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07/19/2012 07:31 AMPosted by MohavenDark
This blue post just brought hope back for d3. It was a very professional apologetic type speech, while maintaining being informative. +1

Informative? Really?
07/19/2012 07:51 AMPosted by frostybroc
You really need incorporate an offline mode. Maybe allow people to play off with zero access for RMAH/AH with that character or allow to make an offline account.

This is what every person who was arguing for offline mode was asking for since day 1. none of us are interested in the RMAH or GAH, playing with friends, doing social stuff. WE just want to play our single person game when we want without having to worry if servers were up, lag/rubberbanding or other problems that come with online only such as getting disconnected. In an MMO you expect it and try and plan for it. D3 isn't an MMO except that Blizzard thinks it is. Online only, massive downtimes for maintenance for who knows what reason, nerfs based on class balancing as if it was an MMO.

If I was playing offline I wouldn't care if one class was more powerful than another as I would probably try them all out and play the one I enjoyed the most. Of course they aren't going to admit it's DRM but we all know it is and it's shameful that they don't admit it to us and most of all to themselves. None of the reasons he gives for having to be online only means there can't also be an offline mode.

I didn't research the game, I bought it on launch day because it was Diablo. Every game nowadays just about says internet connection required and that is usually because you have to register online. It doesn't say anywhere on the box I have that a persistent internet connection is required (at least not in Aus) and I was rightly pissed off and made my feeling felt more than once. Also the lag from Aus isn't very good and makes the game difficult to play. I can't imagine anyone from here playing hardcore mode, though maybe there are some crazy kids out there who really want the challenge of being frustrated.

TLDR Online really is just a form of DRM and there is no valid reason not to have built the game from scratch with online and offline modes.
What do you guys want? He seems to address literally all the problems that the majority of you ahve been complaining about. How do you make the AH not mandatory? You buff drops, so that is coming don't you guys understand that? Buffing useless skills across all classes is one of the most needed additions to the game.

They are trying and will make this game better, how can you be so impatient it's only two months after the game has been out! Give them a break.

He may have "addressed" them but didn't really say anything about any of them. Oh except some lame thing about how always being online somehow makes the game better and isn't DRM.

Umm yea whatever.
07/19/2012 08:30 AMPosted by Bryjoered
@Caz why do you want to play offline so bad? So you can hack your character? I don't get it the majority of people that can afford a computer to play this game and the $60 dollars that it costs have a constant internet connection available. Is it blizz's fault that they want to be able to prevent their game from being pirated? The Diablo I know has always been online. The only time i played D2 offline was to hack my characters, what other reason do you have? You can still play the game by yourself if you want to (I NEVER experience lag when I'm in a closed game by myself.) Just can't use hex editors and item generators and auto levelers. Online only is really the most trivial problem with the game.

So what if people want to hack their characters. In an ideal world, that Blizzard doesn't seem to exist in, there would have been an offline and online mode and if you create a character in either mode they couldn't be used in the other mode. How does it hurt your or anyone else's experience if I want to play offline and maybe hack my toon or all of them if it makes me enjoy the game more... it doesn't.

Admit it for what it really is.. DRM.

Why is anyone thanking him for repeating the same stuff that has been said before?

Sure, he mentions they have plans for improvements - but it's aesthetic fluff. There's no substance without detail. The detail may not have been here but it /should/ have been from another post from the developers and designers that went alongside this one.

EDIT: To be fair, even the above content wouldn't be sufficient to address underlying perceptions about the game's design that are skewed towards mousetrapping players into spending more money on pay-to-win (pay to see) content.

It's called being polite to the president of the company that make your favorite games. It's called being civilized, if that term has any meaning nowadays.

Except this isn't the favourite game for a majority of us on the forums. For me it never would have been regardless how good it was but that's an aside. Maybe if he had something useful instead of saying stuff we knew and also saying stuff that are just total lies.
THey don't nerf your damn drops due to the RMAH, the drops are completely randomly generated, the only difference between them is that more high ilvl items drop the further you go. THAT DOESN"T MEAN THAT THEY WILL ROLL GOOD STATS. Obviously, the only way to make the AH not mandatory is to improve item rolls, he addressed it it's coming in some way or another, blizzard is not going to sacrifice the franchise that put them on the map to gain a couple of extra dollars off the RMAH.

RMAH conspiracy stuff is utterly rediculous, they make far more money off making a popular game that people like than they ever could off of the RMAH. Not even to mention the sale of the expansions, it would be TERRIBLE business for them to do so. So if Blizzard is the all powerful greedy gaming corporation of your nightmares, they STILL wouldn't jeopardize losing 100's of millions of dollars from a future expansions for millions from the RMAH.

You probably believe they don't post their own items on the RMAH either for added profit. Costs them nothing to generate a few pixels and add it to the RMAH and then instant profit.
07/19/2012 08:39 AMPosted by Mazit
lol @ people still complaining about no offline mode, even though they have been saying this way before launch

Some of us didn't follow the game before and launch and didn't know there was no offline mode. If I had known i know i wouldn't have bought it.
The game being online only doesn't bother me in the least. I do experience some lag from time to time, but only for a short stint, and only at the beginning of play. Then it clears up. True, the lag problems should have been corrected during Beta testing. Have no idea why Blizz's servers makes you guys in the Oceanic region and Austrailia suffer, and I can see your point because lag makes the game more difficult to play. The game is online only for the DRM. I have read this in a few articles, that is a fact.

It would be nice for a drop made for a DH to have some MF (don't forget about massive Dex and some Vit), so I would be able to have some kind of a chance to get better quality drops without being ripped off in the AH. Crafting sucks to the limit. That blacksmith should know what character you have a make weapons and armor accordingly to that character. The blacksmith takes RNG to another level.
Games dead. Move along.
I know for a fact this patch was worked out way before 1.03 was released, so when exactly does the Blog come, or at least some details on what to expect.
que se supone que es este juego?? un PAY4WIN, no chinguen blizzard, nunca jugue diablo uno y dos, pero espere el 3 con ansias y solo kieren el dinero de nosotros, triste pero cierto, en otra vida me hubiera gustado haber jugado DIABLO lll de parte de Blizzard North
Seriously? You want feedback? In case you are serious here is my feedback:

Diablo 3 is a terrible game. Considering the resources (money, workforce, years of development time etc.), and a solid game, D2, to build upon, this game is easily the worst production in gaming history.

You killed a great franchise and now you want us to believe that you care. Get lost.


My wasted 50 Euros.

Consider Diablo 3 a "brand withdrawal".
Aren't you thankful!!??
Take the game, and put it back in beta. Scrap the story, and use your nearly unlimited financial budget to get an actual writer. If you're too cheap to do that, then I'll do it for free, and it'll still be better than what you have now.

This letter reminds me of the same way politicians give speeches. Vague promises of greater things without actually having to promise anything. Off hand remarks that might be interpreted as an apology without actually apologizing, and no concrete information. Basically he used a lot words, and said nothing, but wanted us to calm down.
07/19/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
You’ve seen some of that work already in patch 1.0.3, and you’ll see additional improvements with patch 1.0.4.

This is the most important part. It could make or break this game tbh.

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