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Im trading most gems, 6 affix crafts, 100 stack potions, and escort services ;)

Im trading Gems cheaper than the AH at all times.
(Prices are dependent on AH but you will always save money)

6 Affix armor rolls for 130k each. Price includes materials. Can do:
Gloves (recommended)

Stacks of 100 mythic potions 40k gold each (Vendor price 61k)

Escort services (Power lvling, 350% mf gear, quests etc) 200k per 30min block.

Add me anytime, DrFunk#6146 :D
Cool, 1.5m it is. Added you in game.
07/28/2012 10:34 AMPosted by Culverin
Cool, 1.5m it is. Added you in game.

LoL...your a good bargainer, and you have seriously got yourself a good deal...ive just checked the auction house, if it was placed on there, im 100% sure it would have reached 2.1 million because theres a bid there at 2,032,433...with similar stats..!

edit - gloves (Pummel Alacrity), reserved for Culverin..!

Hmm, should have posted here, didn't realize there was a 125 character limit in friend request message. Anyway if not all the messages get through (make sense) I'll explain in game.

Chat soon

offer me something good
Hey guys,

This is my trade post, will update/add whenever I can.

Looking to trade for other items/gems/jeweller tomes/money

Weapons - 1hand/2hand/bows/xbows/reduced levels ranging from 400 - 1060 dps
Might want to enlarge that weapons pic. No one can read the stats.
East trade AnonymousOne. Thanks again
^ till it gets stickied or we get our own trade forums to make things easier..!

Arc, if your reading this...if you dont mind can we get this stickied, or if possibly our own TRADE section...and thanks for stickying my give away thread, it has helped alot of people..!
New Items have been updated people, so have a look around...there are alot of stuff here at cheaper prices..!

What ive done is searched how much they are on the AH and sell it cheaper by 10-15% than the bid amount, not buyout amount..!
can i post my items to sell here too?
08/01/2012 09:55 AMPosted by azhzurin
can i post my items to sell here too?

Yep, anyone can...just follow the simple guidelines ive placed at beginning of the thread...they will help you sell your items..!
i dont even know the true worth for these items below. just pm me in-game : azhzurin#1815 if you guys interested :)
anyone selling cheap perfect/radiant star emeralds?

also looking for a 1h 870+ dps axe/mace/dagger/sword/mighty/spear with 50% critdmg, 150+ combined stats of str/vit, life steal or 500 loh with open socket
08/01/2012 06:28 PMPosted by KataLyzT
anyone selling cheap perfect/radiant star emeralds?

i can craft em if you have the material. check my forum post for the prices
Id like to sell a great 2 hand bow-
It has 1115 dps with 70+crit damage and some other stats-
add me ingame anyone intrested
have other gear too but this weapon is my best item
avg.30 mill at ah but will trade for select item/s
Bumpity Bump, till we get our own trade section..!
Amulet -

Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone else noticed Blizzard spells "Unyielding" incorrectly? Or is that a new word I don't know about. :P
bumping for trade section ^_^
Hey I've got this Amulet with really good Crit dmg/chance/vit I want to sell. There doesnt seem to be anything even close to its stats in the AH so make some offers or add me in game cheers.

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