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Thank you for the info! Hope to hear more soon!
It's going to take a lot of hard work for Blizzard to recover. You say that Blizzard never shipped a "perfect game," but atleast they were still playable. How do you explain Diablo 3's unplayability? It's broken to the point where it's not even Beta quality. When the game was shipped, Inferno difficulty was way out of wack, you had to nerf a ton of stuff (chest exploits, Demon Hunters, Wizards, Monks) and adjust the difficulty. This is by far your worst product.
I hope the idea to make the AH not mandatory means your making it so that you can actually get decent equipment with out farming for 300 hours to get one good upgrade.

The AH is mandatory.. It is cause the drop rates are horrible even leveling from 1-60 ( i am working on my 4th).
All your gear is so far below where you are so you end up looking at the AH to just get semi current and the prices are ridiculous on just 1-60 leveling gear. I make more money selling stuff leveling then I ever did trying to pawn 60+ stuff no one buys.

With loot drops being so random and almost always on the low end all the mid to crap gear keeps going down, but anything decent or good keeps climbing in prices.. I mean 1 billion for a weapon? really?

MF is so random too. Past 2 weeks I been farming with 318 MF. yet still i'll get 5 white drops and a blue... when i do get gold drops they are mostly low 50's in inferno and that's silliness too.

There really should never be any drops in inferno below say 58, at least they could be useful 58 59 60 61 62 armors and rings can all have good stats in infeno, Anything less is pointless.

I understand there should be value in great gear but the difference between decent gear and great gear is so huge that a 40 million gold weapon is just OK while an out standing one is 100 million or more.. its all due to the AH and RMAH and the exploits that never got the results addressed.

That's broken..
Good post, great game.. still needs help.

Let me offer my help Mike!! I have been involved in the buying and selling of virtual currency now for over 13 years and currently own and operate one of the worlds largest and by far most trusted 3rd party website for virtual currency sales. Im a fan of the RMAH (somewhat) there are some glaring issues that I see from my years of experience that are going to eventually bite all of us in the !@#.

Your big issue is going to be and always has been China. Im your link into the Chinese underground for D3 gold farmers/ hackers/ botters etc. My company has close ties in China still, even after we made the move to distance ourselves and focus on player purchased inventory. We have a process in place that allows us to screen Chinese farmers and keep them out. I look at the RMAH and you must start to work toward ensuring that the RMAH is not plagued and price controlled by the Chinese (at least on the US and EU servers).

For example the recent dump we all saw in the gold prices was due to a massive bot network in China which was dumping gold into the market. This inflated the Gold auction house, did not inflate UNids and caused a buying frenzy (on gold). That price point was around $1 players would buy it up all day. Blizzard you recently won a war on the Chinese and banned the bot network and are continuing to keep them at bay. Now we see prices moving north of $2 retail and on the Chinese wholesale side its at $1.80/m... they are hurting. This will balance the gold AH over a week or two and bring some sanity back to players that are not looking to spend at the RMAH for gold. Which brings me to the next point.. what is up with the gold selling function on the RMAH... seems off.

Consider this post please and reach out to the email attached to this account.

Keep up the great game design!
Well, I would have hoped for more SPECIFICS.

I can summarize Mike's article like this:

1. We're happy everyone bought Diablo 3.

2. We're sorry it's not perfect. But we're trying to get there.

3. We have new end-game stuff on the table, but don't want to share any of it with you yet...?

4. As we've already said a month ago, we're buffing Legendaries and adding some Web-Based API stuff - in the future.

That's about it. Honestly, it's nice to get an update on Diablo 3, but there wasn't much "beef" in the update. Just lots of "thanks" and we're "working on making it better".

I just wish Blizzard was more specific and more forthcoming about stuff in the pipeline. They make it sound like whatever they MIGHT be working on is not 100% guaranteed to ever actually make it into the game - so rather than discuss it with us, they keep it a secret so we don't get our hopes up for nothing.

I'd rather get my hopes up to be honest...
Thanks for your words Mike, but I've already abandoned this game. I can't even stomach the thought of playing it any more. All my friends have quit, and many have harsh words about the game as well. One even went so far to say it was the worst game he's ever played.

D3 was a failure. I no longer care to elaborately explain why, so I'll just summarize the things which caused me to detest playing.

- Terrible hit detection. Getting punched from inches away, and not being able to successfully avoid arrows. Blizz keeps deleting my post on these forums so here's a copy on dfans:
- Unrewarding loot.
- Unoriginal characters. Rehashed skills/abilities.
- No sense of progression. Inferno was too painful to play in due to the excessive repair bills and instant kill monster damage. Grinding for gold to fund AH gor boring, especially with a level cap of 60.
- Enrage timers. No victory through attrition.
- Lack of social features. No voice chat, no web profiles, hindered party gameplay, antiquated chat system.
- No PvP and no eta on release for it. Game feels incomplete without any competitive aspect to it. All you do is promise and never deliver.
- The game has been wrought with nerfs since launch. All you've been doing is sucking the fun out of the game.
- Constant connection problems and outages. Died 3 times to lag/disconnect. Thankfully I never lost a HC character.
- A bunch of terrible UI decisions. Skill UI is detestable. Allies show battletag at top-left but char name in chat? Elective mode and advance tooltips buried when they should have been the norm.
- Gameplay dumbed down. No skills/stat points, no elemental damage differences, simplified item affixes.

Sorry, but D3 is just sub-par and there's too many more quality games out there worth spending my time on. This thread is just damage control.

This is exactly how I feel. Luckily testing Path of Exile, getting cheap steam games through sale at the moment, Torchlight 2, Guild Wars 2, and finally Borderlands 2 should keep me busy until Diablo 3 is playable again.

I think this game CAN possibly be playable and fun someday, until then I finally have other options. I along with many others were just counting on this game being the "be all, end all" of games, but it wasn't.
First off, I know from my personal experience from the beta of world of warcraft to the cataclysm expansion, the content added and changes done, is what makes WoW the golden standard for other MMOs today. Blizzard does commit to making something not just good, but great.

Diablo 3 has the potential of being something that will define future online rpgs. I have faith that this game will only get better as time goes on!
Have to agree.. I wasn't liking the direction the game was going in.. but you guys at Blizzard are starting to show us that you do care.. I hope what you guys are saying at Blizzard match the patch updates... until then faith is being restored :).

Keep in mind... skill system needs great work... and so does social features... along with making the waypoints..teleportable to each act.. along with the PVP..

but thanks for the hard work..
Thank you Nethaera, that definitely makes up for the week of silence. Communication is key. On a more personal note it's good to see your post specifically, I've always enjoyed your posts and you have a long standing history on these forums - a good one.
Please give us ladders and ranks in PVP. We want progression for pvp not just team zerg deathmatch. Also give us options! Let us duel (1v1, 2v2)

Bring back ladder for pve. Taking away ladder was a big mistake, there is nothing to strive for, nothing to boost about with friends! Make drop rates higher and quality better Fix drop rates, the massive rng randomness you've introduced in Diablo 3. Make it like Diablo2 where it is more consistent and players know what to expect!

Thanks for the letter Mike!
07/19/2012 05:00 AMPosted by Nethaera
We’re also working on a gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high-powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative to the “item hunt.” We’re not ready to get into specifics just yet, but I can say that we’re actively taking your feedback into account as we plan out the future of the game.

the game is too unrewarding every item drops like crap.
no build diversity. due gear check , cant make better ai script.
They are laughing at us. They're laughing all the way to the bank.
Endless elite dungeon for endgame please!!!
07/19/2012 05:20 AMPosted by GivenToFly
If even 10% of the yellows that dropped were useful then everyone would skip the AH and no one would keep playing because they'd have maxed out all their gear.

So what if they quit? People are quitting just the same because the drops aren't compelling. Circle-jerking items around the AH in Blizzard's precious economy isn't gameplay to many people.

Who cares other than Blizzard enslaving them to the AH? They've got their $60 already.

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