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Could you guys also increase the complexity of the system? like Jewel/Gem, Black Smith, and increasing more mini quests? for example, having more mini-quests about gaining certain items and making storyline more fun, increasing complexity of Jewel/Gem and Black Smith systems...

But as for the rest of the stuff about 1.04, it's good!! keep it up!!
I appreciate some sort of communication, but this is just an empty promise until I see serious changes, especially if you consider 1.0.3 an improvement. All of my friends were atleast to Inferno, and all of them quit within a week of that patch. My friends list is literally barren, and if I go into public games no one talks at all. I log in for a Butcher run each day, get nothing, and wonder why I haven't quit yet too. You don't need to "improve social communication" or anything like that. You need a game that isn't a barebones, unrewarding loot grind.
Nice, thanks for the update, been waiting expectantly for some time for one. I wish these kinds of updates on future plans, patches, and known issues were more frequent. Players love that kind of information.
Good to hear that.

Also, would be good to have a ETA on 1.0.4 ^^
im so excited to see what the future holds! still love my d3, and am looking forward to good changes! thank you for working so hard on my favorite game! :)
I really would like the game to be enjoyable.

Really, a lot of it is about feeling like you are ABLE to advance your character instead on constantly farming content we are over-powered for. ie continually farming Act 1 in the hopes we can find a usable item. Hoping for ANY item to be able to sell so we can BUY a usable item gets old.

A lot of the stuff mentioned should have been there at launch after the huge time spent in development.

I appreciate the post none-the-less.
So Patch 1.0.4

"You’ve seen some of that work already in patch 1.0.3, and you’ll see additional improvements with patch 1.0.4. "

that part scares me :S

This scares me too, if 1.0.3 was "work" then additional improvements after 2 months.. hmm

I agree with you both. Just waiting to see how bad they "improved" it.
It's hard to understand why they casually ignore the main issues with this game. They kind of use the same strategy I use in traffic engineer. "Sorry, the location you requested does not meet warrants for "x", but here is "y". If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly. If conditions still remain the same the department will be more than happy to re-evaluate the location.".

In short: no to your main request, but here take this upgrade to shut you up so you cant say we didn't try.
Good to see you're still around Mike.

It's also good to see you guys aren't locked in an ivory tower, and you understand that Diablo 3, while sitting on good bases, is lacking and needs some love. I mean, you haven't released a game that was so "unfinished" since Warcraft 3, and if you remember then, the forums, at least during RoC, weren't all poneys and teddybears.

You managed to fix that game with time, I trust you'll fix D3. Don't you worry, you should always get some feedback from us, you just gotta separate the legitimate feedback from the epic trolling that this forum is so infamous for.

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