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Summary: Was going for the achievement - Naked Lust. Fought Cydaea with half my gear, when Cydaea was near death, i removed all my gear into my inventory. As I tried to remove my belt, i was killed.
Issue: Belt either disappeared while i was trying to place it into my inventory and i died, or the belt dropped as i died (item couldn't be recovered/seen after i returned to the area(Heart of Sin))

Tried calling customer support but they couldn't assist me. Really hope there is a way to recover my item through rollback as the item was very valuable and has stayed with my character for over a month. Customer support told me that a rollback could only be done if my account was compromised. Really wish there is a way to resolve this... that belt was 1 of a kind.

another similar situation as mine.

gear that i used long ago, the belt there was the one i lost, just in case.

really hope there is a solution to this. losing an item of that caliber unjustly to a bug is heartbreaking. going to stay away from d3 til it is fixed.
I was trying to get Naked Lust Achievement and had her down to a sliver of life and went to corner to take off armor. Storm Crow Helm, Tal Rasha's Amulet(Vitality Flawless Star), Zunimassa's Pox and Morrow with 3 Flawless Star Topaz and a Flawless Star Emerald, Tasker and Theo and a Vile Ward. If the little spider had not killed me, I would have taken it all off. I thought at respawn I would be able to pick it back up, but it was not there! Please help! So distressed.

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