MSI GT70 or Asus G75VW?

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So I've been searching for a gaming laptop and have narrowed it down to these two, but I really can't decide.

I love the MSI GT70's keyboard color options, although I've heard that some times the keys don't register. I also don't know if their cooling system is efficient with one fan, is it? How loud are they? Also how is the case in comparison to the Asus?

I like the Asus G75VW, and it seems like an overall solid product. Are there any issues with it? I wish I could customize the keyboard lighting colors too though -_- And is Asus' support really that bad?

I think my biggest issue is I have to finance the laptop, and I can either buy from Tigerdirect or Newegg. Newegg only has the MSI in stock, so if I get the MSI I can get a free xbox. If I go with Asus, I have to buy from Tigerdirect and don't get a free xbox..

This is my dilemma haha. Overall what are your opinions on the laptops? Which do you feel is better? And in my case, which one is worth it?
Both are good. I have a -variant- version of MSI GT series laptop, and it's more than efficient. Even OC'd the GPU very high and it's running cool enough.

ASUS works too, just as well. Unlike the old versions with SX suffix, there's no known gimped version of ASUS laptops.
I just got a MSI GT70 and love it so far. I was debating between it and the G75 as well. It tears everything up and stays cool so far. I love everything about this laptop; the sound, the keyboard, EVERYTHING. Haven't had any problems with mine like some other people have.The fan isn't terribly loud, you barely notice it with sound on. Either one is worth to be honest, they're both top of the line at the moment and the only downside I see is that they already came out with new video cards for these suckers, the 7970 and the 680. I'm not too worried about it though. I was considering it but I got tired of playing my games on low settings all the time. It's a huge difference jumping between low settings and ultra settings. I love it. Any other questions go ahead and hit me up, I'll be glad to answer any other ones.
i just ordered MSI GT70 i was just wondering how is the FPS on ultra ? does the game run smooth ?
Buy a desktop, you will thank me later
I got an ASUS G74sx last October. I can say that it runs perfectly. No problems at all with any of the hardware. I have overclocked the GTX 560M it came with, and never had any issues with it overheating. The fans work great.

I have not come across a game yet that I cant run at max (Skyrim, D3, MW3, BF3, Minecraft etc...)

I think all my future hardware purchases will be with ASUS.

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