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Maybe if we play offline wih the AH/RMAH unavailable it will become clear that inferno mode is unplayable haha. They don't want us to be totally sure that RMAH/AH is a need in irder to proceed.
With Torchlight 2 coming out, I believe the "Don't Play Diablo Day" will not be necessary. I for one, am looking forward to that game more in light of the catastrophe called D3.
i hop we fix the pets on wD soon pls need to live more the 1 hit and wear did the socket that the blacksmith wose spot to be doing to there gear if you tock it out so way need it back or the ent is not = to gem i wose ok with no ents if i could put socket in all my gear from blacksmith
when does pvp come out?!?!?!?
Would just like to say this game needs help bad. Diablo 2 a way better game period. Lots of people including my self are at the edge of quiting the game PVP better be somthing else. While it is a nice new game it hasnt stayed true to diablo 2 in anyway no loyality to the players. The quests are just that quests in diablo 2 there was a soc quest a custome name quest . Diablo 3 has failed to follow anywhere near d2 . This game is an auction house simulator not a hack and slash. Sugestions add charms, torch , bring back the old chars, and give us that dam soc quest save us millions in ah instead of *!%*@* us with tax and stupid repair cost. Mush work is needed in my opinion cause lots of people stoped and are going to stop playing unless there is change . Auction house simulator cant say that enough.In closing drops are crap no real custom to the game its all the same day after day nothing new nothing changed.. Add new chars we schouldnt have to buy an expansion cause u people rushed a crapy game , add charms n torch , add fun quests . Sorry if this hurts lol had time cause server always down . DIABLO STICK TO WHAT WORKED this game is like a bad sequal !!
D2 vet here D3 no where neer it bring back some D2 style a torch a charp deeper dungens bail, ancients quest , somthing custom
"We’re also working on a gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high-powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative to the “item hunt.”"

If Blizzard can pull this off (which I really think they can), this game will go from a 8/10 to an 11/10.
This is true.
I've constantly been wondering where my gems that add resistance went...
I could not for the life of me read your post.. what did you say?
Great post...well said.
the rise and fall of everything, of nations, of powers, of companies, of corporations is inevitable.
blizzard had its rise, and now the slow and painful fall is coming.
I have no idea where to post this but there is something I would LOVE for Blizzard to change in D3. When you come across a champion pack of any kind what you always see is the name, health bar, and its affixes. What i hate trying to see is in a pack of 15+ monsters what affixes the monster has.
Lighting Enchanted Plagued Molten Invulnerable minions Arcane Enchanted Shielding Fast.........
You get the idea, it sucks to read all of that. its all the same white text.
Please make the affixes more distinguishable, you can change the color of each power type, make them easily recognizable colored shape or an insignia. Do all of the above or let us make an option in the menu to change it to our preference.
Would love some feedback from the community, i know if more people bump this Blizz will listen. :)
Socketing Quest and Imbue item once per account would EASILY fit into the current Artisan model (the last 'end-game' style upgrade after Level 10 would be a one time use of each of these features given - all at once - in the form of a character-bound tomes to each character active on the account when completed... something steep - like 2500 Tome of Secrets and 2500k gold).

Legendary weapon upgrades could be easily done by opening up certain mods. Be able to make use of 'Balanced', etc. white-named weapons/armour.

Small, Large and Grand Charms.

New (Side-)quests and rewards (see above).

I hope what you say is true. You guys really need to add more bosses and more game play. The constant grinding out the same stuff is getting boring. Don't get me wrong though, I love the game and will continue to play. I will be very pleased once we get some more content. Like WOW, you should come up with raid type scenarios where we can solo multiple epic bosses or use groups on them. Maybe point the story line into a Hell itself. The hero follows diablo into the depths hell and battles his way through different levels of bosses only to ultimately get to the deepest most impossible reaches of hell where Diablo and his toughest bosses lie. I thikn you could expand on this idea several times unitl the ultimate defeat of Diablo which of course should be a rather impossible task with great rewards!!!! cheers
Time to give it up. They don't care. Apparently they are making a fortune off the RMAH. They will make just enough changes to try and keep you here spending money. They will not do anything significant to improve the basic nature of the game. They wanted people spending money and that's what they got. There's no incentive to change. Most of the damage done to their reputation has already been done. Many people have already left the game and of those remaining enough use the RMAH to keep Blizzard rolling despite the downturn in WoW.
Woot....can we see another act where all the prime evils are in it =]]]]
This post was very much needed for the community.. I have some faith restored in diablo 3, and my patience is everlasting.. I will continue to play this game in the future expecting diablo 3 to turn into the game it should have been upon launch.

Thanks Mike.

PS: Don't make changes to keep RMAH alive.. do it right because you should have from the beginning!

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