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You can tell MMO devs made this game and it shows badly everywhere.

Enrage timers, crafting timers, identifying timers, town portal timers, Skill Cooldowns.

All this crap in a supposed "Action" RPG. Sadly I am still waiting for the "Action" part to be seen.
07/10/2012 06:03 PMPosted by Adept
But i've seen frozen jailer vortex X tons of times

That's because they do not consider Jailer and Frozen as CC. Hilarious isn't it?
Sorry but the post smacks of a complete fob off.
I'd probably move Jailer and Frozen to "Strong CC".

Getting something like Vortex+Jailer or even Vortex+Jailer+Frozen is just cruel.
Any word on letting the Gold economy bomb out even more by letting bots run rampant and alluring players to the RMAH due to the widening gap in price between low-mid tier and high-great tier items?
07/10/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
We're fairly happy with where IAS is right now,

Really? "We" ??
The problem with monster affixes from my pov is that they exceedingly detrimental in one category: approaching the mob.

This is overly punishing for melee characters, and will limit build diversity to more range centric builds on all characters.

Facing monsters that do this type of stuff;

Its not fun at all. I don't mind affixes being powerful, but I would like to be able to actually get into melee on my melee characters.

It would be nice if you added more affixes that dealt less with zone control and had more to do with making players choose between targets and other interactive things that would engage us rather than flat out punish us for being on screen (think kill mobs in certain orders, or something to that effect).

Note I am not asking for removal of any of the current affixes, just add in more so the chance of getting that desecrator/plague/arcane/molten is less probable.

I don't see how attack speed limited player diversity.

My monk was more versatile with attack speed because I had the spirit generation to make all our super-expensive-low-return skills usable.

Now every monk is stuck back to BF/Seren/BoH super cheap defensive skills because spending a gigantic percentage of our resource on a garbage skill isn't efficient.
If you moved around one or two of the mob affixes in 'aggressive' into one of the other two categories, I believe that mobs will still be interesting to fight and presumably more fun to conquer instead of being cheap shotted to death.

Reflect Damage, Fire Chains, Waller, Mortar on a Wasp in Act 2. Really? They wall me and destroy me and I can't move or attack them, but they can move and attack over the walls. Awesome.
-Allow town healer to heal your fury and spirit please!
I'd like to know why out of all the questions circulating you decided to address these relatively unimportant issues.

It's nice to see that you guys group the affixes like a 2 year old would I guess.
What's limiting experimentation is NV removing on switching. Many people don't want to spend time feeling out a spec, only to find it's not useful for many encounters, so they stick with the one they know works, based on previous experience or from watching others. I feel diversity would be greatly expanded if there was less of a punishment for changing abilities.
I seriously fail to see how Jailer isn't considered hard CC.

Also reflect damage should be defensive.
I'd like to take a few seconds to post my (I hope widely shared) appreciation for your personal efforts in managing a difficult community and doing an outstanding job to improve user/developers communication channels... (To paraphrase a famous brittish frog, "It's not easy being blue", lol!)

Thank you Steph... ;)

Sidenote: "It was causing bugs" is a far more acceptable justification for the huge nerf to IAS than all the other spins about "fun" and "playable diversity", imo. With all due respect. :)
07/10/2012 06:11 PMPosted by KingBasten
we're happy with where affix combos are right now

Thanks for speaking out about that one. Now I know that you are totally clueless about inferno gameplay and that the game is never gonna be any good.

So this is where I stop expecting anything from you anymore. take care guys.


Developers don't even know what CC is. I've stopped playing this game for weeks and been checking on the forums HOPING something will fix this game but after this post all hope is lost.
Meh, lemme know when the other 948489308 issues are fixed, and ill consider firing up the game again. In the meantime, please add more questions that the player base has asked to your thread and implement and answer those in a way that will support the views of the community.

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