What was your first computer game?

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mine was Rampage lols the 3 player mode using 1 keyboard was soo much fun =)
First ever game was a game called Grandfathers Gold. I played it on an old Dick Smith Wizard in 1984.
The most fun games i remember playing were, Elite on a C64, The Bards Tale 1 and 2 on an Amiga, Civilization 1 and 2 on a PC and Master of Magic also on the PC. Then came Diablo 1 and 2.
I played on a MUD (aardwolf.mud) for a number of years also.

I think i spent more time playing Aardwolf (text based game) and Diablo2 than any other game by far.
I think it was a version of snake programmed in basic using QBasic. My brother told me how to cheat and change the initial stage to play all the other stages.

I wish I had now the source code and could have a look at it.
Maniac Mansion or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, not sure wich one it was but it was on Apple IIc
im pretty sure my first was that pinball game that came with windows 95... i was 8
I don't remember the name of the game now, but it was on the commodore 64
I think it was snake...
It was those educational PC games back in Kindergarten, then Starcraft Brood War & Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Ah .. Good times back in the day.
Civilization on Dos
Dune II for DOS back in 1992? God those were the days.
That game kick started my addiction to RTS gaming.
probably number munchers on an apple ][e

elementary school, early 80's, all the monitors were green
Adventure on a PDP/1170. It was 1972 I believe.
Atari Pong
The first one I played was one about a Baby that had to collect fruits and diapers and stuff.

The fist one I bought was a pack of Ultima games.
The second was a Doom I+Doom II + Ultimate levels trilogy collection.
The third was Baldur's Gate.

As you can see, I usually buy the good stuff, so don't judge me for getting D3...
im new so... WoW, then D2, then Wow some more, then a lot of civ, then more WoW, then some Aion, tried out mw3 and other cods, done with them now, played some swtor and rift, and some more WoW, then D3 came along
warcraft orcs vs humans demo on my friends family pc. it was only the first quest and we played the crap out of it.

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