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A % of sales, or a day's worth of transaction fees going to charity.... something like that is possible isn't it? How about introducing new legendary items through charity auctions? Ones that don't suck.

To help get Blizzard's attention and keep this thread alive, donations will be made daily to various organizations.

Bump to support, e-mail Blizz, bloggers, whoever. Entertainment + philanthropy? A win-win situation folks.

$11.11 to National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
$11.11 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
$11.11 to My Stuff Bags Foundation
$11.11 to March of Dimes Foundation
$11.11 to Against Malaria Foundation
$11.11 to Innovations for Poverty Action
$11.11 to Teach for America
$11.11 to Special Operations Warrior Fund
$33.33 to Make-A-Wish International
$33.33 to Make-A-Wish America
$33.33 to Children's Aid Society
$33.33 to Wounded Warriors' Wives
$75.00 to Wounded Warrior Project

*updated daily*

$11.11 to Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)
$11.11 to Raising a Reader
$11.11 to Smithsonian Institute

$11.11 to Martha's Kitchen and Village

$11.11 to Doctors Without Borders

$7.89 to Planned Parenthood

$5.94 to Salvation Army International

$19.00 to Wounded Warrior Project

$11.11 to Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation

$7.89 to California Autism Foundation

$11.11 to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

$9.05 to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

$7.77 for Child's Play

$8.88 to Child's Play

$10.00 to National Aquarium

$11.11 to Humane Society: Pikes Peak Region

$7.77 to Brain Tumor Foundation For Children

$11.89 to Brain Tumor Foundation for Children

$11.11 to Charity Water

$7.77 to Wounded Warrior Project

$7.77 to AmeriCares
$7.77 to Polaris Project

$7.77 to RAINN

$7.77 to National MS Society

$15.97 to Halo Trust via Charities Aid Foundation,

$7.42 to Wounded Warrior Project

$11.11 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital

$5.94 to Child's Play

$7.77 to Wounded Warrior Project

$7.89 to Wounded Warrior Project

$11.11 to Little Kids Rock

$11.11 to Doctors Without Borders

$11.11 to Make-A-Wish America

$7.77 to RSPCA

$7.77 To Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute

$7.42 to Children's Heartlink

$10.00 to Blind Babies Foundation

$7.77 to Operation Smile

$7.77 to Doctors of the World

$11.11 to Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

$10.00 to Pratham

$7.77 to Charity Water

$7.77 to Salvation Army

$7.77 to Hope for the Warriors

$11.11 to Cambodian Children's Fund

$10.00 to Village Reach

$7.77 to Can Do Multiple Sclerosis

$7.89 to Charity Water

$11.11 to Organization for Autism Research

$11.11 to The City Mission

$18.27 to Wounded Warrior Project
Could you donate $60 to me. I suffer from an extreme case of Disappointment. I'll run my own charity dedicated to fixing my problem.
good idea I'm in! maybe blizzard could do the same with the 1% of his 15% ? ?
Cheers Nowka...that's an awesome thing you are doing.
thank you. i heard about other gamers who have been donating winnings, and they were donating much bigger numbers but every little bit counts right?

Someone like you taught someone like me..and it all goes around and around..

D3 Against Poverty!
A group of players have been joining together over the past day to form a team dedicated to virtual economies. We're all on board with the mission of diverting money away from virtual economies and towards charitable causes. For better or worse, virtual economies are only going to get bigger, but that also means more opportunities for us. A team is best suited for brainstorming & executing plans to make some money & do some diverting :)

Our goal is to funnel $250k to charitable organizations by new year's; we're up for the challenge. Been 24 hours and we've crossed the $3k mark. 171 days left, let the games begin early!
Most positive thread I have seen.
Great idea.
Awesome sauce ;D.
Great idea!
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Seeing how the game turned out, there are probably many employees at Blizzard who are saying, or at least thinking "I told you so." I am hoping these employees are speaking up now and future patches will bring improvements. As a player who spent many hours of childhood playing D2, slaying demons and finding loot with my brother, D3 was a nice trip down memory lane but it sure leaves a lot to be desired.

Moore's Law keeps chugging along, and people are joining the virtual world for the first time everyday. Web developers are coming up with amazing things but companies/legislators/etc are slow to agree on things that need to get done...

Innovative PvP features seem to offer the most potential for bringing some spark back into the game. Fighting it out for a chance to visit Blizzard's HQ, get some artwork, $ to a charity of the winning player's choice, etc, - these kinds of prizes for tournaments or ladders would really add a lot to the Diablo 3 experience. I sure hope they push the boundaries of what PvP can be.

Pvp Arenas on your television? If players are earning incomes via, how about broadcasting these prize tournaments? If the PvP match was interesting enough, whether it is due to the prizes involved or the players, couldn't Blizzard generate income this way, rather than making the game entirely about micro-transactions?

focusing the game around AH makes it feel like a mashup of Wall St and Nintendo. (though wagering on PvP matches would be exciting!)

Well that was a short post turned long, sorry for rambling, the real focus is on D3 Against Poverty
You do realize that Blizzard is just going to turn this around as a way to market off their RMAH as a good thing...right? Yes, it is awesome that people are donating to charities, what won't be awesome is when Blizzard turns this into a PR stunt to make themselves look good.
I was about to buy something on the RMAH but after reading through this thread and seeing other players say they are joining in too, f*ck it. I'm just a cat and I don't really this sick 1000dps loh/crit/dex 1Her. I will match your $33.33 donation to the Make a Wish Foundation of America.

Feels like I just got a bowl of tuna, donating really is a nice feeling. I can't recall the last time I made a contribution but I'm glad a i did. thank you fellow d3 players.

but seriously, the stories on the make a wish site... QQ for real
Faith in humanity restored, +1 to you sir
07/13/2012 11:05 AMPosted by TallWhitey
You do realize that Blizzard is just going to turn this around as a way to market off their RMAH as a good thing...right? Yes, it is awesome that people are donating to charities, what won't be awesome is when Blizzard turns this into a PR stunt to make themselves look good.

What company wouldn't? I don't see a problem with it. The company that built the grounds for these fundraising opportunities should get a win. More awareness is brought to good causes, and hopefully, more funds are raised as a result of the PR. A win-win, mutualism, whatever you want to call it, I wouldn't want to stop it...heck, if they started doing it tomorrow, all the better..these charitable organizations need every $ they can get, asap.

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