First real HC encounter.

Lore and Story
The Butcher banged on the metal bars, once, twice, thrice, and each time we heard the clash of its twisted metal implements impact the cage we both cringed. As a monk with a healthy Vitality setup Colt was cool and collected having surveyed the depths of Diablo 2 in his past he as a veteran. I on the other hand with stacked DPS Dex and no experience to speak of did not enjoy the thought of getting touched by the filthy beast at all.

Sure enough a few seconds of torment later and the cage was released, the fight for our survival was on.

Didn't take us any time at all to show the ghastly monstrosity that we didn't come down this far just to chat although the floors were starting to heat up around us and we understood that its time to focus, a wrong move now and the Butchers savory grim would be the last thing we ever saw..

As the first fires rose up vaulting kept me away from a certain incindiary demise but the Butcher had positioned himself well, being on one of only 2 plates that were not engulfed in the fire the only thing between him and I was Colt and the Butcher seemed to have clued in that I was the delicate, fresh meat that constituted the weakest link in the Duo.

With a swing in my direction I found myself at the behest of the hulking putrid mass. The steel came down heavily and I lost a good portion of health, roughly half. At this point I had to vault away and thankfully there was an adjacent floor plate newly free from the fires below. With a good distance now between it and I, I entertained a false sense of security, the butcher it seems had forseen my move. His burly body rushed twords me in an unfathomable speed for such a huge thing, slamming against me. Just prior to impact I rushed for my pouch and drank heavily of the potion bringing life back into my badly beaten body. The mixture was weak and didn't fully restore my constitution thus; There was only one hope left - The 2 Wells of life a few feet away but having indulged the focus of my adversary, it felt like miles. Colt understood my plight inherently, or was it me screaming for help in the mic I couldn't tell :) . In any event he knew I was in trouble. quickly gathering pace he went all in as a monk should precision moves keeping the thing occupied for a few well needed moments, prehaps all those prayers for him were finally paying off as it seemed his God was empowering him to withstand the furosity of the incoming blows..

The opportunity from Colt was granted and I took it. Vaulting to the nearest Well I drank deeply and, looking back, for the first time I could see that the Butcher was slowing down contradictory to his menacing laughter.

That instant chains had sprung out twords me in hopes they would bring in another unsuspecting victim for the kill- but I was just out of range.

Never flinching in the technique passed down from the Demon Hunters that trained me; My aim was perfect, my arrows - unrelenting. The fires were heating up again but it was for naught. Colts prowess in facing him toe to toe gave me all the time needed while I fed him a thousand streaks of pain eventually bringing the burling hulk to its knees.

Message was recieved, we're here to stay. At least for now this is OUR dungeon.

Until next time. Butcher. May you rest; But not in peace.

This concludes our first real encounter in HC.

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