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Lore and Story
07/14/2012 12:17 PMPosted by uanime5
My problem with this is that Leah turns into Diablo even though the soulstone contains Azmodan and Belial. Since she's going to absorb the soul of Azmodan, Belial, or both she should become Azmodan, Belial, or a hybrid of them. Leah shouldn't turn into Diablo.

In keeping with her genealogy, leah being the spawn of diablo, and diablo being stronger than azmodan and belial (hence diablo being a prime), it makes sense that leah would morph into diablo, certainly influenced by his new power of absorbing belial and azmodan.

Edit = This is assuming that diablo is in the stone as well, i think op cut adria out all together so that sequence with kulle never took place.
Pretty decent, but too much Cain Imo.

FWIW, I read through the whole thing and actually immersed myself in the story, unlike the game where I don't even pay attention.

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