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I quit the game because of the botting economy. I rejoined when I felt like they may have fixed it. I'm not playing a game where the economy is either be a bot or suffer.
Keep Nerfing, Keep stricting the player's play.
Drop sucks and inflation is crazy.
I feel very tired to play...nothing interesting.
Game limit, What a great idea

I will never play Diablo 3 anymore, Why I cannot play the game I pay for
08/06/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Lylirra
YAY bots are still up and running and now i cannot farm properly anymore... your morons blizz... just saying... Learn how to detect bots and not f over people.

Just to be clear: have you encountered the "Input Limit Reached" message while playing? If so, about how long were you playing and, during that time, about how many games did you create? Estimates are fine.

We don't want these limits affecting normal play, and if they are, we need to know when it's happening so we can fix it.

Because of your stupid public game system, I reach the upper limit before I find a game with someone actually playing
I received the input limit message and booted from d3 now 3 times. one of those times i was in the auction house, walked away for a few minutes, and had this message up with my booting. there should be a very liberal game limit if any. since chests and vases/urns have been nerfed, i see no reason to limit the number of games one can make.

i also have gotten this message while hitting the enter button a bunch to refresh the ah. seriously, there must be a better way.
so what are the limits?
First of all, I didnt read all the comments, so forgive me if I am posting something stupid.

I have an idea for solving this damn botting trouble. You guys could implement some kind of captcha for whenever we create a game, or just when we go to town identify our stuff and make the captcha kinda random so botters couldnt avoid it.

If you dont answer for the captcha you should be banned for some hours, and if it happens too much time, maybe a perma ban.

I dont like botters because it hurts auction house, and one of the motives I bought this game is because of the RMAH, so I feel my experience is hurt with so many botters doing 24/7 botting.

I could easily setup some botting on my own, but I dont like the idea so I think its for the best of us do everything we can to keep the botters out of Diablo 3.

I will not answer any kind of flame. But if blizz team wants any other ideas I would love to share my thoughts on the game and everything else.

I dont think that enabling game limits will stop ppl from botting. The only thing that will happen is that they will bot LESS, not STOP botting. Going with my suggestion it would hurt the botting business very hard.

A lovely idea, captcha works very well in other online games
They decided playing the game to much isnt "fun" so theyre limiting that function

But seriously. Why cant i play the game i bought they way i want?

Answer : because you didnt buy a game. You bought access to their game. Its not your game. Not your gear not your gold. Its all blizzards and they just allow you to use it.
yay - only 3 months late... talk about customersupport
So i was in a game just get my 5 stacks of NV, and a decent item dropped and I figured I would see if I could sell it in a chat channel. So I joined General Chat, then Joined Trade Chat(or tried to), and was booted for 'Input Limit Reached". talk about ruining the fun! Then I also tried to join the two channels again when I logged back in, without even being in a game, and was booted yet again for "input limit reached". This is getting old fast.

We needed this a month ago.
Has anyone hit the limit? Will I get it for farming dank cellar? How long is the suspension?
To Blizzard Dev,

Although I can appreciate the fact that you are *attempting* (and I use this word loosely) to stop botters, this Game Limit is not the answer and will greatly inhibit my ability to play normally as I do not use any cheats of any kind.

I don’t know about other people but I like to farm achievements and this requires making games over and over and over again within a very short period of time to get the npc, item, etc that I am looking for. With Game Limit Creation I will be unable to farm Achievements and there for have little reason to play D3 if such a thing is implemented.

Furthermore, I farm several spots in game that botters are known to farm for gold. If you look at my account you can tell that I am farming legitimately and not using a bot with your program known as Warden.

I understand that botters are hurting the economy and yes I want them stopped too but this is not the answer and is hurting us legitimate players. Blizzard you have so many other resources at your disposal to weeding out botters, yes it may require a little more work, yes it may require more spending but do that instead, but don’t punish your legitimate player base because you want an easy fix, a fix I might add that won’t work anyways.

Killing botters is like playing Wack A Mole, you hit one and two more pop up it’s a no win situation. Furthermore you seem to be going after the small time botters in the US and EU but what you should be focusing on is the BIG fish the Chinese gold farmers. Those are the ones that are killing the economy.

Anyways those are my thoughts and I hope the Game Limit Creation is disabled otherwise I will probably quite playing D3 altogether.
Blizzard should have learned from D2 that this idea NEVER (even up to today) stopped or harmed botting. It only harms legitimate players!

Many players on D2 mistakenly thought that the purpose was to stop botting, but were soon corrected. The stated purpose of temp bans/game limits were to maintain server stability!

You guys(blizzard) need to find a real solution to bots. This solution has never worked!
This does absolutely nothing against the more serious botters.
You need to fix the broken economy system starting at the root, not by keeping legit players from playing...

A friend of mine is online 24/7 and rolling already at 300 mil gold earned, can't be that hard to go after the accounts suming up ridiculous amounts of gold using suspicious methods...
Just ran about 40 Warrior's Rest runs (in and out of games in a minute to 2). No input limit reached.... hm... perhaps this is optimized for bots?

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