in line with the Diablo universe. While game breaking bugs will be fixed there won't be any nerfs to stats that are considered "too good"

While players may not expect much in the way of new content beyond the endless dungeon we will in fact release 2-5 new items every other month to keep things interesting.

Players will be able to turn off follower dialogue, and have the option to skip cut scenes in the options menu.

Elective mode will be enabled by default

Player party limit has been increased to 8.

Your magic find is your own, and you are no longer penalized for grouping with a friend who has less. However you now receive a bonus 5% MF per additional player in your party that will be added to your own individual mf. Because we like friends.

Pvp will ship with the game with several modes including
A free for all death match
Team Deathmatch
Capturing various locations throughout the game
Scavenger hunts,
Dueling and so on

In the same way of thinking as above we will work on several random events for the community that will be announced ahead of time.....usually. These events will be fun matches that will include things like:

"Treasure finding" A special king goblin is in play if a player finishes an act from start to finish. This crafty creature has a 100% chance to drop a legendary, or set. The level, and set is totally random. Could be bis, or a set for an alt. The goblin will only spawn once the player has killed at least 3 other goblins, and will spawn at random on the map, but within eye sight of the way point. This goblin didn earn his crown, and will fight back by swinging his trusty sack of treasure!

"Gm's are cheaters" At random in a game you may receive the message "The denizens of sanctuary have come to eliminate you!. Should this happen know that some of our gms have decided to personally attack your group. Expect to see such evils as Belial, and Siegebreaker appearing at random to assault you. Also look out for Deckard Cain, or perhaps even Leah! Loot drops will be standard boss drops if you SURVIVE! In addition should your party win your battle then you shall receive a redeemable token you can take to your blacksmith that will allow him to inscribe your name on an object ala D2.

Potions now have no cooldown. Slam back as many as you want. In the same train of though Resource potions are now available. Although fairly expensive at 1k a pop they regenerate your classes specific resource for you. This should help alleviate problems like wd mana issues.

Shielding mobs will now generate spirit, and rage for monks, and barbs respectively.

Players can now dodge enemy attacks, however to compensate slower attacks are now more damaging.

Several mobs 1 shot skills have been removed, or had their damage lowered. Those where the damage has not been lowered have been given an obvious casting animation, and a much shorter cast range. They should also be able to be dodged, and no longer auto track players.

Purple mobs should now always drop at least 2 blues even if they are story mobs.

Instead of 5-6 random events per act that there are now 20-30. This should make the environment much more interesting, and keep the new maps you're playing fresher for longer.

We've also lowered the damage rock worms do at all levels by roughly half. They should also now have mounds that can be destroyed ahead of time to force them to surface instead of being forced to be hit by them when you couldn't see them.

Breaking pots for gold, and items is back in. Have fun however you want. Go wild.

Mf once more affects everything. It's magic that's why. Don't ask questions.

MF is slightly changing however as it is being taken from gear along with GF. Each slot of gear now has an additional slot for a ward. Wards are dropped at about the same rate as rares, and low end wards may be bought from certain vendors. Each slot may be slotted with wards for that slot that increase either your mf, or gf, or in very rare cases both, by a certain amount. This allows players the option of gather a ward set for mf/gf without having to worry about lowering their dps, or swapping gear. This also allows more item affixes to roll on gear for players. Note however that followers will not be able to be warded in this manner.

Whimyshire will still drop the same quality loot, however as a bonus to player completely clearing whimyshire will summon the ghost of the cow king back for 1 final round. I can't tell you exactly what transpires except that it's utterly diablocow.

New reward is added for clearing the game in Hell+

Instead of just you you a reward of 800g for saving all of creation they're like "Your deeds shall be recorded for all to know long after you've passed from this world champion. And yet I sense that is not enough. Perhaps you would like one of our angelic craftsmen to bolster one of your armaments? Choose wisely for you may only pick one."

Basic idea is that each time you clear the game on hell, or inferno you can pick a piece of gear, and stick a socket in it. A maximum of 1 in things that currently don't have sockets, or +1 the max for items that have a socket. So 1 in a belt, but you could theoretically get 2 in a weapon, or 4 in a chest at most.
Isn't Hell to easy you say?
Who cares. In Inferno it wouldn't be worth the hassle of the hour or so of getting to, and killing diablo, and in Hell it would only take 5-10 minutes at most, but you'd have to do this for each piece of gear you wanted a socket in, and then again if you upgraded that piece and got a new one.
It's an easy way to add a time sink, and add in something players want so it's in.

Well there ya go. I'd do that, and probably more.

You guys?

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