LF group of 3 more to start at 1 today

Hey all I need to re roll a Monk as my 60 died a few days ago. I would rather not do this solo to avoid some of the boredom.

Ill check back with this thread in an hour or so and if we can get 4 people together we can start then
add me Biglinky#1311
Friend me Verinia#1867

I currently have a 17 monk, 28 wiz, and 42 monk. Maybe I'll be able to join in once I get home around 4:30PM CST...
Anyone else? Id like to start with 4 rather than just two or so if we can get a couple we can start right away
Edwin #1950, add me. I will be starting back my wiz.
Still looking for 2 more people to join up starting within 10 min or so
I am currently lvl 30 on my warrior, but only play 2 nights a week because of family obligations.

DOA#1227 if you are interested.

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