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When are the buffs coming instead of nerfs?
Hey Lylirra,

Any follow up on the overtuned bosses? A few weeks ago someone asked you about that, and you said you would talk to the devs and get back to us. Unless I've missed it, I haven't seen any follow-up to that, and I'm eagerly awaiting some kind of response on Ghom in particular because right now he is the sole reason I've (temporarily) stopped playing. there have been a TON of posts about him and that spider woman boss, so any info you might have would be awesome! thanks so much!
First off, thank you for the summary. As for topic #3, my personal experience is that certain affixes appear way too frequently depending on the class one plays; my Demon Hunter as good as always ends up facing off against these infernal mortar crews, for example. It doesn't feel as if it's as simple as bad random seed handling either, since this behavior persists across game instances. Seeing it every once in a while is a horrible yet welcome challenge, but it gets old quick when it's the only thing you find in the unkitable sewers.

Another fairly tiny suggestion which has been much called for -- unfortunately without attracting the attention it deserves -- is a passive mode for followers. I do understand Kormac isn't intended to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but his inclination to charge treasure goblins when there's a mortar-invulnerable-vortex pack right next-door is... unpleasant, to say the least. An option to make him stand in a corner whilst cleaning up the surroundings would be very welcome.
I kinda understand the reason behind the IAS nerf. But right now it seems like +Crit chance/dmg is doing exactly what IAS did before the patch.

Everyone streaming these days are doing crit build. Almost all my friends stick with crit build. I don't like it but I can't find another way to progress as quickly and effortlessly.

Imo eventually the build diversity you were hoping for will be dead.
Hahahah I'm also having more fun on the forums
I still think the attack speed nerf hit a bit too hard. Since all of the attack speed modifying items also happen to be crit damage modifying items, there's very little reason to get attack speed when you could instead get crit damage.

And getting an item that has both (and all resist, of course) is just way too expensive to be a realistic option for most people.
Thx for actively responding :)
I like the fact you guys are looking after feedbacks from players n reacting to them

Just want to add from me that when I picked up a 2 hand bow, it comes with a stat that reduces witch doctor mana use on haunt....
I mean, really no witch doc will use 2 hand bow, u should sets some limit on which stat are random generated

Thx ~

Every class can run at least 3 different builds.


Unlike D2 where each class had say...15-20 builds that worked.

Congrats and you were pigeon-holed into your one specialization and once you were done, that's it until you make a new character.

I mean 3 different builds as in 3 different build types, if you count using ONE different skill from the others, you can probably run ~40 different builds per class because taking one skill off your bars is a different 'build'

Cry more.
Huh? Outside of WD (whom are in a terrible spot)

What class can't run 3 different builds?

Tank Docta, spirit barrage, splinters, and zombie bears, what are u smoking? Dont misinterpret what i was saying. In reasonable balanced gear we only have splinters and bears, barrage and tank docta require very abnromal highly specialized gear to work right.
07/10/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
So, instead of seeing an increase in gear and skill diversity over time, what we actually saw was more and more players shifting to IAS-focused builds almost exclusively.
What you should have done was reduce Ias by 0%, and brought all other stats up to it's worth. If anything it gave me viability, and instead of crippling my builds, it made a lot of my wacky builds worth while, even though they depended on IAS, IAS was the ONLY thing that made those wacky builds viable. That's a problem, you see, because you reduced IAS by half, which now made 75% of my FUN AND ENJOYABLE builds very not fun and enjoyable because I can't do any damage now thanks to you guys. Like I said, earlier, the stats should have been brought up to the older IAS standard.
If you so dare to say that it would be a lot of work to bring the stats up and rework the affixes, than that is not my problem and your companies undoing that should have been done right in the first place. It's a lot of work, yes, but it should have been done. You should have asked the community what you should have done before you made the change like you have come to the community about what you should do about MF gear swapping. IAS was a much bigger issue than MF gear swapping is.

I was totally looking forward to making this barb attacking this fast:

    If anything attacking that fast is a frenzy of fury and pent up rage fueled by 1000cc's of injected adrenaline and anger which is the epitome of Diablo! Going absolutely nuts salivating over the bloodshed from your fallen victims that falls at such an astounding rate you can't help but feel your self get pumped with adrenaline.
    It's a "fast" paced game, yet you fart on that "fast" word and make me slower.
    07/10/2012 06:01 PMPosted by eric
    so now everybody stacks crit because it is too good to neglect. You really should tone it down or boost IAS a tad. As of right now it makes no sense to not have crit on everything which was the case with IAS.


    And my small suggestion.
    Bring back the IAS and "un-nerf" the elites.
    please give an outlook on what will be nerfed in 1.04 (class and itemwise if) so i can decide to sell my gear now i dont wnat it to become useless again because of a not announced nerfbat again which kills of my entire progress.

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