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I love the game.

Just 2 things: Why does my launcher always break when there's a new patch to download?

And secondly, the repair bills are a bit too punishing. :-D
So, no direct response to the "item hunt" being the "garbage hunt" and so many have concluded to be futile. I am one maintenance Tuesday from quitting myself. If there is no item to find, there is no reason to play. The ilvl 63 drops are trash. Please address this with specifics.
Looks like I'll continue to believe it when I see it.
This didn't really tell anyone anything new....

How about a progress update or an eta on the next patch? A fix for the UnID exploit or your plan of action for the previously horridly implemented 'input limit'?

Lot of lip service here with no real info. Thanks for that I guess....
Thanks Blizz,

This post does give hope and that is all D3 players want right now. To those of us who know that fixes take time, we just need to know that you are actively listening and we will be patient.
Thank-you, Blizz.
i am excited again!

this post is getting my hopes up
Hi Mike/Neth,
Thanks for the update, and yes, a lot of us are very passionate about D3. we have been eagerly waiting since you announced it. which is why I think you will understand some of the disappointment some of us felt. probably from expecting too much. you have a great marketing team :)

that being said, there is a lot that needs to be improved, and seriously we hope the legendary buff will help, but overall, the whole MF situation is a bit silly. and the dependance on All resist in inferno needs some work as well. kinda hard to have build diversity when we need to have so much defensive mechanisms as a melee. unless of course we find some ridiculous weapon.

but I want to enjoy the different builds, i love Seismic slam for example, but just cant use it in inferno. and in Hell, well...the drops don't motivate me much. i know its hard to balance, but you'll get there. until then, I'm afraid this decade long customer and fan is moving off to another game soon, maybe when things are in a better shape, I'll pop my head in again.

also, customer service (Not community managers) need some serious improvements instead of just canned responses that doesn't deal with customer issues. I manage a large team as well IRL and if I had people like that, I'm sorry but they would be on the streets.
No level cap increase?


Looking forward to seeing how things progress. :)
thank you sir.. hope those changes are for the better..
The only fix the auction houses need are to be removed.

All this other rederick that is spewed is gobbly#!%@.

Fix your broken itemization system everything else besides the AH being removed are secondary.
Thank you for showing awareness to your community's plight.

Even if we are rude (these forums are a mess) i'm sure you can agree D3 can still be improved in many ways, and the game was somewhat of a disappointment endgame wise for some.

I am awaiting the patch 1.0.4 with very high expectations, and most of the issues i want to see resolved are being looked at from what your post seems to mention.

Looking forward for the future :)

edit: Wow that really looks like you guys want to address all the flaws i could point out to the game, that is very ambicious... well at least you are very aware :P

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