One small fix in Act 4 dialogue

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Without getting into the debate about removing the Diablo speeches in Act 4, I would like to make a suggestion:

Inside each Hell Rift, Diablo gives a speech along the lines of "You will never destroy this Hell Rift." The problem I keep having is that by the time I'm close enough to the Hell Rift to trigger that speech, the monsters (including the Mallet Lord boss) are all dead. Diablo waits to taunt me until there are literally 0 monsters left in the area who can stop me.

Would it be possible to do one of the following two things?

1. Have that dialogue trigger from a little further away.
2. Have the Mallet Lord boss spawn when the dialogue triggers.

Either one of these would solve the problem, and result in having to syncing up the speech with the boss pack fight. This would add a bit more weight to the taunting. As it is, the Hell Rift is usually destroyed before Diablo is done talking.

"You will never destroy the hell rifts!"
*looks around*
*Smashes the !@#$ out of it*


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